Monday, July 15

Airplay, Exposure, and Reviews for Your Music

Get Your Music to Radio
Music Directors and Music Bloggers
for Airplay and Reviews
MusicSUBMIT gets you EXPOSURE for your Music
We submit you to our music resources, which include radio stations, webzines, blogs, podcasts, and music communities.
These resources will listen and contact you if they accept your music. You’ll get FM/Terrestrial/College Radio airplay and review posts on blogs!
Go Viral when your music is posted on their Facebook and Twitter!

How do I get Exposure on Music Sites?

Load your Music and press materials to create your MPK.

Order a submission package. RadioAirplay artists get DOUBLE submissions on first order!
What Happens Next?
After your SignUp, Create your MPK and Order a Submissions package, we take care of the rest!  MusicSUBMIT will listen to your music to make sure you are submitted to the right Genre of Resources.  In about 3 days, your submissions will begin! 
Check your email for submission receipts.  Then login to your MusicSUBMIT account and check your Campaign Reports to view a list of sites, dates, region, type, and “accepts.”   You can also mark notes and follow up with the action!
All MusicSUBMIT Resources will have 60 days to review your music and “accept” it.  If you’re accepted, you’ll receive an email from the Reviewer with specifics on airplay or reviews.  Also check your Campaign Reports to keep track of all your “Accepts”!


Stäni Steinbock said...

And how much will it cost me? Typically no mention about costs up front - I bet there'll be a "please pay $$$ when you've lost about half an hour filling in your email address etc...

Doenja a.k.a. The Entranced said...

@Stäni Steinbock haha, that sounds familiar!
Here's their price list, quite some $$$ indeed:
Slightly annoying that they don't have separate packages aimed at specific music styles...

JJ said...

@Stani Steinbock...well, I was afraid of that too..:-)haha...and with no garanty that someone really cares or even listens..:-)