Wednesday, April 3

Finding Your Natural Audience

With Radio Airplay, like in most aspects of your music promotion, making sure you're being played for and exposed to the best potential listeners out there is really important.  

The better your Artist Targets in your Radio Airplay account are, the better and more receptive your listeners on will be.

You can update your Radio Airplay Artist Targets anytime from your dashboard. Go to your account's Campaign Settings section and choose Campaign Targeting.

Our friends over at Music Think Tank recently posted a great little article about figuring out your best potential audience and how to target and market your music to that audience.

Click Here to read more!

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Anonymous said...

great article... I have been fine tuning our Target audience for awhile and we are getting a like 1 out of 10 plays...

Stage of Existence

Anonymous said...

I think 10% sounds pretty good. Is that 1 of 10 give you their personal email? Jango is one of the best ways of reaching new audiences I've found so far.

Anonymous said...

I have found Jango an excellent place to see if and who likes my songs. Also as with Brian I have been getting approximately 1 in 10 likes. I have also discovered that my music is most liked in Mexico and Israel (aside from USA), two countries I would have never thought of given I am from Canada and the songs are alt. rock and blues rock). I have hardly received any likes in Canada.

NeedlePlay Band

Brigid Mhairi said...

Was interested to read this. When I was asked to consider this by CD Baby I thought why not? I only entered the artists who sound/do similar as I think listeners wouldn't want to hear something completely different when browsing.

But... I have also found some interesting stuff by random association by happy happen-chance.

So you have to weigh it up- do you limit yourself and get fewer overall plays or do you risk ticking some listeners off and, hopefully, make some curious about trying something different who then turn around and open YOUR ears to something new too?

Janine Nichols said...

Very excited about the possibilities for outreach and learning this site offers and heartened by this well-written and -informed piece about finding one's natural audience. This is my Day One!

Tony said...

I’m honestly not a fan of artist targeting because I feel it forces an artist into that box of ‘who do you sound like?’ I would much prefer targeting by genre. Making an artist declare they sound like this one or that one has really killed originality. I think it’s one of the worst things that happened to music. It’s why every song on top 40 radio sounds exactly like the one before it (cookie cutter) and every rock band that has 5 guys in it sounds like every other rock band with 5 guys in it and every female ‘vocalist’ follows a certain style. And rock bands have the most boring album covers, too. I guess it’s easier to just stand out in a field all looking in different directions than it is to come up with something original or at least attractive. When I was a teenager, any given top 40 station was playing Elvis, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, The Supremes, The Temptations, The Mama’s and The Papa’s, etc. All great and all VERY different. I think that’s why people from my generation appreciate and enjoy a much wider variety of artists and music and dislike today’s top 40, and today’s music in general…with a passion! No Pro Tools, no Auto-Tune, no loops, no samples. Just pure talent back then and no one needed a songwriting course, or had to be coached as to how to act on stage. The one big drawback, though, to what I’d like to see is that there is no such genre a rock-n-roll anymore. What a shame!

Ulrich Ellison said...

Right on Tony... I agree with you. That being said, check out our five piece band - I'll promise you it sounds different than anything else:

Tony said...

rHey Ulrich. I did check you out on You Tube from the link you provided. It was great, violin and all. Excellent musicianship, but you aren’t the type of ‘five guys in a band’ to which I was referring. That’s for sure. I think you know the type I mean, though. Same old, same old.

folkymuso said...

Hi Tony,
agree with you 100%. I look after ELBOW JANE band, no electronic trickery, no loops, no extra session musicians to reinforce a weak band, just acoustic instruments, piano, 3 vocals, drums/percussion and pure talent from 5 guys who like writing (3 singer songwriters in band) and playing folk rockmusic in a contemporary acoustic style.

Check us out on

Eiichi Kato said...

Tony,You're talking "IDEAL" style of music.but this document not about music but about music-biz or marketing.

Most important line of this doc is..

"When you try to talk to everyone, you’re actually not speaking directly to anyone."

This is basic of marketing.

Marketing is percentage."10% like" is amazing.Generally mass media response rate is 1% best and actually result in sales is 0.1-0.2%.

If you want to get success in music AS PURE ART,like Beetoven,Morzart,John Cage,Stravinski,,or Van Gogh,
You don't need to think about selling your music or getting new fans.

But if you want to get success in music-biz and get money from music,you have to think about "Efficiency".

It's very simple.
You're paying $30 or more to Radio Airplay,So We have same "PLAYS".
Then 10% likes is more efficient than 5% likes. Isn't it?

Especially your budget is limited.
This is talking about Business.

at last Quncy Jones(off course the producer of Micheal Jackson) said like "it must be a music but also music-biz!"