Wednesday, February 6

Music Industry Predictions: Labels, concerts, licensing and more

These days with all the new technologies and opportunities for artists, as well as the big changes happening in the music industry in general, it can be both easier as well as more complicated than ever to push your music to record labels and make it in the music business. Knowing the current trends and what to expect in the future can be invaluable for your musical endeavors and can mean the difference between success and failure when planning out your musical career.

ReverbNation recently posted a great blog article with tips and predictions from a renowned artist manager/consultant and music-industry executive, covering the future of music labels, promotion, radio, licensing and more. Click Here to read the article.

Check back often for more industry news, tips & tricks on how to make the most out of your promotion on Radio Airplay!


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boogieflippo said...

the bigger the artist the better the vibe men

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Ignacio Rodriguez said...

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