Tuesday, November 20

Radio Airplay Holiday Contest

Radio Airplay Holiday Contest Image

It's that time of the year again! The holiday season is here and ready to bring with it all those great tunes! As the holidays bring about the most popular time of the year for listeners on Jango.com, Radio Airplay will be bringing their artists holiday gifts in the form of promotions and contests!

This year we're happy to announce our 2012 Radio Airplay Holiday Contest. Our team of judges will be picking the best holiday song submission which will be rewarded with an exclusive promotion package. So if you have a Christmas/
Hanukkah/Kwanza/Eid/Festivus song for the occasion, join in!

20 winners will receive the following prize:
  • 1,500 Play Credits Each
  • Top rotation on our most popular Holiday stations
  • Exclusive promotion in our weekly newsletter & social media outlets
How To Submit
  • Please follow directions carefully.
  • Please Do Not attach any files to your submission, it will not be counted.
  • Send an email to contests@radioairplay.com
  • In the subject line please put: Radio Airplay Holiday Contest
  • In the body of the email include ONLY your artist name and one song title.
  • Include your airplay profile URL (This can be found in the top right corner of your dashboard by clicking ‘View Profile’)
Contest Rules
  • Only one submission per airplay artist/band
  • Deadline is Friday November 30th, 11:59pm EST
  • The song must be uploaded and live on your Radio Airplay profile before submission
  • Winners will be announced Wednesday December 5th

Example of a successfull submission:

Subject Line: Radio Airplay Holiday Contest

Artist Name - Song Title

We Look Forward to Hearing Your Holiday Submissions - Good Luck & Happy Holidays!


Mc Nulty said...


GJ Marshall said...

I'm in with "Snow Drive"
GJ Marshall

kilo kapanel said...

check out Its Christmas by Kilo kapanel feat Garrett. http://youtu.be/VxR-LbfoZtg

Anonymous said...

www.gregmac.bandcamp com
Please Add and Follow Im Making Relative Music..Good Times and Great People Uniting.........GreG MaC

Craig Jessup said...

Here ya go..my Christmas song, "This Christmas Eve."


Frank Parker said...

I got a bluesy Xmas tune for ya'll. White Christmas in Memphis

Frank Parker Band

Doug Hamer said...

I'm in with "It's Christmas Eve"

Doug Hamer


Jesus Mitchell said...

This is the Management for US 45 Entertainment don't forget us please http://www.jango.com/music/US+45+Entertainment?l=0

CCM said...

Entered with "Christmas in My Heart" by Colin Eggert-Crowe

I wrote this song for my mom when she was serving a tour in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

You gotta check out http://www.facebook.com/pattymattsonmusic for 5 MAGICAL Holiday songs! Click on Music for full previews! + FREE DOWNLOAD for 1 of the songs.

Anonymous said...

well, I guess its time for some shameless self-promotion :)

For Mothers everywhere....



Merry Christmas one and all!

Trevor James said...

Im in with The Christmas Song

Saleem said...

Lol! All the comments always end up with everyone posting their promo. :-) Ok. To be different I'm going to post someone else's info: There is a great documentary about poverty out. (Search for askwhypoverty) There's a food pantry in Tuscon (Search for UAfoodpantry) that could use support. There's an Orphanage in my area (St. Josephs, SW OHIO, USA) with kids who need to know they are loved & valued. I hope & pray that this comment leads to help for them as well as all of those in need throughout the world. Much love to you all!

Bird Mancini said...

Here's a song not just about Christmas but about the entire month of December called, "Because It's December" by Bird Mancini



Band Website:


Alan Majors said...




Eric said...

Just sent mine, and suggested that my wife - The Space Lady - send one, too.

Eric said...

3116 GRegear

Eric said...

I just sent mine in, and emailed my wife - The Space Lady - urging her to enter, too.

Ed Konyha said...

Check out our submission - Bumblz Tunes, Hip Hop To You (On This Winter's Day)...


Ben Reel said...

entered contest

The Langer's Ball said...

Got ours in. Irish Ska Punk Christmas! Christmas Lullaby http://www.jango.com/music/The+Langer+s+Ball?l=0

Randy said...
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Anonymous said...

Greetings from Luis Soto Jr.:
Thanks for listening to my music on internet radio.
Just wanted to share with you a CHRISTMAS VIDEO.
Have a great holiday season.

Luis Soto Jr.

Kilo Kapanel said...

Kilo Kapanel of Mobfioso SquadBoyz "Its Christmas" feat. Garrett Toles