Tuesday, October 23

Airplay Halloween Promotions

Radio Airplay Halloween Music Promotions
Bring out the carved pumpkins and dress up in your most outrageous costume - Halloween is here and we're celebrating with a bunch of Halloween-themed stations. There are five unique stations covering a range of genres associated with the Holiday. Halloween song or not, this is a unique opportunity for you to promote your music and get increased exposure.

How do I get started? Check out this list of featured artists and add them in your targeting section to take advantage of this great opportunity. 

Here's a list of our Halloween-themed stations, tune in and enjoy the scary tunes.
Halloween Radio
Dubstep Halloween
Heavy Metal Halloween
Alternative Halloween
Dark Industrial Halloween

Are you new to Jango Radio event promotions? Click here to read more about these unique highly-targeting promotional opportunities.


FonkyLynx said...

Listen for THE GHOST OF ELVIS by Bob Ryszkiewicz soon on Jango's "Airplay Halloween Promotions" Radio Stations...Have a fun & safe Halloween...Peace...BR

Anonymous said...

Listen to "Haunted" MichaelmWeiskopf Radio