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Airplay Band of The Month - Never Like The Movies

Never Like The Movies Group
In 2011, the group soon to be known as Never Like The Movies formed in a Hollywood, CA rehearsal studio. Ever since, their melodic, inventive songs have propelled them through the metal scene, on to bigger and bigger things. N.L.T.M. just released their debut album "Through The Hourglass," and they're constantly performing at venues in greater L.A. - to fans acquired on Jango Radio!

And that success reaches beyond Jango Airplay; Reverbnation recently listed N.L.T.M. as a 'Trending Band' on their front page. The story continues below, enjoy!

Describe Never Like The Movies' sound in one sentence?
Jason: The words your heart whispers to the depths of your soul when your mind is lost.

When were Never Like The Movies formed and where?
Jason: The band started in early 2011 when Shay and I met at rehearsal studio in Hollywood, CA. Conceptually, in terms of the genre and style, it’s a brainchild she’d had for a little while longer. The basic idea was guitar-driven rock music paired with infectious melodies, and vocals drawing from real life experience. The first song we wrote was “Oceans of Eternity” from our debut CD “Through The Hourglass.” That tune happened really fast both musically & lyrically, and I think we were both kind of quietly impressed with how well it turned out. The next one we did was “The Open Door.” By then we'd developed a system where we would discuss a lyrical concept for a while, then I’d write the music to reflect those ideas and emotions sonically. When the arrangement and all the parts were done, we’d sit, listen to the demo and start throwing lines back and forth until we had a song. After we finished “The Open Door” we carried on writing, and started looking for a drummer to go into the studio and really putting something serious together. We auditioned a bunch of guys and eventually found Zak, whom I had actually seen playing at the Key Club several months prior.  The three of us tracked the CD and carried on looking for a bassist, eventually deciding on Andrew, as he and Zak had worked together in other projects.

Never Like The Movies Performing
Name three people who have influenced your music, and tell us how. Living or dead. 
Jason: That’s a tough one…  I’d say my biggest influence as a guitarist is Randy Rhoads for his ability to create powerful and emotive music that really brings the listener into the imagery of the song lyrics. He was also a master at knowing when to compliment the vocal and when to really burn. I think those elements are vital to any contemporary artist, and they’re skills that can be continually refined. Another huge one for me was seeing Green Day play to a packed Honda Center in Anaheim, CA when I was 13. I had been playing guitar for about three years by that time, and the energy and power of that experience really cemented the idea of learning to write songs and pursuing music... Which is much more difficult than a 13 year old kid might imagine, but still worth every minute.

Shay: Amy Lee from Evanescence has a big influence on me. She has a very similar, dark writing style as I do even though like me, she gets inspiration from everything. Another Influence I have is the band Paramore. We definitely tried to incorporate a little more of a pop-y style into our CD "Through The Hourglass" and Paramore definitely has that punk-pop sound. Their singer Hayley Williams is an awesome performer and has amazing stage presence.

How do you connect with fans and get them involved in your music?
Shay: We are playing live as much as we can around the Los Angeles area, and promoting online through sites like Twitter, Facebook and Reverb Nation. On Jango alone we have reached over 3000 fans in about four months, and have personally thanked every single one of them via email. I think our music really speaks to the fans because it is written from real life experiences, things people can relate to. And the music isn't too poppy or heavy, it’s right in the middle so everyone can enjoy it.

What do you like the most about Jango Airplay?
Shay: I really love that we are able to communicate with our fans and that they can connect with us on other websites as well.

Jason: It’s a great way to get our music out fans that might not hear it otherwise. A couple of months ago Shay and I were at a rock bar we frequent here in Hollywood called Angeles and Kings. A girl came up to us and introduced herself saying she recognized us from our picture on Jango, and that she heard our music earlier that day and loved it. She came to our next show and we see her fairly often now.

Is there any recent project you'd like to share with us? Tell us about it.
Jason: Yes, we just released our debut CD “Through The Hourglass.” It’s available now on iTunes and we’d really love for everyone to check it out. All the songs can be previewed in their entirety at www.facebook.com/neverlikethemovies and I believe five of them are here on Jango as well.

Shay: We have also been invited to play a charity event at the Whisky A Go-Go this December for an organization called “Children of The Night,” that helps to save kids who have been victims of human sex trafficking.

Are you guys playing live and do you have any shows coming up soon?
Shay: Yes, we have already played The Whisky twice, The Roxy, and The Rhythm Lounge in Long Beach, CA. Our next show is on September 15th at Skinny's Lounge in North Hollywood. We are also in the process of finalizing dates for the next few months at The Troubador, The House of Blues, and The Viper Room.

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