Tuesday, May 8

Jango Summer Contest

Jango Summer Contest
UPDATE: The contest is closed, winners will be announced when we've reviewed all submissions.

Thanks for joining Jango's Summer Contest

The summer is getting closer and with it comes a whole lot of beach time, BBQ's, parties, sunshine and of course great music. Jango Radio is launching a bunch of summer stations to make sure you have a great soundtrack for any occasion. There will also be a lot of opportunities to promote your music over a wide range of genres and we've decided to launch a Jango Summer Contest to make sure the best Jango Airplay music gets heard.

The contest will feature four different genres:
Hip Hop, Country, Dance/Electronic & Rock/Alternative, and each category will have five winners.

Here is what you need to do to join the contest:

1) Send us an email to contests@jango.com in the following format:
  • Artist Name_Song Title
  • Pick one of the following genres: Hip Hop, Country, Dance/Electronic, or Rock/Alternative
  • Paste the link to your live Jango.com profile (Click 'View Profile' link in the top right of your dashboard or go to your Band Info section and visit the Promote tab)
  • (Optional) YouTube Link to your song

2) We will select 20 winners (five for each category) that will receive an exclusive Jango promotion package that includes:

  • 1,500 Play Credits each
  • Rotation in our summer stations
  • Promotional feature in our newsletter, and on our Facebook & Twitter pages

Terms & Conditions

- Your entry must be submitted to contests@jango.com before Sunday May 20th

- Only one song & genre per submission

- The summer song must be uploaded to your Jango Airplay profile and live to be considered
   Note: New uploads may take 24-48 hours to go live


www.jango.com/music/tonyt+t+uk?l=o said...

yes i love this i will send the youtube link too much blood a run vedio www.youtube.com/watch?v=

Laurie Conrad said...

I am feeling very left out. Where is your classical music category Jango????

Pat Holmberg said...

Or jazz?

Anonymous said...

or POP/R&B


Snaps Provolone here to keep your eyes and ears open to the special sauce I got cooking in the spicy beat meatballs with the ISS! Check us out and be forever changed. Simple rules of loyalty and honor to live by.
The Italian Smoke Squad is beating beneath the streets and ready to mix some cement! This "Vindication" song is the tomatoes to your spaghetti - eat it well, don't choke, and get it on your shirt.

Yancy Drew Lambert said...

Or Smooth Jazz, your costumers and our fans will be missing out on all the fun, I guess those categories make you more money so you cater towards them.

ritmiko said...

And what about world music ?


I have sent my submission for Jango Summer Contest, appreciate Your time and opportunity for my music. Jango Radio rocks ! And also many personal thanks & best of greetings to all of my 100+ fans on Irish Rover Jango Radio Station.

Angie said...



DMunnee said...

Thank you...for doing so much for MUSIC!!!

Pedro el Poeta said...

Thanks to Jango my fanbase has grown so much, nationally and internationally. This is another great opp for artists to get heard and spread. Thanks guys. My entry is in.

Cory Green said...

Mind is Free
To Think of What it Will
Find a Tree
Retreat to Cut the Field
Love is Real
It goes Beyond a Word
Touch and Feel
Through Shows we Long for Sure

Anonymous said...

This is cool! I am submitting Crush On You. Available on iTunes now.

Young Boss