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Jango Band of The Month - DeScribe

Jango's Band of the Month segment is back with Australian born reggae artist DeScribe. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, his music is described as part of a positive movement that inspires & motivates people to come together and help create a better world. He has worked with major reggae artists like Matisyahu, and he just released a new EP - you can get a free copy of it below. Enjoy!

Describe DeScribe's sound in one sentence?
The music is upbeat, high energy, urban-crossover international pop music with a very positive message, mixed with a bit of Jamaican dancehall flavor.

When was DeScribe formed and where?
DeScribe was formed 29 years ago at my birth in Australia, but actually officially took form as DeScribe 4 years ago in my first studio in Brooklyn. Before then my life was very much about music on many levels, but I feel I was training and preparing to become what I have become now. In all honesty I feel like I am at the beginning of a long and exciting adventure, something I was born to do.

Name three people who have influenced your music, and tell us why? Living or dead.
Numero uno is Bob Marley, a pioneer who really got it. He harnessed the power of music and used it to spread a positive awareness, love, respect and peace to the masses. That is a true leader. Number two I would say is Cypress Hill. When I was young I used to listen to mad amounts of Cypress. I was heavily into their unique flows and people sometimes ask me if I know that I have a Cypress Hill vibe in my voice. Number three would be Akon. He is another artist people sometimes compare me to. What I dig about Akon is the melodic flow he uses, combining urban feel with pop melody. I think that's a winning combo in today's music.

Photo of DeScribe
How do you connect with fans and get them involved in your music?
Well, a lot of my music is direct call to action - each song is designed to be the engine of a positive movement. Just to give you an example, I wrote and recorded a song with Matisyahu on behalf of the special needs kids of the world, to help raise an awareness and educate the public about the totally awesome nature of these kids, and the work of the Friendship circle. (look em up ;)

Right after the music video was released I was flooded with letters from people saying the music gave them a new-found strength and motivation to get up and do something that could benefit others. In one particular recent case a woman posted on my Facebook page that her listening to the song every day inspired her to open up a Yoga class for special needs kids. That, I believe is the impact music can have on a person when used for good.

What do you like most about Jango Airplay?
Jango is the wave of the future. More and more fans & consumers are spending more time surfing, working, communicating and studying online. As a result, more & more people are listening to online radio stations such as Jango. The greatest thing is that due to Jango's unique platform, the artists can capitalize by building a Jango fan base and communicating & interacting with the fans directly online. And as we all know, building a fan base is the most essential goal of every artist, and the key to his/her success.

Is there any recent project you'd like to share with us? Tell us about it.
My latest EP is called "In The Red" and we went with the new aggressive music business model of releasing it for free. The EP has four free singles, the latest being "Stay Strong" which is a single to strengthen the state of the troubled youth of this generation - building hope & faith in a brighter future. And finally as a special Jango promotion we will release the final free single "The Light" to complete the In The Red EP as an exclusive promotion for Jango subscribers over the next few weeks at this link:

The EP is free just follow the checkout instructions.

The Light Album Cover
Are you playing live, and do you have any shows coming up soon?
Definitely, I was just in Germany and had a blast out there, although I had a lot of mixed feelings about being there being a Jew and knowing 6,000,000 of my brethren were massacred there just a few years ago. But that is what music is about. Rekindling the light that has diminished in our world charging forward to make this world a better place. Regarding future dates, we are currently working on some dates in Brazil so stay tuned for that and we are also working on a US college tour to support upcoming releases so definitely check the DESCRiBENATION.COM tour calendar for the latest updates on that.

For booking or any other inquiries please email:

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