Tuesday, April 10

Email Marketing Is Preferred By 77% Of Your Fans

77% Of Your Fans Prefer Email Marketing
If you’re trying to promote your music to fans and listeners, hopefully you’re marketing your message with a newsletter. If you don’t then now is the time to get started. A recent study by ExactTarget found that 77% of customers prefer email over other marketing channels, proving that email still dominates as a medium for communicating with customers.

The survey asked more than 1,500 US online customers aged 15 or up about their preference when receiving permission-based marketing messages. A total of 77% prefer email over other channels, direct marketing (through the mail) came in second with only 9% and text messaging third with 5%.

Preferred Channel for promotional messages

They also looked at the probability of your message leading to a purchase, and 66% of respondents preferred email. So when you’re promoting a new album, concert or event make sure to spend some time putting together a newsletter that will get your fans involved in your music.

Probability of purchase based on marketing channel

As the survey shows, email marketing is a powerful tool, but you should promote your music through other channels like your blog & social media as well. Each channel will cater to a certain audience and you’ll probably have followers with a variety channels. Keep them all under consideration when communicating your message.

With this in mind you should take advantage of the email list gathered from Jango Airplay fans - login and download the entire list and add them to your newsletter.

You can read more about the survey on marketingland.com. Stay tuned for more news and updates and as always - thanks for being part of Jango Airplay.


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