Tuesday, March 27

Promoting Your Music On Jango Airplay

Jango Airplay has a wide variety of features and tools that you can use to gear and tweak your music promotion. Below we’ll give you four essential tips that will help you promote your music on Jango Airplay.

#1 Promote Your Hits
Jango listeners love to hear new hot stuff and they love to hear the big tunes. It’s a good idea to upload your entire album if you have one but make sure you promote your hits. If you’re unsure of which song(s) to pick you should test the waters by promoting several songs at the same time then use the reports to see which one picked up the most fans and likes.

#2 Promote Your Music With A Great Picture
Your first impression on Jango Airplay is key to grabbing the attention of a potential fan. When your music is played your picture will appear in the middle of the Promo Module, and it’s usually the first thing a viewer sees, so make sure you have a good default picture.

Login and start uploading your hits and new pictures here 

#3 Promote Your Music On Social Media
Jango Airplay allows social media integration with Twitter, MySpace and social plugins to Facebook. Listeners and fans spend a lot of time on social media and your music should be where your audience is. With the Facebook Promo Module you can drive fans to your Facebook page without them even leaving Jango.com.

More on driving fans to Facebook and setting up your social media and store links here

#4 Promote Your Music To Your Audience
Your Artist Targeting is a key factor in driving Popscore and generating new fans, spend some time reviewing your current selection and think about what your music sounds like.

Find out more about Targeting here

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