Tuesday, March 13

Promoting Your Music On Facebook's Timeline

Promoting Band Timeline
Facebook recently announced that by the end of March all pages must adopt Timeline. This will drastically change your page design and the way you promote your music on Facebook. If you promote your Facebook page on Jango Airplay, and maybe even use the Facebook Promo Module, an attractive Timeline will help you engage more viewers. Are you prepared for the changes?

Fortunately there is still some time to prepare your page, here are the major new features to help you take advantage of the Timeline.

Cover Photo
The most prominent feature of the Timeline is your cover photo, instead of a landing page new fans will now be greeted with a big picture at the top of your Timeline. Your cover photo has huge branding potential and you should show of your creativty, a good photo will make viewers more interested in your page. It can also be used to promote a special event like a new release, tour schedule or your band website.

Below your cover photo you will have the ability to add Tabs, these can be arranged to display the most important content first. Use these to create a better band story and engage viewers. Display your band store, tickets for a show, upcoming events or photos from your latest gig.

Highlight Important Stories
Stories and interesting content can be pinned to the top of your Timeline, communicating promotional stories directly to viewers so that you can put focus on creating new exciting content. Pin things to the top by clicking the little "Pin" icon at the top of every story.

The Timeline becomes somewhat of a live biography that fans can interact with, the bottom of your Timeline should show your band's inception. From there on you can add important events that helped shape your band.

Build Audience Tab
As a page admin you will have the option to invite friends and share your page just as usual, but Facebook has added a new feature called "Invite Email Contacts". If you have a large email list this feature will become very helpful, use your Jango Airplay email list and drive traffic to your Facebook page.

Whether you've connected your Jango Airplay account with Facebook or not this should hopefully help you prepare for March 30th. Some bands have already changed to Timeline, here are some band pages to spur your creativity:

What do you think of the new Timeline? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


Path Villah said...

We already have it, www.facebook.com/TheFlight505 , i think it is great, but for us that play our music in Jango, How it is going to help us?

Mr Faz - Opera Rock said...

I've already changed the layout for my new band, Opera Rock... I think the idea of the cover is great!

Anonymous said...

I am working on building my new facebook fan page at http;/www.facebook.com/lindamckenziefan But I dont know how to linkup my jango account with my newly created fb fanpage???? Where do u go to do that? Check out my first single just released on jango called "Could You Call Me Baby" ...lemme know if you like it? Now go make some noise yourself!

Rachel said...

This is super interesting. ITs crazy how facebook is constantly coming out with newer looks but I do believe this is helpful. I want to get myself out there more and I entered the makeastar.com contest which has gotten me a lot of views and I think I am going to link it to my fb timeline. Its a great contest for anyone who wants to get their name and music out there.

Anonymous said...

Check out two 4 two ent video http://youtu.be/9jv3idnMg_0

Anonymous said...


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