Tuesday, March 20

Jango Video of The Month - The Bright Road

We’re kick-starting our new Jango Video of The Month segment with a Montreal based indie band called “The Bright Road” and their music video “Norway”. The Bright Road formed in 2009 by Philippe Garceau and they’ve been on Jango Airplay since March 2012. Find out what inspired them to make this video and read about their upcoming projects.

What inspired you to make this video? I gave carte blanche to the director because I wanted her to express herself. We did few brainstorms together but I wanted her to show the public what does the song inspired her to create. Where was it shot? Here in Québec, in a region called Contrecoeur (about 45min from Montréal). We wanted one tree alone in a field. It was not that easy to find. What do you like most about promoting your music on on Jango Radio? I like the fact that many random people from around the globe get to hear my music. I like to discover new bands myself and it's fun to be able to listen to bands that got their influences from other bands that I like too. Are there any new projects or events coming up soon? We have a concert coming up in April in Montréal and we are planning a European Tour this Summer.

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Smooth said...

Neat the dance is very interesting

Anonymous said...

Very nice melody and arrangement. I like this a lot.

Anonymous said...

Best video on the Web! Wow! 10/10

Anonymous said...

I love the relation between the Tree, Artist and Dancer (soul of the tree). This concept is simple but well done!

Roger said...

I wonder if that girl is available :)