Monday, March 19

Jango Radio Ultra Music Festival Station

Jango Radio Ultra Music Festival
The Ultra Music Festival is one of the world’s largest electronic music events and is taking place during the Winter Music Conference in Miami this weekend. DJ’s from around the world are flying in for the three day dance festival. If you’re part of the Jango dance/electronic scene you have a great opportunity to get your music played on the Jango Radio Ultra Music Festival station. The station is based on this year’s lineup and it’s packed with the hottest DJ’s from the entire spectrum that is electronic music. So if you’re producing house, dubstep, trance, techno, drum & bass or any sub-genre you’ll fit this station.

In the list below you’ll find DJ’s and producers featured on the Ultra Music Festival station. Pick similar DJ’s and add them to your target list to take advantage of a great promotional opportunity.

List of featured artists

Thanks for letting us promote your music and as always - thanks for being part of Jango Airplay.


Fathertime Magazine said...

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Good lookin Jango Radio!!

Anonymous said...

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Melissa Marquais said...

I performed at the WMC years ago! So much fun! My Dad was a dance music promotor at the time and my brother was spinning in clubs and on the radio in NYC so the three of us went together and my brother and I had a blast!! We survived Danny Tenaglia but I did consider sending him the hospital bills for my broken feet!!!!


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