Tuesday, March 13

Jango Radio St. Patty's Day Stations

Promote Your Music
Jango loves St. Patty's Day and what better way to celebrate than with leprechauns, alcohol and of course, great music. As the holiday is drawing closer we're adding a bunch of St. Patty's Day themed stations and this means further promotion opportunities to you as an Airplay artist. So if you have a good drinking, Celtic or simply Irish song, you can make sure that it gets played on Jango Radio's St. Patty's Day stations.

We will launch four stations and they feature a different variety of artists, so try to find your best fit and then add them to your target list.

St. Patrick's Day Party

Irish Pub Songs

Irish Essentials


Below you'll find a list of artists featured in each station, pick your most similar bands to get the best reaction from listeners. Thanks for letting Jango promote your music and have a great St. Patrick's Day.

Click here to see a list of featured artists


Fergal Flaherty said...

Name: Fergal Flaherty
Song; Home at the Hole in the Wall
Its an Irish music pub song and would be great to have it played on one of your St. Patricks day stations

Slamuel said...

"Runes of Eden" has the greatest drinking song ever! It is called " The Drinking Song #465" its #465 because there are a lot of drinkings songs but ours is the best! Check it out Uploading it to Jango now!

Anonymous said...

Hi There, I would like to add one of our songs.....but how do I add one specific song to the targetlist?

If i add a featured artist from one of the station list on to my target list, could it not be any of our songs which will be palyed then? I just want the one song and not all of them :)

Please advise,