Tuesday, November 6

Make The Most of Your Promo Module

Radio Airplay promo module preview
The Promo Module is your window to your listeners & fans. It is the first thing they see when they hear your music and their first chance to interact with your artist profile. A well presented module can generate a good vote and perhaps a Facebook like or a visit to your website. There are six different modules available and they're all geared to fit your current campaign needs. Below we'll give you a quick overview of the different modules and how you can make the most of them. 

Keep in mind that whichever module you use, your profile picture is probably the single most important element of your presentation.

Default Promo
This module promotes the voting mechanism of Radio Airplay (i.e. thumbs up). Use it to build a strong fanbase on Airplay, but also show listeners that they can connect with you on Facebook & Twitter as well as iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and Tunecore.

Facebook Likes
Most listeners have a Facebook account - and they spend a lot of time there! This module will connect your Radio Airplay fans to the most popular social destination on the web so you can keep them engaged with your music, new releases and concerts.
 *Remember that you need a connected Facebook page (not a personal profile) to use this module.

Tour Promo
This module is specifically designed to promote your tour schedule, and you can optimize it by targeting your plays to the area where you're performing. If you use premium targeting you can make sure each and every spin is directed to a potential ticket buyer.

Video Promo

This module gives listeners a fast, easy way to watch your YouTube videos. YouTube links are really easy to share on social media and many listeners post videos on their own or friends' walls. Connect your video and let listeners spread it to help you create buzz about your new single or album release.

Store Promo
This module shows listeners where they can buy your music - with smart icons they simply click the store logo and it takes them to your storefront. You can connect to iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and Tunecore, or if you use another distributor or sell music directly, you can add a custom link. You can even enhance your offer by adding a creative "custom message" that will catch listeners attention.

Custom Flyer
This flyer gives you total visual control of your message - you design the banner and provide a destination link to drive listeners to your web page, Facebook page etc.
 *Keep in mind this flyer will significantly decrease your fan conversion ratio since the voting mechanism (thumbs up/down) is removed.

These are the most essential ways to use your promo modules. You can easily switch between modules to make them fit your current promotion needs. And remember - the best way to find what works best for you  is to experiment with the different alternatives.


Anonymous said...

Thank You Jango! I really appreciate the air time. It's helping me greatly!

Anonymous said...

Thank you too! It helps me show what age group I am reaching. That helps alot! ty much!

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to connect a jango music player to our facebook page? For easier access for our fans?

Anonymous said...

is there any way to control what video is displayed in the modules?
Any help would be appreciated..Thank You..Peace
Emzkey One

Pegleg Pig said...

Our thanks to Jango for the valuable service you provide. We are able to determine age ,gender, location, and listening preference of all listeners, as well as those of our fans. This gives us an idea of what works, what doesn't. Most importantly, Jango gives us a chance to connect directly to our fans. It's like the world is a club venue and we're gigging to the whole room! What else can you say? Incredible!

Gene Travis said...

Hey, I just went "live" today. Was looking at my Promo Module and wanted to know how to put the name of my song in the spot that says "Name of your song"? Can't find where to edit it to add name of song. Great site otherwise. Thanks for your good work!

Gene Travis

K-Divas said...

Just signed up our 1st songs for Airplay and was delighted to see how many options we had!! We're sooo excited to use these features. Can't wait to see how it turns out. < Thumbs Up> K-Divas

YL615 said...

How can i post my music?

Everglades Boss said...

Thank you for the support JANGO! I wish you a successful 2012 year. Everglades Boss


Thanks to Jango the A@R are going crazy Thanks to all my fans Auragammi inc/TeamAura Got Next Up shout to FMM!!

dfiechter said...

This is a great site to promote your music.

Anonymous said...

green leef of d.o.c. is on fire...check him out

Anonymous said...

Thanks jango!I am able to correct my assumption of which age group likes my music! An eye-opener for sure.
I will be using the target module.

Christianna said...

Thank you for being here to assist me with this project!!! I wish you were available 20 years ago. But all in God's speed. ~Christianna

Anonymous said...

How do I put my video's on my page. I don't know how or where to go to so that I can upload them.

Matt Lewis said...

I'll try to make this positive if I can, but I now have over 170 Fans all over the Globe. I've sent each one a email plus Group emails. I've studied all the Charts etc. Adjust my sound likes etc. Offered promotions, i.e. free downloads. Even offered a Free Album in exchange for email, facebook like etc. Except for a couple song downloads, I have not made one Sale or gotten emails that were not given voluntarily. What to do?? Jango, excited me in the beginning, but now I'm trying to justify the Cost$$$. Help!!!