Tuesday, August 23

Jango Airplay Top 10

Here are the top 10 Airplay bands for the week ending August 21st. Check them out and show your support in the comment section.

#1: Mariah Ver Hoef
A young singer-songwriter from Fairbanks, Alaska, Mariah writes about the isolation and shifting landscapes of growing up. She recently released her third album, and toured internationally this spring.

Click to hear Mariah Ver Hoef:
#2: Aron Seals
Aron Seals is a rock/fusion guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. His music is heavily influenced by film scoring, and makes use of midi guitar to play various stings sounds while accompanying the solo guitar.

Click to hear Aron Seals:
#3: Warriors Of God
Hip-hop duo & youth ministers Warriors Of God (W.O.G.) focus on making energetic, uplifting music designed to inspire.

Click to hear Warriors Of God:
Suit Up
#4: DelCity
Born Bamidele Citizen of Nigeria, DelCity's music blends the consciousness of rap, the swing of reggae and the international flair of his background into a melange of emotion.

Click to hear DelCity:
She No Want Me
#5: Less Than Nothing
Less Than Nothing are a three piece instrumental band from Nottingham, England. Originally formed in 2007, they released their debut late last year, and recently began receiving play on BBC radio.

Click to hear Less Than Nothing:
Too Little, Too Late
#6: Mind Cinema
"We want to create a laid-back mood and soundscape for the listener to get lost in," says frontman Priscila Orfanos. With an ambient/shoegazing indie-rock style, Mind Cinema hold true to their goal, creating heavy, atmospheric soundscapes, with drowsy, layered vocals and catchy hooks.

Click to hear Mind Cinema:
Solar Rays
#7: Sixty Miles Down
Hard-hitting & heavy, yet melodic, New Jersey's Sixty Miles Down grinds out gritty anthems pulled from the darker side of the soul. After 12 years of evolution, the quartet has lately been building on buzz around acclaimed releases "Sink Or Swim" and "A New Skin."

Click to hear Sixty Miles Down:
Dead Weight
#8: Neoclubber
Neoclubber was born near the beach with one goal - save the planet from boredom and depression. First on their list of solutions? Make good, fresh songs for everyone to smile and dance to.

Click to hear Neoclubber:
Wonder Why (Radio Edit)
#9: Michael Silverman
Michael Silverman's music consists of relaxing, impressionist piano pieces and beautiful renditions of classical favorites. One of the most popular pianinsts on iTunes, he has logged 13 number one albums and more than 3 million downloads.

Click to hear Michael Silverman:
Bella's Lullaby
#10: Codie Prevost
Country singer-songwriter Codie Prevost will knock your socks off with his passion, energy and genuine, unassuming presence. This year he was nominated to be a CCMA "Rising Star," and is currently touring behind his latest release, "Get Loud."

Click to hear Codie Prevost:
Standing Still


Anonymous said...

the image of artist #5 is actually Hugo Kant...
a bug ?

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

i'd like to know what the scores were for the top 10

Anonymous said...

What incentive do listeners have to buy artist (know or unknown) music if they can listen for free on their phones, laptops, etc all day long??
Jango profits by the ads, which is great. But what incentives can you give your listeners to purchase the artist music so they can keep making more of it and stay on Jango??

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Answer: the Top 10 all had the same PopScore: 100.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible? Does it make sense to do this? to require the listener to rate the song up/down. Because it seems that many of the listeners I've checked have never clicked like on any song, so we have no idea whether or not songs are liked, only that they were listened to, and on occasion someone is either highly impressed, or is just someone who likes to click the buttons, will give us a clue... but there are many many that don't ever click up OR down... ???