Monday, February 14

Feature Reminder - Pacing

As we mentioned before we are going to do a monthly 'Feature Reminder' since we have so many new artists joining Jango Airplay all the time. This week we have a quick refresher on 'Pacing'.

The 'Pacing' UI is in the 'Songs Tab' of your artist dashboard. It's there where you can choose the pace of your Airplay.

The first option is 'Normal Pace', where we try to pace your plays as best we can to match your subscription package. Basically - a band that is on a $10/month package will see their plays happen slower than a band on a $100/month package.

Next is 'Faster Pace' where we edge up the amount of plays your get above your current package.

The last option is 'Fastest Possible' which means we will play your songs as much as we possibly can.

And again, as a reminder, Some of your pacing is still determined by your quantity and choice of artist targets, similars, as well as how many other Airplay Artists have chosen those same targets.

Enjoy the feature, we hope this helps your airplay experience. Looking forward to your feedback in the comments.

The Jango Juggler


Mark Boucher said...

I selected "normal pace" and ran out of plays for the month before the 15th. of the month. That was with 1000 plays. Now I have to wait till next month to see if I get any more fans. The same thing happened last month.
Can you slow down the plays?

Anonymous said...

We have been with jango for 6 months and have always run out of plays before the end of the month, usually with about one week left and that's with 9600 plays!). I agree with the previous post. How do we slow down normal so that our plays last throughout the month?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see the answer to Mark's question, also do any jango artists think apcing affects your popscore,whether positvely or negatively? especially if you are on a smaller budget?

Anonymous said...

I am also new to Jango and am noticing that I will likely run out of plays before the end of the month, and I'm on normal plays. This is now 3 people who REALLY need an answer to the question of how to pace the plays so that they are paced through the month based on the package purchased.


Jacqui Sutton

Anonymous said...

I believe they pace your songs based on the number of credits you have allocated. If you have 1000 credits and allocate them to a song all at once it will play your songs faster. Try allocating your credits like 125 or so every 3 or 4 days(basically 250 a week) your plays will slow down and your credits will last longer. Only problem is that affects your pop score. I decided to do 100 a week on fast pacing then the other 150 at normal pace and my pop score stays at a measly 50-55 depending on the week. I am here simply for exposure though. (good Luck!)

Lisa Breslin said...

There doesn't seem to be a place on Jango to discuss other questions. I have some:

1. How can most of my very few "organic," non-paid plays be coming from a state or country labeled "Unknown"? How is it possible that Jango doesn't know where or when these plays are generated? Does "Unknown" actually mean "Jango"? And does Jango just play "organic" songs randomly, or does Jango insert songs that are similar to songs that are playing? I seem to be seeing some of my country-pop work next to other artists' mainstream sock, and some of my alt-rock next to other artists' pure pop, for instance, so I don't know how to control this.

2. Since there is no "Dislike" button, what is the meaning of a negative sign in front of an "organic" play stat number in my Geographic chart? Everything still has play credits allocated, so this doesn't make sense to me.

3. How do I see which artist that I supposedly sound like, and which of my own songs, are generating "Likes" so that I know how to fine-tune my targeting? Jango gives that info for our general listeners and Fans, but not for "Likes," that I can see. Are "Likes" and "Fans" actually the same thing?


Elvis Lloyd Carden said...

Well I would think they get people in there dada base to do this ,my dislike no radio staion are playing our music just people It is good to get fans but we don't get paid back from radio plays, I have not had any sells from cdbaby for a wild now you would think wew this many fans i would sell a few down loads thanks musically Elvis Lloyd Carden ps I steel like Jango

Anonymous said...

I hate the way the pacing thing is set up.
I want to be able to do my own allocating of plays as I go.
So say I have $30 to spend on plays. I want control them so I can spread them out over the amount of time which suits me since it's my advertising dollar.
If I only want to play one song 10 times a day I should be able to control that and not have all my plays run out before I can afford more.
Otherwise forget.
I've spoken to others privately and they won't buy anymore play either because of this.
Being locked into a monthly plan is not my cup of tea and want to be able to purchase plays when I run out.
I noticed my other musician friends getting the same exact fans though they are of different genres too. What is up with that?
Are some people automatically set up to fan everyone?

Anonymous said...

This is only my second week on Jango, so I am certainly no authority, but one thing I know you can do if you want to slow down the plays is to remove the credits from a song or allocate less. If you feel you've had a lot of plays in one day, give it a rest for a day. Those credits just go back into your account and you can use them at another time. One thing I hate about commercial radio is hearing the same songs all the time, even if I like those songs. It gets old. If I don't hear a song I like for a while, and it gets played, I'm more likely to want to hear it again quickly, because I haven't heard it in a while. I want to try to balance and pace the songs we have so they're not all playing at once. You'll know you have something good if people look for your song(s) after hearing it a few times and then not hearing it for a while. I think people get turned off when they get bombarded with the same stuff. Just a thought.