Wednesday, January 12

Jango Airplay Top 10

This week, October Rage takes the top spot but there are lots of fresh faces in the Top 10, check 'em out !

#1: October Rage
Hard-rocking Aussies October Rage play by two rules: big & heavy. Formed in 2008, they are now preparing to release their debut album to an ever-growing legion of fans.

Click to hear October Rage:
Silver Line
#2: 3 Bucksworth
3 Bucksworth calls their style "Music for Everyone." A rock band at heart, one can also hear bluegrass, blues, folk, rockabilly, old time country, reggae and R&B in their big hooks and soaring 3-part harmonies.

Click to hear 3 Bucksworth:
#3: Kool Aid
Swag Perfect Records presents Jackson, MS emcee Kool Aid. Fresh off his debut mixtape, this young vocalist attacks every track with vigor.

Click to hear Kool Aid:
Sprawling Certainty
#4: Reverse Order
Reverse Order is a pop-punk band from New Jersey who pride themselves on catchy lyrics & high energy performances. They've rocked the Warped Tour and opened for Peter Frampton.

Click to hear Reverse Order:
Remember (remix)
#5: Nanochrist
Electronic metal band Nanochrist is a five-piece from Toronto, Canada. Their sound touches progressive rock, industrial, and a variety of other influences heavy & complex.

Click to hear Nanochrist:
#6: Four See Entertainment
Four See Entertainment, LLC is an Indianapolis-based promotional company dedicated to advancing local entertainment. They represent a stable of talented artists rooted in hip-hop, but ranging far beyond.

Click to hear Four See Entertainment:
#7: Ronaldo Bahia
Singer-songwriter & guitarist Ronaldo Bahia picks an enticing blend of folk and traditional Brazilian music, while his airy croon floats above, cutting across divisions of language and distance.

Click to hear Ronaldo Bahia:
Te Esperando (Waiting For You)
#8: Seldom Party
Seldom Party, as the name might suggest, is a solitary, desert-dwelling songwriter. He describes his work as "Music through necessity... To steer clear of talking to oneself, I sing to myself."

Click to hear Seldom Party:
Good To Me
#9: Jess Turner
Jess Turner has been writing since age 13, and is now a classically trained pianist, cellist, and composer. Lately she has arrived at a smart brand of pop, showcasing her langorous vocals & neat instrumental work.

Click to hear Jess Turner:
#10: Sue Merchant
Sue Merchant lives in the South West of England and inherited her love of music and poetry from her father. She describes herself as "just a poet with a guitar."

Click to hear Sue Merchant:
Water Over Stone


Anonymous said...

i'd like to know what the scores were of the top 10. and how many plays vs likes and what genre. can you please include this next timmmmmme.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I think we would all like to understand the caluclation for Pop score a little better. For some bands it could be a simple matter of adjusting targeting... This info would help make that determination.

Sam Page said...

Yes, I would like to see some numbers too. What was the pop score of each artist in the top 10? And how many plays and likes did each have during the week?

Robert Deller said...

I had a pop score of 77 last week and haven't received any free credits... What does my pop score need to be to receive free credits? How do I measure up to others receiving pop score credits?