Tuesday, December 7

Jango Airplay Top 10

Here's this weeks Top 10 Artists according to their PopScore for the week of November 29 - December 5. And here's a quick reminder of how PopScore works. You need at least 100 Plays on at least one song for the one week. That means that someone who is brand new to Jango can make it into the top 10 as it's not a measure of accumulated fans over time but interactions, both positive and negative for the one week in which you receive a PopScore.

Congrats to all 1000 bands that received some bonus airplay credits this week as well.

#1: Falconbrook
Falconbrook are a set of enigmatic post-rockers whose compositions are sprawling, but never dull. They keep their identities private and let the music speak for itself.

Click to hear Falconbrook:
#2: Well CED
Well CED is a hip-hop artist from Georgetown, SC. He discovered a passion for musical faith while ministering from behind a drum kit, and now works to share it with others.

Click to hear Well CED:
#3: Midwest Dilemma
Midwest Dilemma are a diverse group with a flair for indie-Americana. They won "Album Of The Year" in their hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, and charted in the CMJ Top 200 upon releasing their debut.

Click to hear Midwest Dilemma:
Chicago And North Western
#4: JC.B
Swiss electronica artist JC.B blurs pop, dance and new age into a fine, swirling mass. Sonics appear & disappear with practiced skill, neatly moving the listener forward and contributing ambience.

Click to hear JC.B:
Hey Hey
#5: Left Step Band
Left Step Band is a London based four piece comprising of Emcee, DJ, Drums and Bass. Their eclectic wildstyle is a stampede of hip-hop, funk, ska, dub and biggabeat... The 21st century digital blues is here people.

Click to hear Left Step Band:
Rebels Of The Frontline
#6: Hugo Kant
Hugo Kant is a producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist from Marseille, France. After many years playing in bands he started his first solo project in 2010, a mix of downtempo, nu jazz, trip hop and acoustic music.

Click to hear Hugo Kant:
#7: Suburban Dream
Suburban Dream is the work of Dublin producer Ciaran McCarthy who plays a downbeat, sometimes jazzy mix of chilled out grooves. McCarthy is now focused on creation of a new album and accompanying live show.

Click to hear Suburban Dream:
Mitching (2010 Mix)
#8: Angelical Tears
Angelic Tears' heavy but melodic sound is the result of influences including goth, classical, metal and alternative. The band recently released their debut EP, and is already plotting a followup for 2011.

Click to hear Angelical Tears:
No More
#9: David L. Watson
Soulful bluesman David Leshare Watson is known for his scatting, sweet ballads and groovy swing. With a career spanning the better part of four decades and a succesful new label venture, David is still in his prime.

Click to hear David L. Watson:
Please Take Me Back To New Orleans Vol. 2
#10: Daille Kettrell
Daille Kettrell, native of Camden, NJ, has been working for the past 20 years as a professional, freelance artist. In addition to jazz, she performs rhythm & blues, hip-hop, funk, rock, and anything in between.

Click to hear Daille Kettrell:
The Next Plateau


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You're also bitching and whining about the bitching and whining.

Anonymous said...

Why even have a top 10, why not a top 40?

Anonymous said...

a top 20 at least

Hugo Kant said...

my stats for last week (week 48) :

total plays : 326
paid plays : 244
organic plays : 82
song likes : 28
new fans : 15
profile views : 20

i whish we knew at least how many bands in total there is on jango airplay.
Also would be great to have the stats for the "negative" feedback, i guess it would be "song dislikes".

Anonymous said...


Paid Plays:8896
Organic Plays:130
Song Plays:378
New Likes:301
Profile Fans:47

Anonymous said...

47 new fans for 8896 paid plays is really not that much.

Anonymous said...

^^^ that was a mistake i currently have 381 fans.

Anonymous said...

^make that 401 now

Anonymous said...

Total number of fans is not what we are looking at here.

Anonymous said...

Whether it's 47 or 400 fans, your ratio of fans-to-(paid)plays doesn't come close to a top score. In fact, you're not even halfway there. WTF?!?!?! The popscore only measures how well people who hear your music like it and is constrained by factors like reality and math. You should go back to your old system where no one hears your music and you shine like the golden god you are.

Jango, you'd better step up and give people what they want. Remember, your bread-and-butter is vanity projects: why not let artists select their own popscore?

Mask and Gloves said...


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Peace. This KING ERIC III (EKG HOUSE). My brother I humbly appeal to your sense of realness. Give the BBP some bread for tarnishing Huey P. Newtons name they way ya did making a record that was totally against everything he stood for. Do right. KING
P.S. Stand up for what's right. They could of called their record "Sherman Hemsley." It would've been appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Oh please! get a life! Panther blood? what about human blood..... we are ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL human.

Anonymous said...

Dontcha just LOVE all this class warfare? Makes me feel all misty-eyed.

Anonymous said...

I've been using Jango for 2 weeks now to help promote my debut album and have received a popscore of 87 for both weeks, resulting in 100 free plays each week.. nice! Oh and since using Jango my record sales direct from my website have spiked.

Midnight Rockers said...

We really love :

- Suburban Dream

- Hugo Kant

well done...

The Midnight Rockers

Glenn Flansburg said...

No idea how it works but we made the list. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Jango is the bomb. I don't know what you're all whining about. If you can't use this to help your career, you're missing the point.

Anonymous said...

I agree. guys, if you really want to sell cds, use the email addresses and learn how to use them to sell your cds.

its called a squeeze page. learn about it
i am

Anonymous said...

I'm new to Jango. Have'nt been on here 2 weeks yet. It seems to work pretty well and no system is perfect. But I just had a comment left by my 100th fan saying he found my stuff playing on a HEAVY ROCK station, which is a million light years from my musical style. Thanked the fan very much for pointing this out and e-mailed asking Jango to look into it and get back to me with an explanation. Fortunately the fan liked my music, this time. But was wondering just how effective the targeting is if this happens. Otherwise looks like a great system.

Anonymous said...

i'm new too. its a koo system the free 100 plays we got from cdbaby worked and we'll see how the plays we just purchased will go

Andy said...

I'd love to see open stats' shared with the top 10. At least that way we'd see what the targets are for us all and have somewhere to aim, next step etc. Agree budgets are a huge factor, but not just for airplay, for quality studio time and everything needed to get a great song sounding as it should before it's even aired. Still love Jango but there isn't much of a clue to see how big this mountain we are all climbing is.....

Michael said...

Falconbrook is nice...

Anonymous said...

I am new to this, have had my holiday xmas tune playing for a week now. got some good feed back, i have only a few days left to plug it before xmas. I have had fun doing this and realise that one christmas song, Santa's Song, will need other avenues of promotion, its a once a year thing. A childrens book with cd inserted is another way. anyway i am thankful for the opportunity.