Thursday, September 23

CMJ Announces 2nd Round of Artists

CMJ announced it's second round of artists yesterday that will be playing at this year's Music Marathon in NYC October 19-23. We're pleased to announce that more than 80 of these bands are part of Jango Airplay and many of them had their PopScore submitted to the CMJ Showcase Department in an effort to help them find the best Possible bands.

We've made a station on to play just these bands and it sounds great.


Also, let us know if you're coming to CMJ and what your plans are, would love to hear from you.

Full the full list of artist announcements check out

The Juggler


Anonymous said...

Thanks guys become of you Have been chosen to play in France in a big Concert Venue
Thanks again and keep it up!

Joey DeJesus said...

Hey my name is Joey and my last pop score was 84!

I want to target fans of: Chris Brown, Jason Derulo and Drake.

56 Productions said...

I want to target fans of:akon Rhianna Eminem justin bieber Sean kingston