Tuesday, July 6

Major Update: Improved Overlays

We're back with another big update. As of today we have updated the overlays that are presented when your music is played on Jango.com and now offer you greater control over the content that is included. And just like the Geo Targeting release we did a few weeks ago, this one comes at no addtional cost to you.

First, you can now add a hot linked custom message of your choice; tell listeners about an upcoming gig, mp3 giveaways and more.

You can also add links to your page on iTunes and Amazon so if people like your music they can go straight to one of the two top online music stores.

And lastly, you can add links to your FaceBook, Twitter & MySpace.

We also now show the listener where you are from in case they want to check out a local show so make sure you go to the 'Band Info' tab in your artist dashboard and update all your info there.


Stephen Poppell said...

Sounds good - will check it out now. Really appreciate that Jango continues to try to make things better for us!

wyldthang said...


Anonymous said...

Love the idea, and great thanks to jango for continuing to improve upon its systems!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jango...cool new feature

Myles said...

Hi Jango, really liking the service, however I am trying to find information about what action listeners do or click on that make them become listed as fans in your control panel. Is it the "Make 'Em" button or the Happy "Like" Smilie?