Monday, July 12

Jango PopScore Top 5 & A PopScore Update

Below are this past weeks artists that received the top PopScore on

But before that here's a couple big updates to PopScore starting next week;

First, we will change the way Bonus Play Credits are distributed so that more artists receive even more bonus credits. Instead of the top 5 receiving 5000 each we now have a top 10 receiving 1000, the smallest bonus is now 100 credits and there is a 250 credits level as well. More on that distribution soon.

Secondly, we are adjusting the PopScore criteria, by increasing the sample size, to make it a more meaningful reflection of how well Airplay Artists are resonating with Jango listeners. After six months of analyzing PopScore data (plus a lot of insightful feedback from you) we've learned that basing PopScore on only 50 plays increases its volatility. Starting next week PopScore will be measured on a minimum of 100 paid plays on one song.

Always looking forward to hearing the music...

Artist: Laszlo
Laszlo is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and electronica artist. Citing influences from Debussy to Zappa, his songs communicate wth fluffy psychedelics, jazzy keys and a child-like innocence.

Click to hear Laszlo:
Artist: Kev Rowe
Kev Rowe is a folk-pop artist who's been writing, recording & touring for more than a decade. He recently released his third full-length album, recorded with producer Danny Kadar (The Avett Brothers, Trey Anastasio, My Morning Jacket).

Click to hear Kev Rowe:
Burn Away
Artist: The Stay Lows
Mainly instrumental, The Stay Lows blend elements of math-rock and symphonic structure in a pop setting. The resulting music provides opportunity for listeners to dive in without fear of the inherent depths.

Click to hear The Stay Lows:
To Evil! (Waltz)
Artist: John Hopkins Jr.
John is a smooth R&B artist who plays and teaches piano to seniors, children and the disabled. Paralyzed on his left side, John continues to make music and inspire with his positive attitude.

Click to hear John Hopkins Jr.:
Love's Just Funny That Way
Artist: Barbara Lynn Doran
A singer-songwriter from Ontario, Barbara Lynn Dolan grew up listening to pop, but eventually discovered she felt more at home in the world of modern country music. This spring she released her first album since embracing the genre.

Click to hear Barbara Lynn Doran:
Take It Slow


Barbara Lynn Doran said...

I wanted to thank all my fans so far for helping me achieve this amazing pop score in only a few weeks. I'm totally overwhelmed.
Barbara Lynn Doran

T. J. Doyle said...

Congratulations to all the Top Popscore winners. You are all well deserving and best wishes with your endeavors.


Am very gratified that PopScore will be more meaningful and of greater benefit to more Airplay artists. Raising the minimum to 100 is a step in the right direction (a little Bayesian weighting in the algorithm will smooth the playing field even more).


Anonymous said...

I don't want to miss the boat, so as ungrateful as it seems, gimme some more:

Every week people inquire, in one way or another, what their rank is. PopScore is a ranking system, so why not share each artist's ranking along with PopScore (i.e.: 2286 of 15242 ranked artists; PopScore 85)? At least let us know the total number of "contestants" each week.

I know you're hard at work on providing artists with more reporting and control on a song-by-song basis. If artists had the ability to enter some tracks in the PopScore contest, but not others, more artists would be able to participate in (and benefit from) the PopScore by racing their most popular ponies. Currently, many artists are only spinning their most popular tracks in order to please the PopScore, while others are shunned by it for spinning b-sides and new, untested work, too. Such a feature would surely be a cash-cow for Jango, as more ways to reach fans -- with fewer limitations and free of the PopScore's judgment -- spikes purchase of play credits.

I'm just sayin'...

Stephen Poppell said...

Thumbs up to Jango - I think the changes make sense and show that you're listening to us. Thanks!

Laszlo said...

Thanks to all Jango fans who've helped us reach the popscore top 5 again!!

Check out Laszlo's new project - Musicbox (a collaboration with fellow composer Todd Baker).

Bonnie said...

Another good idea would be to make it possible to designate a genre for each song. (unless this is possible and I'm not aware of it)

This would also level the playing field for those that want to try to get all their music played.
If an artists album is mostly rock and they enter the album in the rock genre, playing songs on Jango that are ballads or pop could score low to rock listeners. Being able to designate each song would let the rock songs be heard by those that like rock music and pop songs by those that like pop music. this could in turn create a higher pop score.


Great Job to everyone in the top 5! We plan to get there soon :)

Chellie Rose said...

I am confused on my total stat bec last week and this week, it was on 80-81, but then Monday and today came, the total became 76 and now 78, how did it change from 80 and 81 to 76 and 78? What you don't want to give the credit so you changed it? I don't understand that...

Anonymous said...

PopScores are adjusted daily. Sat/Sun are high volume days -- both in listeners and in the number of bands participating in the PopScore "contest." Since it's the last day of the PopScore week, those new PopScores necessarily come from small samples (# of paid plays on which the PopScore is based). Small samples give those bands a statistical edge, but the difference of a few points is to be expected with any population in flux. Yours just happen to be borderline 80s going down to win-nothing borderline 70s. STBY.

I'm sure you've seen movement in the opposite direction as well, but chalked that up to your talent and popularity (fair enough if you're spinning plays all week and average an 80 PopScore). Just because your score goes down doesn't mean "the man" is conspiring against you (I mean, what's 50 plays to Jango?). It's just math.

K. Parker

Anonymous said...

Yo Jango!

Are you now awarding bonus plays to the top 1000 PopScores only? Or will there still be plays awarded to the top 20 percentiles as well? Either way, you're going to share each band's rank (privately) and the total number of participating bands (publicly), right? You're not just going to tell people on Monday that they did or didn't make the top 1000, without saying if they were 102nd- or 999th-place winners or 1002nd- or 99,999th-place losers....right? Right?

Lisa Marie Gabriel said...

One day I hope to make that Top 5 spot, but until I do I am happy with the opportunity to use the improved stats Jango provides to guage which songs are most popular. (Have the widest possible appeal). I shall use that data, which is probably more relevant than whether I get a 59,76, 87 or 92 in a week, for ordering my album tracks once they are all mixed.

Those who question how pop score works or how it is fair should remember that unless you use premium targetting and actually geo-target or target age/gender you simply can't refine your plays to "beat the system". The audience is continually changing and that is the whole point. If you do try to "beat the system" for the sake of a few free plays, it is pretty meaningless. You might boost your pop score temporarily, but you won't find out about your realistic general appeal or potential audience.

To me that is far more important, which is why I leave Jango to play to a much wider audience and study all my stats long term. In the meantime, I am wondering why so mant hip-hop artists are following me on Twitter.... :)

I am very grateful to have people hear my songs.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...


I want to make sure I understand you. You seem to be using Jango's very wide net to test your music's appeal as broadly as possible, then letting the numbers speak for themselves (i.e., relying on play stats to tell you which tracks are most "liked"). This makes plenty of sense: I think a lot of artists are inclined to over-target based on the common assumptions we make about who our audiences are (or who we want them to be). Targeting makes it too easy for artists to influence "perceived popularity." Testing track by track, artists will quite naturally change the group being sampled to suit each test. Targeting like this is NOT testing. It will produce a bogus reality reflecting your preconceived notions and prejudices, which feels good, but doesn't help you learn about your music or your market.

The PopScore, of course, encourages this practice of manufacturing popularity.

One problem with Jango's wide net, though, is that you have no idea how it works. Play stats are VERY "lumpy" (meaning that things like plays, fans, and comments come in fits and starts in knots or "lumps"). They should be evenly spread out. Even at 50K spins, it's lumpy. So for accuracy, keep your targeting constant and spin as much as you possibly can. Also, pray Jango doesn't change anything too radically (and out of the blue) in the middle of your testing.

Good luck!