Thursday, July 8

The Jango Focus Group

Our good friend Brian Hazard of Airplay band Color Theory just did a great post on his blog Passive Promotion about how he recently used Jango Airplay as a focus group in finalizing his most recent album.

Brian said "The information I gleaned helped me select which track would open my new album, and persuaded me to cut two others."

Read the whole article HERE


Anonymous said...

Worked for Devo.

Burzinski said...

It's a very good use of Jango. Brian tested his new songs to his target audience in order to find out the best ones and decide a tracklisting. Brilliant action. He even got new fans...

A must read.

Anonymous said...

I'm really happy about Jango. Thank you!
A kiss with..."Impossible love" Ciao! Tinamaria

sam sallon said...

exactly what jango is best at.

Ybm Capri said...

No other site has convinced me yet that they are more effective in attracting fans than Jango. Believe me I've seen several.

Lisa Marie Gabriel said...

This is a really good idea. I hope to finish a CD this year and my Jango figures may well help me order the tracks.

Craig Bancoff said...

We may use Jango to help us select the singles off my next album titled Quakertown.

Aki said...

Cheers for Brian.

I've tried a similar thing on Jango, and found out 2 really invaluable things.

1) my initial target was way off.
thought Zappa fans would dig my music, but it turned out most of the likers are metalheads.

2) my initial "best track off this album" was wrong.
Jango listeners showed me that what I thought was the weakest track was actually the strongest one.

Jango rocks!
And Thanks Brian for an awesome post!