Monday, June 28

Want To Play Meany Fest in NYC ?

Jango Airplay has teamed up with MEANY FEST 2010 for their festival this fall in New York City from September 16 - October 2.

This year MEANY FEST will book 10 New York State based bands from Jango Airplay. You heard it right, 10 talented Jango Airplay bands will be added to the bill this yearand here's your chance to be that band.

There are a few simple rules to submit your band for this event:

1. You need a Jango PopScore for the week of June 28- July 5

2. Target the following artists or similar big name rock acts
- Three Days Grace
- Shine down
- Muse
- Kings of Leon
- Coldplay
- Thirty Seconds to Mars
- Train
- Stone Temple Pilots
- Journey
- Oasis

3. Leave a comment in this blog post with your band name and a link to your Jango Profile

4. Be a New York State band. ONLY bands from New York State will be considered

The 10 bands with the best PopScore for the week will be announced and lined up to play this year's MEANY FEST

For more info on MEANY FEST - Click HERE

Also, if you are from outside of New York State and still want to be considered then go to - Enter promo code MEANY10 for $10 off submission!

Looking forward to hearing what you've got

- The Jango Juggler


guzman said...

Here we go again!

Good luck to all!

The Heads

Anonymous said...

Its very nice that only New York state bands are being invited to be picked for the Meany festival .So i say to my self why are you telling me you must
know that i'm from Vermont or maybe no ones home and your just a computer. Good luck

Tom said...

Furious Frank said...

Furious Frank

Pelle Handen said...

The Ceez from Los Angeles, CA said...

stop said...

great thing,we want to play on feset!
by stop

Pachanga said...


from Albany, NY

Ricky said...

Hey another Vermonter on here!! (7 postings back) Thought I was the only Hick Woodchuck Vermonter posting on Jango!!

Care to identify yourself? i'd like to check out your music.

On the pOp score thing I can only imagine that it serves as a temporary EGO boost for the "Chosen Few" and little else. So why stress out about it.

On the positive side I have received about 20 responses to MASS FAN Email offering a FREE CD this fall by mail. Hey if each of those 20 turn on one friend who likes it and they turn on one friend etc etc. Maybe at some point there will be people actually willing to PAY for a CD!! lol

Having fun pretending to be a Rock Star and that's what really counts...having fun and being happy!!

Even got married last weekend to my biggest fan Lisa!!

ROCK ON!! ... Ricky Rice of AVERAGE JOE

Derek said...

Last Stand for Lucy

We want to play!!!!

New York, NY

My Favourite Things said...

My Favourite Things

Anthony Richardson said...

I would love to participate in this Festival

Anonymous said...

My name is Anthony Richardson...a solo love song recording artist i receive play credits every week so far which means I have a pretty good pop score 80's & 90's I'm pretty new here but I Would love to perform in the festival. richardson

GANKSTA C said...


Serial Obsession said...

Hells yeh MEANY FEST!!! We've played the last couple of years...great event!!!

Serial Obsession

Queen said...

Stash Theory said...

Stash Theory

the coloursound said...

Alex said...

Red Goodbye from Long Island: