Thursday, June 10

A View From Wakarusa

So this year at the Wakarusa Festival in the Ozark Mountains there were three great bands from Jango Airplay that got to grace the stage. If you remember we ran a little contest to see who would get the best PopScore when targeting the headliners of the festival. The winners were Indofin, Bootleg & Wes Kirkpatrick and they all got back to us to let us know what a great time they had. There's a few pictures below from Indofin as well.

Wes Kirkpatrick said...'Wakarusa was unbelievable, I hope to make it back to the mountain next year. I've played a lot of festivals, but this one stands out above the rest. Amazing people,great staff and great fans in a great atmosphere!'

The guys from Bootleg had this to say...'Many great things happened at wakarusa for Bootleg, we thank you very much for the opportunity to play at the first ever sold out Wakarusa, meeting with the top artists in our genre (slightly stoopid, fishbone, rebelution ...) and preforming in front of and approx. 15,000 people. We look forward to the many opportunities Jango will provide for us in the future.' (Pics from Bootleg expected soon)

And from Indofin...'Wakarusa was amazing, we were only there for one night and the next day and we had such a blast, we would definitely love to play it again. And they had the best most professional concert staff that I've ever been fortunate enough to work with. We even ran out of gas on the way up the mountain and the festival staff got right on it in helping us acquire a few gallons coz there wasn't a gas station for miles. Thanks again for picking us for this, it was one of our best experiences playing in this band.'

And here's some pics sent to us by Indofin as well...can't wait for next year !!!


Wilbur Shaw said...

Awesome - thanks for sharing guys!


KEWL!! I wanna play there next year!! HEY...stranger things have happened!! :)