Monday, June 7

Jango PopScore Top 5

Once again here's the top 5 bands on Jango Airplay for last week. We're Please to see the Devillebillies in there as well who will be playing the Jango Airplay slot at this years Moondance Jammin' Country Fest, nice one boys...

Artist: Sue Merchant
Sue Merchant lives in the South West of England and inherited her love of music and poetry from her father. She describes herself as "just a poet with a guitar."

Click to hear Sue Merchant:
Water Over Stone
Artist: Noctura
Noctura is a modern rock two piece from Indiana. They've lately earned airplay on major rock radio, and are scheduled to release their first album in 2010.

Click to hear Noctura:
My Last Goodbye
Artist: King Supa
King Supa is a hip-hop artist from Philadelphia, via Brooklyn. Born into a musical family, he discovered his own talent in highschool and has pursued it ever since.

Click to hear King Supa:
Poppin Kingmix
Artist: Laszlo Music
Laszlo is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and electronica artist. Citing influences from Debussy to Zappa, his songs communicate wth fluffy psychedelics, jazzy keys and a child-like innocence.

Click to hear Laszlo Music:
Mr. Sunshine
Artist: The deVillebillies
The deVilliebillies are a country music band from Wisconsin. They bill themselves (not unreasonably) as "the HOTTEST thing from the trailer park since your mother."

Click to hear The deVillebillies:
Cigarettes and Beer


Noctura said...

Wow! We are honored to be in the top 5 this week. Thanks to all the listeners!!

KING SUPA said...

It's an honor to be in the top 5 this week. I love my fans and I know they love me back. We goin straight to da tip top, and we makin no pit stops!!

Mariah Ver Hoef said...

Congratulations to this week's winners! ~Mariah

the deVillebillies said...

We are very pleased to be accorded such an honor. Coming on the heels of the Jammin Country Fest selection, this really took us by surprise.
We are very much looking forward to the Moondance Jammin' Country Fest - it should be a great time!

Thanks so much to Jango for providing these awesome opportunities!

the deVillebillies

Anonymous said...

POP Score Blogs have gotten very quiet lately!!

Anonymous said...

Popscore is no longer the be-all & end-all that is once was. When Jango introduced the Popscore, it was in a vacuum. The Popscore, which never really worked, changed the Jango experience for everyone -- even though we artists never asked for it. The Popscore seems to have little meaning outside this blog, yet Jango kept selling it to us relentlessly, as requested and necessary features failed to materialize and existing ones began to crumble.

Jango hasn't ironed out all the kinks, but for the time being they get props for answering their customers' cries and at least giving us something new to become frustrated with...


Anonymous said...

Let it go JS!!

Anonymous said...

Let what go??

Jango has either used our constructive criticism to provide us with features we [heart] or else we're all the happy victims a most astonishing series of coincidences. Either way, props where props are due: Jango is clearly in development/deployment mode and it feels like Xmas. Airplay artists seem to unanimously recognize value in the new tools & tweaks being provided. Jango is listening and responding to customer suggestions. Customers are being satisfied. And presumably Jango is profiting, which will go a long way to keeping this lovefest going and make this kind of business, "business as usual."


Anonymous said...

Or maybe no one really cares anymore because they realize there's no rhyme or reason to how the the top 5 are selected (no offense to the top 5....just saying)