Tuesday, May 4

Jango PopScore Top 5

And here they are folks, the 5 bands with the best PopScore for last week. Check 'em out !!!

Artist: Ojah (Feat. Denrick)
A Jamaican cultural-reggae artist, Ojah is a potent singer-songwriter, with a musical and social message. His latest release is a benefit track for the people of Haiti.

Click to hear Ojah (Feat. Denrick):
Prayer For The Haitians (Feat. Denrick)
Artist: The Lighthouse And The Whaler
Despite its nautical name, The Lighthouse and the Whaler was born in a Northern Ohio field, during a spontaneous jam between three local musicians.

Click to hear The Lighthouse And The Whaler:
White Days
Artist: Leland Harding III
After years of recording for some of the most talented artists in the Midwest, Leland Harding III has taken his singing, songwriting and musicianship to the other side of the microphone, recently releasing his debut album, "Turn To Me."

Click to hear Leland Harding III:
A Cowboy's Life
Artist: Snake Dove
Snake Dove is a producer and remixer currently based in Houston, TX. Delighting in the blur of technical and musical, his first release is scheduled for late summer.

Click to hear Snake Dove:
Ingmar's Lantern
Artist: Jean Hilbert
Jean Hilbert?s fascination with music began at the age of 6, and has only grown since. An accomplished songwriter and arranger, she continues to write & perform as a solo pianist, and with the group Reflections.

Click to hear Jean Hilbert:
Inside The Night


Anonymous said...

Silent Protest?

Anonymous said...

Ciao! Tinamaria

Anonymous said...

Don't care anymore, Jango is lame, still haven't fixed the fan communication issues, plus they jacked up their prices so you only get 8000 plays for $200 instead of 10,000. Jango, don't you see that you are engendering so much ill will and shitty karma by going over to the corporate dark side as much as you are? I used to spend $200 every few weeks (I know, how pathetic compared to Sony, right?) now I just do a few plays a week to test out new songs - I have chosen to spend my hard-earned marketing dollar elsewhere. BTW for all you Jango users I am a working musician who makes their entire living playing music and licensing songs - many of you have heard me on TV and in films.

I still can't communicate at all with my "fans" (I have over 1000) so besides knowing that four people in Bolivia like my music there is little value in spending money on Jango because with no fan communication there is no way to monetize the relationship. I can't let them know I have a new release out, new tee shirt design, or even about that rare Bolivian concert date. For most of us (except those super duper duper extra lucky Jango bands who got into one of those lame-o festivals for like zero pay) Jango is simply an opportunity to pay for our own vanity and the illusion that we are "growing our fan base". Nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I have been on Jango for about 5 weeks to release my new CD. I am a working musician in this business for over 20 years...At first I thought you guys were the real deal.
You are so bogus, especially in the "Pop Score" area....point...the top Jango Pop Score 'artist' this week has one song out and a total of 50 fans....I have over 800 in 4 weeks and 20 songs have been played over 26,000 times....
You are just another money making entity digging into the pockets of the musical community....I am not going to invest one more cent with your company....YOU SUCK !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Play Stats are down ALL THE TIME! Even when they're accessible, they're unclear and incomplete, but how are we supposed to gauge listener response to our play/targeting choices if we have no way of knowing what that listener response is (PopScore calculates daily and anyway doesn't help since it doesn't tell me anything except the percentage of bands I'm doing "better" than -- doesn't even tell me how many bands!). Sick of this shit.

rusty jazzer said...

I am afraid that I agree with 2 Anonymous bloggers posted on the 8 & 9 May. At first I thought you guys were genuine, but I have realised that Jango is cynical corporate machine! I have worked out that I would need to pay around $1000 a month to feed the pay for play machine! What is scandelous is that you have configured your system so that the musician who pay their 'hard earned' money each month do not even have a proper 'communications conduit' to their fans, in which to publicise and market to their fans their upcoming releases! That is nasty! So, QUESTION? Therefore, what is the point of paying out $1,000 a month for a fanbase that a musician cannot access. ACCEPT, the minority that leave their e-mail address! I have 392 fans, yet only 19 have left e-mails. I have spent $500 and that means I have only got 19 contacts to talk to about my music! That seems a bit steep to me! Unless, Jango has a 'reality' check and enables the musicians to contact directly to their FANS I cannot see the point of continuing! GOOD BYE Jango!

Anonymous said...

yep I agree 2
question here is :
why we the Artists should pay for having our tunes played ?
should be the other way round We should be paid as I tried to not pay for weekly to see where I get end result if you dont pay for weekly plays those jango cheats take the monies automatic from details you supplied in beginnings
direct from your credit card once a months how cheeky is that

JOE said...

Regarding the post above regarding ACTUAL FANS who provided their ACTUAL Email. 824 so called "FANS" 49 email addresses AND NONE FROM HOT CHICKS!!

Also I have sent Literally HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS of emails to "So Called Fans" through the ONE AT A TIME from the "So Called Fans" list. (I have the carpal tunnel to proveit)I would thanks them, tell them a new song has posted. please give a listen and then monitor PROFILE VISITS to see if they went there to listen to the SONG. I would see only about a .5% response based on an estimate of normal profile visits vs. profile visits after sending an email, i.e. 200 emails = Approx 10 extra profile visits. Not very rabid "So Called Fans"!!

Anyhow no one to blmae but myself. Jango is what it is and provides what it says. As noted above it is primarily an opportunity to pay for a False Ego Boost when a YOU HAVE A NEW FAN email comes through.

Even if I offered a CD for say $20 (an outraegeous price) and EVERY ONE OF THE 49 Loyal Enough To Share Email Fans Bought It that is ONLY $980!! I am embarassed to say much less tha I have spent to obtain those 49!!

So the question is how much do I want to send for False Ego Boost? My choice.

If you don't want JANGO to charge your card automatically then just delete the info or CANCEL YOUR MONTHLY PLAN!! You have control over that too!!

Anonymous said...

OK Jango....you've heard the critique now what are you going to do about it? Your answer will be what drives my decision to stay or leave. I'm really disappointed. Once again the corporate structure is driven by greed without reciprocity.....!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I've come to the conclusion that fan based sites aren't the best way to judge music..what we need is Radio Stations to play Independent Artists music and then let the people buy or vote who is the best , it's the only way you will ever get a true answer to which songs are the most popular,
it's sad that most of the radio stations in the USA are bought off by the record companies and the other sites, like this one,.. are just greedy..It's all about the money...
One fan of mine told me that this site also has an advertisement that says music wouldn't be free if it weren't for our advertisers ..what a load of crap ..we are buying our plays and they insult us like that ...ha !
I've also had a song on Soundclick in the top 20 for days now, but again they aren't much or any better....but it isn't completely fan driven ..
Peace to all my friends here !

Anonymous said...

I'm brand new and got 50 free plays because I have an EPK with sonic bids. I am a working muso and before I coughed up my hard earned dollars I thought I would just check out the site because I had a question. Apparently with my 50 plays they played only one of my songs and it was played 50 times in one day! What kind of a radio station plays the same song 50 times on the same day?! After reading this blog I am even more suspicious particularly as there is no response whatsoever from Jango. What the!??

Anonymous said...

check me out collegekids we are a mixed with pop and hiphop

Anonymous said...

jango has worked for me..

Anonymous said...

if you are looking for jango to sale your record.. you are in la la land. It's a promotional tool. If you marketing funds consider jango as an investment.. and use other sites.. some of us artist have a sense of entitlment.. the game is wide open just keep grinding.. your music will shine through.

lil nunni said...

Hey, Go check me out on Jango. I can't afford the high prices to get my music hot because I'm only five. But I would like Friends and comments. Type in Lil Nunni.....that should take you to my music..

Charm's said...

What up Jango ? It's your boy Charm's, if you are reading this please check out my channel...Charm's ! Thank You !