Tuesday, April 27

Moondance Finalists

Here they are, the finalists for the Moondance Jam & the Moondance Jammin Country Fest. Click to link to their profiles below.

Connor Shaw
David Easton Band
Channel Theory
Jennifer Quiroz
Loomis & The Lust
The Alter Kakers
Igor Paspalj
James D Ingram
Twist of Fate
Dirty Filthy Mugs
The Heads
Heaven Rain
Tanya Reeve
Total Karnage
Wiser Time
Eastern Promises
The Haunting

O' Shea
Mackenzie Reef
Ben McKenzie
The Devillebillies
Elvis L Carden
The McNeeLees
Riley Etheridge Jr.
Tim Foust
Boggy Creek
Jordan Reyne
Stephen Poppell

And stay tuned, next week we'll announce the two luck bands that will be heading to Moondance...


The Alter Kakers said...

Thanks for including us, we appreciate it!

The Alter Kakers

The Instigator said...

How about a contest for the bands whose "FAN Comments" are most passionate?

Oh wait...too subjective and not statistically verifiable!!

Stephen Poppell said...

Stephen Poppell & the Wolfpack Band is thrilled to be on the list of finalists for the Moondance Jammin' Country fest - thanks, Jango!

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys!
Dirty Filthy Mugs

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great festival. Thanks for putting us on the list! We want to play some face melting rock.


Jennifer Quiroz said...

Thanks so much for including me. I'm so excited to be in the final running and really hope to have the opportunity to play at the Moondance Jam.

Jennifer Quiroz

Anonymous said...

where is renaissanceman? real music.old style.
no b.s.

Total Karnage said...

Thanks for including the Karnage.
We are ready to ROCK the house down.

Miles said...

Congratulations to everyone, including us! A big ole YIPEEEE!

James D Ingram said...

Had a listen to the competition. my lord some good stuff out there at the moment.
Best Of British to you all.

Wiser Time said...

Great Stuff!

O'SHEA said...

Wahoooo! Thanks for including us in the finals guys! Would be great to play the festival. We've never been to that part of the USA! We'll keep fingers, toes and arms and legs crossed! Mark and Jay.

Tanya Reeve said...

Awesome! Thanks you guys...It is fantastic to be part of the finalists...sounds like a great festival. I would love to go...I have my own camping gear and everything! lol. Tanya

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all and best of luck!

Todd Stormz said...

Thanks for considering me, the show goes on...

RAVEN said...

Raven here from the Haunting! thank you listeners for including us in your contest!buckcherry is one of my favorite bands. todd is such an amazing vocalist,his band kicks ass.please listen to a new song i wrote called crank up the amps.we have been in the recording studio many time in the last 2 years working on our craft.i warn you our music is not for everyone,but true metal heads will enjoy some of the dark lyrics and haunting melodies.i want to share something with you.the moment we hit the stage the headlining act quickly becomes the enemy,kind of like the way a tiger takes down its prey.because most big shows we do the sound man dosnt seem to cater verry well to the opening bands,so we must outperform them in every way possible!then when its over we can be friends again. we here in this band live for the danger and exitement of playing big shows, if your in the southern california area may 14th you can come and see us live appearing with y&t at the coach house sanjuan capistrano. also i want to THANK JANGO FOR ALL THE AIRPLAY! YOURS TRULY RAVEN LEAD VOCALIST THE HAUNTING METAL FROM BEYOND BAND!