Monday, April 26

Jango PopScore Top 5

Check it out, here's this weeks Top PopScore bands on Jango Airplay. This week they stretch from Sunny Southern California to the rainy brick lanes of Manchester.

Artist: Brice/ART Entertainment
After seeing what MTV and the majors had to offer, rapper Brice decided to remain independent. Since then he's released four mixtapes and two solo albums, not to mention maintained his musical intergrity and optimism.

Click to hear Brice/ART Entertainment:
Now What (feat. Freeway)
Artist: Jack Morgan
London-based songwriter Jack Morgan may be just 21, but his music is wise beyond its years. He recently released his first self-produced EP, "Sleep In Heavenly Peace."

Click to hear Jack Morgan:
A Paler Pearl
Artist: Letters Burning
Southern California's Letters Burning are an energetic alternative rock band, combining aggressive guitar grooves with catchy vocal hooks, and an intensity that leaves listeners hungry to witness the group in person.

Click to hear Letters Burning:
Artist: I Am Not Lefthanded
Fiercely independent, mostly-Irish but currently London-based, I Am Not Lefthanded are described as sounding like "Natalie Merchant fronting Death Cab for Cutie"

Click to hear I Am Not Lefthanded:
Boats (Swept Away)
Artist: Sam Sallon
Sam began forming bands from amongst his friends and playing live in the mid-nineties around Manchester and the North West of England. Since then he has recorded his first LP and opened for everyone from Rodrigo y Gabriela to Pete Doherty to Lyle Lovett.

Click to hear Sam Sallon:
Long Way Down


Anonymous said...

Will somebody who knows about statistics explain how a fiercely independent band with a total of 55 fans since Feb 12 is more popular than all but three other bands on Jango?!?!?

Jango says about its own reports: "It takes a while for them to become meaningful - usually 1000 plays."


Anonymous said...

WOW! I better rethink my actons before I give them anymore money. I'm new to Jango and I'm worried about how real and or far this business is. Can somebody tell me how its going for them?

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is the Label POP SCORE TOP 5. If it really is the TOP 5 is this saying that NO Band has ever finished in the TOP 5 more than once?

If you are that popular wouldn't it reason that your POPularity would continue for more tha one week?

Just scratchin my head. Gotta be more to this selection than just the actual POP SCORE!!

Jango Airplay said...

Hey gang, The Juggler here...there is actually one band, Evans Blue, who did get the top PopScore two times so it can happen. We have hundreds of bands with PopScores every week jockeying for that top spot.

Randy Mullet and the Red Hot Tyrannophonic Bunny Dogs said...

We are ALWAYS itching to jockey for the top spot!

AA/DUBB CITY said...


Citizen Erased said...

We're just sitting back waiting for our turn to be at the top of that list.......hopefully soon!



Anonymous said...

I think its a wait in line for all of us. eventually it will. we will see for sure

Anonymous said...

Response to Juggler: Oh

iamnotlefthanded said...

Hey Anonymous,

Your Popscore relates to the proportion of how many people like your music in relation to the number or times they hear it. Knowing your audience is key, I think with careful geographic targeting and matching with the right bands - along with a big dose of luck - we've been fortunate enough to have a great week, even though - as you say we haven't yet accumulated a large number of fans on Jango.

Do feel free to drop us a line if you want more advice on how we think we maximised our chances.


- Daniel

I Am Not Lefthanded

Anonymous said...

Cool, Daniel -- I will (soon).


Anonymous said...

We appreciate all the support from the fans and other bands on Jango. It means a lot to us that staying true to Hip Hop is getting recognized. Thanks again and we hope to always be in the top spot! Thanks Jango for this opportunity!
ART Entertainment
Saving Hip Hop One Song at a Time

Anonymous said...

maybe give us the actual figure for the popscore that the week's top guys achieve so the rest of us know whether we are even in the ballpark.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous above re: Actual Pop Scores - GREAT IDEA - Would be nice to know!!


I think it is a good idea and we have benefited from all of this..

DJ Andres Ripoll said...

Hey Jango World,

If you like soft house and have a minute, please check my two songs out. Much appreciated!!


Jeffrey Showell said...

Hay Professor,,
I'd like to thank all you professor's for all
the Nice complements. You guy's are Great!
You also can find downloads on iTunes power search Jeffrey Showell,, But I know times are tough,, So you can go to jango and put my name and lesten for free,, You can even add me to your station for free,, Thank's Again and have a fine Day!!
Jeffrey Showell

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by "actual PopScores?" Each week's "winners" all have the same PopScore: 100. What Jango needs to tell us is what "100" stands for (1000 bands? 20,000? 7?). I'm sick of my PopScore not telling me anything!!!