Tuesday, March 9

Where is Your Band From ? Tell Us About Your Scene

Airplay has been going strong for over a year now, and we're always curious to know who's using the service and how.This week, we'd like to take a look at the geography of our artist community.

As you may have guessed, most users are from the United States - 70% to be exact. However, there are also 173 other countries currently represented.

The 10 most involved after the U.S. are: Canada, the U.K., Australia, the Philippines, Italy, Germany, France, South Africa, Indonesia, and Sweden. Even Ghana, Luxembourg and Iran are getting in on the action.

Wherever you call home, now it's your turn. Tell us where you're from in the comments section below, and let us know how the music scene is there (and don't forget a link to your profile on Jango). We can't wait to hear.

The Jango Juggler


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm Daniella Alcarpe from São Paulo / Brazil - I sing Brazilian Bossa and Brazilian Popular Music (MPB). I'm very happy with Jango (since December I've got 400 new fans). My profile is http://www.jango.com/music/Daniella+Alcarpe and My website is http://www.cantora.mus.br

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm Daniella Alcarpe from São Paulo / Brazil - I sing Brazilian Bossa and Brazilian Popular Music (MPB). I'm very happy with Jango (since December I've got 400 new fans). Visit my profile is and My website

Virchelle Allen said...

Hi i'm Virchelle the HighDesert Singer I'm from California I'm an solo act and I've try out for American Idol and Americas got Talent and now i'm given my music out to anyone who want to listen and for those who don't i will leave it by there door. I've gain alot of fans but i'[m not near DONE!!!!lol =))

Anonymous said...

G2QL--Rockin' the 49th parallel and the rest of the universe---

We are a new junior high rock band (together for 8 months now), in NW montana on the Canadian border.

We spent some time in the recording studio and put some of our music on Jango just to see if people liked it.
We are very happy with the results so far.

And man is it cool being able to listen to so much good non-corporate stuff on Jango.

Kevin Lint said...

Kevin Lint from Seattle, Washington. Check out my Jango station or visit my main website at www.kevinlint.com for more about my tunes.

3701 said...


We - 3701 - are from France, we discovered Jango a few months ago and found it very helpful. We will keep on using it for sure.
If you guys are into Industrial rock, just go to http://www.jango.com/music/3701 or www.myspace.com/3701music.

Thank you Jango!
Have a great day, all

Oliver Shaw said...

I am from Oxford in the UK, where the music scene is healthy to say the least. We have had Ride, Radiohead, Supergrass,and more recently acts such as the Young Knives, Foals and now Stornaway. And I also went to school in Canterbury, where I played in a school band with Guy Berryman. Yes, the bassist in Coldplay. My profile is at www.jango.com/music/worldview

Sounds from Atlantis said...

Hello All, this is Tony from SoundsfromAtlantis.com. We are base in the Philadelphia area and look to Jango to gain fans far and wide. With new songs on the way we will continue to utilize Jango Airplay and it's far reaching programming. Thank you to those who have taken a moment to give us a listen. To those of you who still have yet to hear us please use the attached link to our Facebook page as well as SoundsfromAtlantis.com. Regards, Tony (SfA)

Andrew Martin said...

Well I am from Ontario, Canada. I have loved the exposure that Jango has done for us with fans from around the world. I love looking at all the diverse backgrounds of my fans from so many countries 15 to be exact. Also being able to showcase my material before a brand new audience is something that takes a lot of hard work and Jango has taken that work out of it for us.

Because of Jango I have been able to supply stats to a major Record Label whom we have been in talks with since December. Through seeing what areas of the country are listening we are able to put our marketing and radio folks to work in those areas and they are giving us the same results that Jango does.

So thatnk you Jango for all your hard work and for providing independent artists a chance to showcase there material.


We're from Orange County CA USA. Just a group of friends who love to rock. The Black Orchids

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone,
I am base in the US (Chicago/Florida)and looking to gain exposure in the music industry. Looking forward to gaining fans near and far. Please Take a moment to listen to me and let me know what you think. I would greatly appreciate it.
My Jango Page: http://www.jango.com/music/Sephoria
You can also find me here as well

Grand Pop Station said...

We are Grand Pop Station, from Sweden. We released our debut single, Daddys Little Boy, as a digital single on iTunes, Amazon and our own webshop at www.manovershop.com
The single was released in november 2009 and we are right now working on new material to release soon.
The members of the band used to be full time musicians and the lead singer used to record and tour with Roxette for several years, which included touring around the world.

The band is recording, mixing, releasing and distributing the music all by themselves. And with a lot of help from their nice fans and new fans, they hope to be able to continue write, record and release more music for people who like to hear it.

Have Fun and check out the video on YouTube and the very unique Home Page.

Anonymous said...

Robert Post - Norway

Great artists such as Susanne Sundfør, Thom Hell, Røyksopp, Kings Of Convenience and hell of a lot of great Black Metal bands come from Norway!


SharBaby Newport said...

Hello Everyone!!!

My name is SharBaby. I am from Birmingham, Alabama. I just love Jango. If it weren't for Jango, My music would not be heard as it is today. I have never seen anything like it. It is worth every penny and more!!!! Keep it up Jango. I am thinking about joining SKOPE!!!

Best Wishes,

electroflesh said...

Hi, we're Electroflesh from the vibrant United Kingdom. We have recently released our new cd Stray dNa - currently airing on Jango.

Give it a whirl, hope you like it ;)

John Rapp said...

I'm John Rapp from Indianapolis, IN.

John Micah Rapp on Jango


EnV said...

Hey there! We're pop rock twins EnV from Miami, Florida. We love Jango! Take a listen to our music....


Keep on rockin ;)

Kamikaze CMI said...

What’s up world, I'm a hip-Hop Artist, from New Orleans La, but now in Philadelphia promoting and working on a new album to release this summer. My album is a mix between hip-hop and Rock, I have made several new fans in the crossover and is very excited about the outcome of the album.

My web site is www.kamikazecmi.com
Or just google me Kamikaze CMI

Luiz Silva said...

Hello guys,my name is Luiz Silva.I am native from Brazil living in US more then 13 years in Boston MA.I just start with Jango Airplay and I'm so happy cause I see my music getting listen in diferent country.This is wonderfull.By the way I am trying put my music on the road and get exposure in the music industry.Could you take a moment and listen my music(myspace.com/luizsilvamusic)I would really appreciate it.THANKS JANGO and God bless you all. My regards...Luiz Silva.

SIC said...

SIC has been on Jango for quite some time now and we are delighted to see how we reach new fans that we otherwise wouldn't have.
SIC is from the Faroe Islands located in the middle of the North Atlantic. SIC plays modern thrash metal. Give us a listen, if you like metal, I am sure you'll like SIC!

you can check us out on jango hehe:

or at some of our other social community network sites such as:

We look forward to be adding you to our space, come on in, join the ride! :)

Anonymous said...

Bjorn Vang - Norway

Look to Norway for great songs and artists!
Royksopp, Sivert Hoyem, Big Bang, Robert Post, Nemoland, Violet Road and a bunch of great songwriters who bring new twists to lyrics and style...
Co-write with a Norwegian, and you will surely add an exotic dimension to you songs!

- "Better Off" with Adessa is ready for new rock releases!

Rytrrz Bloque Music said...


This Kris Thomas, on stage as "K.T. The O". Im based out of San Antonio, TX, but with the help of sites like Jango and Jamglue, MOST of my fans are from the West and East Coasts, as well as the UK. I love the features and the occasional free spins, and I get good feedback to work on the future.

The music is "HipHop/Rap", but sometimes it dives into "rock", "Country" and just plan "Alternative" (I also play guitar/sing). The LYRICS ALWAYS MATTERS, the instrumentals fits the themes. PLEASE check me and my people out (I'm with a Supergroup on Jamglue, where I put my latest tracks FIRST - SNIFFGLUE -> over 10,000 plays a MONTH between us). Thanks and bless



Anonymous said...

Margarita immigrated from the Ukraine to the US with nothing but dream and hope at the age of 17. All alone working long hours just to survive it seemed like music will never be part of her destiny. She did not even speak English and was told by everyone around her that Music was out of the question. No friends, no money, no safety - starting over in a new country not knowing anything, it was beyond “hard”, it was “impossible”…
Yet despite all the odds: MARGARITA won The John Lennon Songwriting Contest 1st place. The Contest is sponsored by Yoko Ono and BMI for the Best SONG! Margarita has been encouraged byYoko Ono and legendary Producer Arif Mardin. “Tragedy” CD was produced by Multi - Platinum Engineer and Producer Mike Anzel. Margarita has thousands of fans on myspace and all over the world and DJ’s are playing her music in clubs like Marquee and Bed. ”Tragedy” has been nominated HOT Pick for Harris Radio! “Tragedy” is about hope and life and second chances, and never giving up. Never! And becoming a success despite all the odds against you! Even when no one believes in you.
Find out more about Margarita Shamrakov:

Hector Davila said...

Hi, I'm Hector Davila, my music is instrumental, jazz, my jango web site is:
Others web sites:

I have a publishing: Batuta Music

Danforth said...

Hi from France, we're DANFORTH PARIS HARDCORE !

We discover Jango by Ourstage, we get airplays cause being in their top 100 ! Nice ! Thanks to both of you !

You can listen some blasting songs on http://www.jango.com/music/Danforth and also http://myspace.com/hxcdanforth !
And be our fan on http://facebook.com/HxC.Danforth too !

Be ready for a FULL-3D videoclip soon...

Yung Khan said...

Yung Khan (YdotK) checkin in from just outside of Motown (Detroit). Taking over the Rap/Hip Hop game starting with Jango. "Let's Go" is an early release from my upcoming I-KHAN mixtape dropping early April 2010. Been on since November 2009, over 1,100 fans, current Pop Score of 93 and plenty of luv from the ladies. Thanks Jango... what a great site!

eggboy on jango said...

We are Eggboy from Cambrdige UK. Our sound is broadly electronica but our influences are many and varied and include luminaries from the worlds of electronica, rock, jazz, soul and more. Our sound quite distinct. We play out live from time to time in Cambridge and London and have an enthusiastic following locally.
We love Jango!! We've collected just over 3000 fans so far and some really great comments... in fact, please Jango, sort out the fans page in the artist area, ours takes ages to load and we can't easily scroll it. And please make it so we can email all our fans at once from the artist area.
This is a great time for new music, the internet is changing everything and the big record labels are struggling. Roll on the revolution!!

Anonymous said...

I am from Australia. The music scene here is not so good. You pretty much have to be on Australian Idol or in a soap opera to get any attention. A lot of live venues are closing down so not as many chances to perform.

Anonymous said...

Platnum unlimited from bowling gree ky the music scene her is dead althrough it's home to the nappy roots to do big things roun here you have to go to louisville or nashville tennessee that's where it's popping at check my page for a sample of my music http://platnumunlimited.weebly.com/

Tiffany Apan said...

I'm Tiffany Apan and I'm from Gibsonia, PA in the US. The music I do combines the genres of alternative rock, progressive rock, symphonic metal, gothic, new age, pop, techno, and classical/opera. My debut album was largely recorded on home studio equipment and my second album is currently being recorded at StarGlider Studios. Find out more at the following links:


Thanks alot and Jango has been great:)

LUNNO said...

Hi,We're LUNNO from Jakarta, Indonesia. Jango http://www.jango.com/music/LUNNO has been brought us new fans.Moreover jango allowed us to be in the playlist where regular Radio in my Country won't play it.
If you fans of indiepop folk postpunk, please listen up in http://www.Lunnotheband.com or visit us in ReverbNation http://reverbnation.com/Lunno .For an Indonesian Artist,we have the highest fan base in ReverbNation.
We also in the worldwide indie band list sponsored by Windows Seven in Playlist 7 http://bit.ly/685nJd Free Download finding us in the alphabet "L".

CU Around

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm Dent from Tauranga, New Zealand. We have a very live and unique music scene here. Many cutting edge artists and musicians.
Many world class acts come from this country: Split Enz, Crowded House, Dragon, Mi Sex, The Feelers, Ladyhawk, Courtney Love, Nathan Haines, just name a few.

I compose and produce as Aotea Sound Lab and I'm here on Jango Airplay.

FlowerPeace&NunzioCiccone on jango radio said...

our music it is a cultural cross over.


DTREMUSIC PROMOTIONS: Hello, We Are Currently Running Promotions For D-TRE (Pronounced Dee-Tray) He Is From Mississippi, Who Is Known For Having Potential Inspiring Artist Who Work Hard To Emerge But Unfortunately, That May Not Be The Case At Times.In A Smal Phrase Mississippi LACKS SUPPORT But Thanks For JANGO, D-TRE Has Gained Many Fans Throughout The World Ranging From The States To The Overseas Circuit. Check Out His Jango Page @ http://www.jango.com/music/D+Tre


Jay Davis said...

Apollo Votary is a new alt/rock band with hints of world beat and jazz, with classical influences thrown in. We are from Vancouver, Canada, the home of the winter olympics this year. Check it!


Stallion said...

This is Stallion, coming out of Northern California. I'm making music that i'm excited about. Fusing real sexy and melodic beats with hip hop and r&b. Check me out right here on Jango, Myspace.com/Stallionthrill, and follow me on twitter @ Stallionmuzik.

Milk-Plus said...

I'm singlehandedly attempting to spread the word of Nerdcore Hip Hop via my UK site http://www.mcmilkplus.com and I have to say it's going pretty well. Jango has been a big help and you can check my UK Nerdcore flow over at http://www.jango.com/music/MC+Milk+Plus?l=0

boozehead said...

Me ?? I'm from Switzerland, small country in the center on Europe best known for its bank secrecy ( like the State of Delaware ), chocolate ( like belgium ) and Mountains ( like nowhere else ).
Rock, pop, comedy are the moods that I like for my music.
A lot of bands from not so bad to very, very good are playing in Switzerland. If you take a trip to my country, don't hesitate to go for a venue( even small) to discover a fragment of this community.
My page on Django is :http://airplay.jango.com/bands/41049

Yogi and the Yoginis said...

Yogi and the Yoginis here, playing our special brand of cool east-west fusions and world jazz. Based in both Seattle USA and Delhi, India. We fuse recording from both places, and do shows ranging in styles from jazz concerts to ambient east-west groove experiences. Music is life is creation is why we're here.
On Jango:
Website: http://www.theyoginis.com
Facebook search Yogi and the Yoginis for the band page
mySpace http://www.myspace.com/yoginis

Yogi and the Yoginis said...

Yogi and the Yoginis here, playing our special brand of cool east-west fusions and world jazz. Based in both Seattle USA and Delhi, India. We fuse recording from both places, and do shows ranging in styles from jazz concerts to ambient east-west groove experiences. Music is life is creation is why we're here.
On Jango:
Website: http://www.theyoginis.com
Facebook search Yogi and the Yoginis for the band page
mySpace http://www.myspace.com/yoginis

Bankrupt said...

Hi all! We're the melodic punk rock band Bankrupt from Budapest, Hungary. Our influences range from the Ramones and The Clash to the Living End.



Steven Stallings said...

I'm Steven Stallings. I'm a 20 year old singer/songwriter from Cherokee County about 45 mins north of Atlanta. Gained 690 fans in 2 weeks. Loving your site. My music is available pretty much everywhere digitally. Itunes, amazon, napster, e music, everywhere. Please check it out. Also feel free to message me I will write back.

Cliff Wright said...

Cliff Wright founder member Singer/Guitarist/Composer/Kommandant - herein - Leiter of Eat This.
A London based Rock band finding life hell, just like everyone else aboard a sinking ship, going through all the usual crap of being skint, but refusing to be beaten by attacking with a Positive Mental Attitude. My music will win the day!! To hell with Politicians, Banks, Lawyers and Bureaucracy!!!
Bring back the good times!!
Thanks to Jango my songs are being heard all over the world!! Bring it on!!

Cliff Wright said...

Check out Double Platinum Auddy Award Winners Eat This via this all important link: http://www.jango.com/music/Eat+This

The Foreigners Crew said...

Greetings to music lovers,this is Gus"Speego"Philip outa Foreigners Crew
We say "big up Jango,respek to the max."

Noel Chidwick said...

Hello there from Scotland.

I'm Noel Chidwick, singer-songwriter with Arbelos, a 'new' band made up of 50 somethings formed when we realised that we still have dreams, still have hopes, and now have a chance to play music cos we want to and we can.

Jango has been great at getting out music out, but please do drop into our web site at: http://www.arbelos.eu to take a listen and a look, as well as our Jango page.

Katrise said...

Hi there,
My name is Katrise and I'm an R&B producer/songwriter/artist. I'm originally from the midwest, but have been in Orlando for a while now. I've been writing and producing for about 13 years. I'm very excited to be releasing my debut commercial album effort entitled, "Embrace My Music Vision," in a few days (March 15 to be exact) featuring the single that most have had fantastic reactions to, "Energy." It's a twelve track R&B album and every song either directly or indirectly describes my love for music.

I've been using Jango to build my fan base and help me to solidify my web presence. I appreciate all of the fans (some 120+ so far) that have taken the time to listen via Jango. I just wish that I could communicate with them better as most do not currently share their email addresses with me and I often don't get very many replies through Jango itself when sending emails. I remain optimistic that some day they will opt in though.

Orlando is definitely not a major market for music, but there are ways to get yourself out there as an indie artist if you really want to. Having the parks here is definitely an advantage. There's also abundant night life where bands could perform. However, since I'm a one woman band, I tend to stick with more modest pursuits. My focus is on building my web presence for now. Below are some other links where you can check out my music.

Jango - www.jango.com/music/katrise
Last FM - www.last.fm/music/katrise
official website - www.katrise.net
CD Baby - www.cdbaby.com/cd/katrise
Youtube - www.youtube.com/katrisesvision
Reverb Nation - www.reverbnation.com/katrise

For more...just google my name and you'll find it! Thanks to Jango and my new fans for all of your support!

Cloridanie Cleare St Merand said...

Hi I am a Jango Artist,located in the Bahamas,the music scene is great,Jango airplay is very professional and the service is very very good. my profile links are:http://www.songcastmusic.com/profiles/CRCSTMERAND,http://uplaya.com/artists/rosemary,http://www.broadjam.com/cleare.

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is David Merced. New Age/Ambient music style. My band is from Tampa, FL. We have 2 new videos. Thank you Jango and Erin for the good customer service. We are going to be playing in the Tampa, Fl area in the next few weeks if anybody near the area wants to come to see us play.
Chekout the new song Resurrection: http://www.jango.com/music/David+Merced

Marc Van Lo said...

Hi im a Jango artist out of Houston, Tx. Im a singer/songwriter. I have been at this for years but have now decided to take the business to a serious level. I released a single "Bitchophrenic" last week and has already generated over 40 fans. Its available on I-tunes, Amazon, etc. Its great to know people all around the world are jamming my music. Thanks Jango. Follow me at Twitter.com/marcvanlo

Kev- said...

I recently manifested out of thin air into what is called "The United States" ... which I find to be an odd name because some states say they're red and others are blue and the two colors seem to not be united ... but I digress ...

I am originally from an alternate universe where money isn't the currency, singing is.

For instance, if you want to buy a pack of gum, you have hum a little ditty to the cashier.

Larger purchases require more investment ... a car could cost you a full concert.

Something smaller, like a nice meal at a restaurant might require singing a full song written on the spot.

Yes ... in the other universe we literally sing for our supper.

Please to always remember to leave the wait staff a couple quick jingles for a tip!

Larue3 said...

I think Jan go airplay is great for all up coming artist's,Starting in the business like I did, In the 60's ,It was tough, even if you had talent.The internet has made it all so much better,For artist with a larger audience ,For artist to get their music heard.I recommend Jango Air Play to all ,Even tho I've made a nice living all these years I use it just to see what my fans have to say about my new music these days.Larry Cox/producer,Song Writer,National Recording Artist, aka-"TENNESSEE LARUE" http://www.myspace.com/tennesseelarue-----

The Movement Pursuers said...

The Movement Pursuers, is a bunch of friends who have a love for music and wanted to be a part of it. We make record and master our own beats thanx to our talented producer Brawler. The rest of the click's members are Nap.T,YL, Reprisal. We are from London UK, comprised of diverese ethnic backgrounds thanx to this great multi cultural city that we live in. We are all about the truth and real life rap spitting something that matters, giving a message, the right message. Unlike the commercial constraints that are in place for some artists, for TMP is non existent, thus we bring genuine, from the heart material.
peace one love U'all

By the way the Mixtape " The Arrival" will be out very soon!!

Hope every1 @ Jango a Gr8 day!!





Timothy said...

Hi to the World, great to be part of this community, The TimothyPaul Band is a POP/ROCK Band from Berlin,NH USA, the "East Coast Jive"
we've had tremoundus success on numberonemusic.com and hope for the same with Jango, Peace and Love

The Movement Pursuers said...

The Movement Pursuers, is a bunch of friends who have a love for music and wanted to be a part of it. We make record and master our own beats thanx to our talented producer Brawler. The rest of the click's members are Nap.T,YL, Reprisal. We are from London UK, comprised of diverese ethnic backgrounds thanx to this great multi cultural city that we live in. We are all about the truth and real life rap spitting something that matters, giving a message, the right message. Unlike the commercial constraints that are in place for some artists, for TMP is non existent, thus we bring genuine, from the heart material.
peace one love U'all

By the way the Mixtape " The Arrival" will be out very soon!!

Hope every1 @ Jango a Gr8 day!!





Morrigan's Deception said...

We are Morrigan's Deception. A female fronted, progressive melodic metal band from Kansas City, MO USA. Considering our location, you can imagine that we have some difficulties booking proper gigs and such (ie not country, no covers, and not blues).

This is where Jango comes in. Through Jango, we have a worldwide fanbase of people that do appreciate and enjoy our style. We couldn't be more grateful to Jango and our new fans. That is what it is all about. There are people out there that like what we are doing, and they let us know. We love it!

Morrigan's Deception on Jango

Morrigan's Deception Official Website

Larry Rosen said...

My name is Larry Rosen and I am a Canadian musician, composing and performing new age piano music that will relax you, and take you to places you've never been before. Thank you for listening to me at on Jango at http://www.jango.com/music/Larry+Rosen.

Donnie/The Brother Tree Band said...

Greetings from Northeast Alabama and "The Brother Tree Band" Donnie James here. NE Alabama is known for it's musicians. Some of us are transplants from parts unknown. Beautiful foothills and valleys here. I am a member of the Brother Tree Band but, I also do a rock radio show called . A Live From The DreamField and own the DreamField Outdoor Theatre. A lot happening in the area.The band is recording the 2nd LP and the single Our Little Town. We will be uploading the single pre-release on Jango soon.Thank you to Jango and all OUR FANS!!

tay lor boi said...

wat it do itz ur boi TAYLOR BOI checkin in
i want to thank all my fans for listen to me on jango airplay

Anonymous said...

My name is Rizki Akmanda...i'm member of Amphibia..I live at Bandung Indonesia...


Average Joe said...

Burlington VERMONT - Home of PHISH!! Great scene for new music, but very competitive. All I need is a real band and hope to some day make some "noise" in this music oriented city!!

Until then I will continue to hone my craft, write new songs, post them on JANGO and use the NEW FANS and Comments as inspiration to keep on truckin!! ... Rick

Robert Trebor said...

The Robert Trebor Band is from Central California, I am a Ourstage.com two time winner and I love the people on Jango, The fans are great the other bands are way cool. Good sound material with Hooks!!I get great feedback that I can use in my writing. Thanks Jango Fans you are Awesome !

Cheap Finery said...

Cheap Finery band is from Russia.
Not the best place for young musicians, but we are doing our best to get some promotion.
Jango.com is a good chance to let your music be heard all over the world.
Check out our songs!


we are from california northern and southern. We are virtually new to jango but we like the world wide factor. We desire to take our music world wide and unlike some california artist we dont limit our music to california. We are excited to see people in other countries hearing our message. whoever hears this come listen to our music and become fans we are making real issue driven music with truthful lyrics and upwardly mobile concepts. Thanks to our fans and to jango... help up spread this movement!!!!

Lenny Deneb said...

I am a reggae-rock artist currently residing in my home country of St. Lucia, eastern Caribbean. However I grew up in the United Kingdom and that is where I learnt to love both reggae and rock. Check me out on www.jango.com/music/Lenny+Deneb
My forthcoming album is aptly titled Reggae Rock and it is due out later this year. Thanks to all my fans on Jango......help spread the reggae -rock vibes and unite the world!!!!!!!!!!

Hazy Davey said...

I am from Moscow, Russia, although I'm spending most of my time sailing around the world.
I'm playing guitar and keyboard and recording my music by myself.
Thanks to the internet and Jango.
God bless you all.

Green Daryl said...

Akron, Ohio USA
need bassist. our scene is lacking low end but I guess over all the scene is so so, but much talent.

Raining Heart Records said...

Hi, we are Raining Heart Records, a small World music label from Manila, Philippines with a recording studio and production office in Bali, Indonesia.

Our artists are from South East Asia and we currently feature three artists on Jango:

Puspa Dewi - a Balinese performer with her new Balinese folk song album "Bird and Flower" in World music interpretations.

Kevin Bird - Puspa Dewi's producer and composer with elegant New Age piano instrumentals.

Kaos Band - a pop punk band from Manila with their EP "Outta Track".

Jango gives us the opportunity to present our artists to a world wide audience. This kind of immediate exposure has become a very valuable part of our artist promotions.

Ethnic World music is not a large part within the music industry and usually isn't offered much exposure, so we gladly take Jango's offer and showcase some unique and otherwise underexposed talents.

South East Asia has so many talented young artists and we are proud to present some of them here.

Average Joe said...


AVERAGE JOE's New Song ROUND & ROUND is now Posted, Live and Ready for listening at: www.jango.com/music/average+joe

Hope you will give it a listen,let me know what you think of it and maybe even add it to one of your stations ...

BE FOREWARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The AVERAGE JOE sound is unsophisticated and arguably crude, when compared to most of todays professionally produced music productions.

That said, I really get a kick out of that raw, lets rock, "Guitar With Attitude" sound. I like the way it sounds and it sure is fun to play!!

Who knows, maybe you'll get a kick out of it too!!

Tryin to Keep It LOUD,PROUD and REAL....... AVERAGE JOE

Southernmade Playaz Clicc said...

WE come out of Dallas,Tx and we are SOUTHERNMADE PLAYAZ CLICC under 4 Deep Ent.We make down south music something for everyone. Check us out on Myspace.com/4deepent187 and on iTunes as well as Ourstage.com/southernmadeplayazclicc

Timeless Voyage said...

Hi my name is Larry Gilbert with Timeless Voyage, and we are from Phila., Pa. We are basically a musical project for about 10 years now. The main core members are Vinny Barbardo, Don Devlin, & myself. We also had a few other muscians from time to time to be part of this great project.

Toni Vere said...

My band Hashmagandy and I work in the Greater Calgary Alberta area. We're a four piece all girl folk rock band. My first CD ( with a bar code ) just came out ... things are going great. Stay tuned for a new tune and a you tube video in the works ... life is too fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey we are The Secret Whistle from Eugene Or. We are going to school out here at the University of Oregon. The music scene has treated us really well, with plenty of clubs and bars to play gigs, not to mention the amazing house parties. Check us out

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am with the band Silent Lapse and we are from Michigan, United States! go to www.silentlapse.com to download our entire album for free.

Ian Borges said...

Canada, of course! Dog sledding around Toronto, living in my igloo ;)

Sexy Mathematics said...

I am from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and, as Ian from Toronto indicated, most of my time is also spent huddled in an igloo. Given the harsh weather conditions and difficult living conditions (it is very hard to run electrical wiring through the walls of an igloo) it can be difficult to rent out the city's community centre for rehearsing and recording music.

Fortunately Saskatoon has a fantastic music scene, from indie to classical, which makes the catch phrase "Paris of the Prairies" ring especially true.

If you like indie/synth pop/rock please check out Sexy Mathematics.

Thanks Jango!

Chona said...

Hello I'm Chona from North Carolina, the music scene here isn't as poppin compared to FL or upnorth NYC, New Jeresy,Philly,CT ect. So its harder for young and talented artist like myself to be discovered. I'm puerto rican and black and I live in the country but I'm not so much of a down south rapper or singer. I grow up listening to nigga's from upnorth. Ex Big Pun, Fat Joe, Mobb Deep, Fuggee's, Jim Jones, Jadakiss etc. I would love to be discovered but I know things like this take time. So since I don't have access to record labels or even pro recording studios. I record at home and just promote my own stuff, even now and then I'll get shows so When I go perform I pass out free mixtapes, and just pray to god one of my mixtape fall into the right hands. Its a bumpy road but even if I don't make it big, I'ma enjoy the ride.
check me out on myspace

Here are links you can check out more music and more videos etc. add me on myspace and follow me on twitter. get my ringtones free on myxer. hit me up my ears are always open for opinons on my music and advice. thanks you and have a blessed day


Elvis L Carden said...

Hi All Hope You Like My Sounds On Jango Musically ElvisLCarden
www.ElvisCarden.com,www.DekaRecords.com/ ElvisCarden, http://www.anrunlimited.com/site/artists/Elvis_Carden/,Buy www.CD.cdbaby.com "American Rebel" Amazon.com,iTune,FaceBook&Tweeter,MySpace, http://www.jango.com/music/Elvis+L+Carden, http://www.theindieshow.com/members/3168/

Dustin said...

Hello, I am from the Midwest, Country, Bluegrass and a little pop. A member of the National Traditional Country Music Hall Of Fame and I have a bit of an image and voice of the ledgend Hank Williams Sr. Please visit my jango page for a listen of my own material
and my own site WWW.DH-MUSIC.COM.

Second time around in life.

If you know of a show promoter or event, please let them know about Dustin Hunt - A New Era Of Country Music

www.youtube.com/user/olewest35 <-NEW <-AWESOME
plus many more.

Ephesians 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

Dustin Hunt

SUNRISE said...

We are metal/heavy rock band from West Coast Finland. In Finland metal/heavy scene in very strong as somebody allready know. Lot of different styles and huge bands like Hanoi Rocks (likely more rock but...), HIM, Apocalyptica, Tarot, Nightwish and so on...

Our style is somewhere between Sabbath/Purple to Metallica/Iron Maiden. Song lyrics try to reflect feelings what we believe all people have if we open our eyes and see what´s goin on in the world and also they tell the stories of our own lives.

PAST: In the years 1977-1979 Sunrise usually played in school parties and dance halls. First gig was in the biggest dance hall in the town – Ooperi. And July 22 of 1977 almost 700 people crowd came to see that gig!
After that we played in different school parties and also in the Youth Center Bose and then again in the Tipula where Finndreams were with us. We even combined both bands together in that night and played Daddy Cool by Darts with ten musicians. In the summer 1978 there was two big concerts in the Makis.
Last gig with the original band was in the Aronahde school in the autumn 1979 and there was over 600 people crowd. Huge gig! In that same year Jussi and Kauko went to the army and band also had to find new place for the practices. Rest of the band took Kai Horjanheimo to the drums and Ake Lehtinen from the brake up Finndreams started to play other lead guitar with Jakke. With this assembly band played the last gig in it history in the Makis in the summer 1979. After that band broke up.

PRESENT: In time from 1980 to 2007 some of band members played in many bands, Nakki has one who had something going on all the time. Maybe just because of that he was one who proposed us in February 2008 to get the active three original members of the band play together again. After little thinking Jussi and Tumppi agreed. Simppu who was been playing with Nakki in some bands started in drummers place. Nakki also recruited younger guitarist Kämis to play lead.
Two years has gone and we been started to compose own songs and will hit the studio to record them properly in this spring. Little taste of our style you can hear here in Jango and also in our Myspace site:


(there is our onw songs and also some covers too)



Take care!


Combat Crisis said...

Combat Crisis - Philadelphia, PA, Pure Street Punk!!!

Anonymous said...

Michael Maidwell from Orange Grove (the band) here. We are based in Holland and yes indeed..most of our jango listens go to the usa. about 52% to be exact.

Cynthia Grant said...

Hi there! My name is Cynthia Grant and I live in central Illinois. I have been working on my songs for several years however I set my music down for awhile and through the encouragement of my husband, family and friends have gone back to it with a renewed perspective. Check it out if you have a chance, I value feedback. For my regular job I "work the skies" as a flight attendant based in Chicago at O'Hare International Airport. I fly my trips with a small traveler guitar I now take along with me. I love my job, love helping people and enjoy meeting new folks every week. I just joined Jango a month ago and it's a pretty neat experience. Peace, Cynthia

NoNo said...

Hey Everybody Im NoNo!

I am 13 years old. Music in my life is my passion. I love to sing and right my own songs. I have started to record my own songs and putting it to music. No I don't have a recording contract, But I can't wait to get one.

My family just moved from Las Vegas last year to Virginia. I just had my first foray locally into theater in 2009. I enjoy singing, gymnastics, shooting, showing dogs and Girl Scouts. I also help at my sister's Special Olympics training. My passions are music and wanting to go to school to be a veterinarian. I love working in my dad's gun store and enjoy teaching gun safety. I have 5 Shiba Inu (dogs) and Ginger is my 2 year old dog that I show.

Music in my family is a big thing. My grandfather has been a musician and played many musical instruments. He worked in music in NYC with people like Nat King Cole and yes, he even played at Carnegie Hall. My grandmother sang, played piano, did local theater and was a big inspiration to me singing when I was growing up. My mom and dad were also into local theater and my dad played musical instruments also. My parents have encouraged me to always believe in myself. My dad says "don't dream, it be it!".
So I hope I do it right for all of my fans!

As of 03-13-2009 I am #62 on the Indie Pop Charts

Thank you everybody that comes to my Jengo page comes to my shows!

COB said...

Wow! A lot of really awesome talent and great shout outs. Good luck to you all.

HottRodd said...

I'm from Bowie,Maryland.I play in a band called "The Clones Of Funk", a P-Funk tribute band out of Annapolis Md. We as a band are devoted to the saying "KEEP THE FUNK ALIVE"! So I also as a solo artist prescribe to that same theme.It is my way of doing my "Duty 2 UR BOOTY" 2 have some NEW FUNK to explore! The music seen in the Annapolis area is very diverse. Blues,Rock,Dance,Rap,Top 40,R&B,Country,Folk,Grundge,Jazz,everything...and anything.The summer is the best time to see most of the bands,at parks,festivals,etc.That's when we all get most of the work. Even though, there is a good bar scene in the Annapolis area in the winter season.We're just east of Washington D.C. If ur In the area, Check us out! ! (WWW.CLONESOFFUNK.com) (WWW.MYSPACE.COM/HottRoddFunk1)

Tara Priya said...


i'm ridiculously blessed to be from the ridiculously gorgeous state of California--San Francisco, specifically! I'm a NorCal girl through and through.

BUT i went to school in NYC, which really influenced my music...San Francisco is very indie-rock, while New York is a super eclectic, creative, and innovative mix of the urban (rap/hip-hop) and the instrumental (jazz/blues, acoustic).

check out my early tracks on Jango or at www.myspace.com/tara.priya! i'm moving more in the retrosoul direction, so these tracks won't be around long...catch 'em while you can!!!

Datemonthyear said...

DateMonthYear world HQ is in hamilton, New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am Inat - singer from Denmark/Copenhagen.

Nathan Wagstaff said...

I'm Nathan from Detroit, Michigan. You probably don't hear much good about the D, but we do have a long history of producing some very good and important music. Fighting with Rabbits is the most original, rockin' band in the D at this time. None of that tired, old, "sounds just like a million other bands" that you hear every time you go to the bar. We haven't even recorded our best stuff yet, because we've just written it in the last few months. Look up Fighting with Rabbits. Also, go to fightingwithrabbits.com, which currently links to myspace but will be a full website soon.

DJ said...

Please pay attention to IYADONNA!
New single "DANCEFLOOR" hittin the airwaves now!
follow on Twitter @Iyadonna

Stephen Poppell said...

Hi, I'm Stephen Poppell of Stephen Poppell & the Wolfpack Band. I live in France, just over the border from Geneva, but hail from Georgia in the U.S. My band members are Daniel (guitarist from Australia), Jasper (bass from the Netherlands), Jean-Luc (percussionist from Mauritius and France) and Francois (pedal-steel guitarist from Switzerland). So we're a pretty international group. Check out my Web site: www.thewolfpackband.com

King Tuesday said...

This is King Tuesday from Minneapolis, MN.
Which has a great music scenes that include multiple genres. From pop, metal, alt rock to hip hop. Just like the city we are from King Tuesday pretty much has it all. Talented Rock Musicians equally matched with a bomb DJ and 2 powerful, insightful MC's! Links Below

Ps. Our First Album Wishes drops on March 26th come listen to it and download our tracks at:

Our Official Website: http://kingtuesday.com
Jango: http://www.jango.com/music/King+Tuesday

Jaloes said...

Hi, this is Jaloes, songwriter of instrumental minimalist music. I live in Madrid, Spain.

Jango profile: http://www.jango.com/music/Jaloes
Website: http://www.jaloes.com
Blog: http://jaloesmusic.blogspot.com

T-HOOT said...


T-HOOT said...



Anonymous said...

DROP TANK are a rock band from Marrickville in Sydney Australia. We live and rehearse in a derelict warehouse. There are 12 of us living here are well as all our rats.



Thanks for the chance to bring you our music.

JIMNGAIL said...

What a great site for indie's very informative for the non label players,like all the info. It has really helped in picking a marketing field.
Great place to feel out your talent and see if it is going to be work. I listened to a lot of bands and artist on Jango, some good, some great and????? well thanks Jango.
hey we have a lot more on our web site www.arkaymusic.com


HI NEW TUNES UP NOW http://www.reverbnation.com/melodicyoza TELL ME WHAT U THINK :)

my profile on jango is (reggae soul hop music)


Drew Warne-Jacobsen said...

Working in the Upper Midwest and keeping people warm dancing.

StiLL G said...

Hi wuss upp there!!! My Name Is StiLL G and I'm coming from Italy,im an italian rapper and beatmaker,my beats,my style,my lyrics...that it what i rappresent...!!1
In Italy hip hop scene is lower,but there are too much artists,that push this genres,a mix with funk,soul,and too much sounds cool...finally make it noise!!!
But in Italy there isn't too much followers like US,i love US Fans,they are great....4 all my music,my tracks,and my news,feel my official page og myspace


check me out!!! push in US italian hip hop!!!
gyeahhh homeboyz and flysistaz!!!

Daxton and the sweet lips said...

Hay there' my name is Daxton and I have two Jango sites for one "as Daxton" I play country pop {e;g} Ryan Adams, and also have a southern blues band named "the Sweet Lips." {e.g} Beef heart,Hendrix/ It's been 15 long years of gigging bars and sleeping in cars; I am now an ISC finalist for 2009 and have been lucky anothe to get my song "Moody Liz" on the new TV series "Doll House" episode 5 true believer. I will be in America around the end of September and can't wait to see an Ice Hockey game ha ha!
Love ya'll




Julian Sakata said...

Hello Jangsters,
Checking in from Los Angeles, Shangri-L.A. Where else but Jango can you have fans in over 50 countries and all 50 states (really). I love seeing the map all filled in. The fans have been great (over 2200 in a couple months) and it's going to be a great tool for my next tour.

Blending elements of 70's musical influences (ala; Ten Years After Bowie, Elton John, Lou Reed, Dylan) with modern synthesis and eerily addictive melodies (see; Flaming Lips, American Music Club, Brian Wilson..)

Jango's been an effective way to promote my debut release (entitled "See?")

Mixed in Los Angeles by 8 time GRAMMY award winning producer/mixer Thom Russo
(JUANES, Audioslave, System of a Down, Johnny Cash, Prince, Jay Z, Kinky, Eric Clapton) just to name a few!
Thom Russo also Co-Produced the record with genius recluse Denton, TX producer Matt Pence. (American Music Club, Jay Farrar {of Uncle Tupelo SunVolt}, South San Gabriel, Centro-matic) .
Great guest appearances by members of pop darlings "The Polyphonic Spree" and other great artists gracious enough to add their magic. Very humbling.

Sven Curth said...

In all of the years I've been floundering along trapped in the existential dichotomy of loving to play music but despising everything about reducing myself to a sniveling huckster to promote it... Jango is grand. Thank you.

Sven Curth said...

Oh yeah. I live in the Adirondacks (Lake Placid)in northern NY and rarely venture out of the woods.

African Child & the Prophet Unification said...

Greetings all
We are African Child & the Prophet Unification based in Gothenburg Sweden. We play hot heavy root reggae & will release a new album in May, something to look forward to.
One love


Bullzolar said...

We're from Great Britain. We live 10 miles away from the scene of the first reported burning of a witch in Europe hahaha. As you may detect, Bullzolar depicts all things black magicified.

WordSong Entertainment said...

Greetings from Tim and Ted. Lifetime friends who began collaborating together only as a hobby; a hobby that has evolved into a unique music ministry.

Tim, as lead vocalist and guitarist for WordSong, is also producer and chief sound engineer for the duo. He has played and toured with the Christian rock band Paradox. He has also performed in music videos that have aired globally. His experience in computer programming and multimedia enables WordSong to stay on the cutting edge of digital recording.

Ted, who is rhythm guitarist and vocalist for WordSong has produced programming for numerous TV ministers including Jim and Tammy Bakker, David and Barbara Cerullo and James Robison. Ted has also worked in association with Grid Iron Records to produce a video on the making of the 1997 NFL/Country Music Album featuring Waylon Jennings, Toby Keith, Neil McCoy and Doug Supernaw. His experience has also won him two Angel Awards from Religion in Media (RIM).

Mack said...

Hello, I would first like to that you for this website. This has been an incredible opportunity to get my music around the world. The reports tab is the best. This is the best tool for the indie artist and label.

But on another note... YBG- Young Black And Gifted,located in Atlanta, Ga. This multi talented trio strive to be number #1. With the song for the ladies (Educated Woman)to the song to make you upgrade your status (Swag vs. Mojo), YBG is determind to bring the good sounds to the world. Oh and lets not forget the Loyalty to the one and ONLY Atlanta. This is a chart topper. Check us out....


Connor Shaw said...

Arizona!!! good place to be, and right next to California! But summers are hot ha! The venues are hit are miss...Some amazing ones like on Mill ave or The marquee theater. And your typical small bars...

Check my music out on jango and

MarioVFX said...

MarioVFX’s music takes us into a wonderful journey of all sorts. God’s Givness CD lets your spirit and soul take flight while both are immersed in a distinct trance sound. Prepare as your ears take delight to the melodious tones and rhythmic beats that will leave your being with some serious auditory hangover.

The flight journey will then experience a smooth-sailing glide as you groove to the Electro House and percussion rhythms of the Blue Lotus CD. It’s on this part where you’ll enjoy the richness and fluidity of MarioVFX’s musical creations, and where you’ll experience being freed from the confines of mainstream sounds.

The unique musical journey will culminate in this Red Energy CD that promises to deliver exciting soundwaves of fresh Techno and House Dance beats. And just when you thought that the flight is about to take its fateful descent, you’ll be surprised that the journey’s only halfway... all ready to give you another great musical ride that will reinvigorate your passion for anything extraordinary.

Anonymous said...

pls go check out This new Group "T3" @ www.myspace.com/dalogicpage man there hott

The Atif Band said...

Hi I am the only legitimate Michael Jackson tribute artist, no impersonator, just MJ songs in Rock n Roll. We are enthused to rock anywhere in the world!!!

Allen Simms said...

My name is Allen Simms i live in USA New York City.. Im on tour at the moment in Malaysia getting my music heard and seen.. I have gained so many new fans from jango and im so happy that the people are loving my music. I will have a music vidoe out for my new single comeing out soon called SEXY MF.. I have a single out now called Break Through you can purchase it at any major online store http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/break-through/id352908463


please feel free to contact me i love to get to kno ne people... thanx

P.Win said...

P.WIN here! About to drop my new album on 5-5-10! I'm based out of Springfield, MO. I like to think of myself as a passionate artist who's trying to get his voice heard. Feel free to contact me on my myspace and facebook account for more info!


Thanks for the support!

Rafi P said...

Hello Everybody,

I'm Rafi P and I'm an artist from the Netherlands.
Because of Jango my music is listening by audience around the globe.
Thank you jango and a special thanks to all my fans around the world.

If you want to stay connected..please visit me on www.myspace.com/rafip1

Rafi P

aoeria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aoeria said...

Hey Jango and All, Aoeria's from New York and play in Manhattan sometimes but Jango is amazing at getting our music heard by music fans of lesser-known and less-mainstream styles so it's been a huge help! We really appreciate getting to interact with fans from all over!

Music lovers and Jango are a great pair!

Check Aoeria out on Jango: airplay.jango.com/bands/42584
Myspace: myspace.com/aoeria
or Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Aoeria/135629417712?ref=ts

Thanks for listening and enjoy!!!
~Aoeria~ aoeria.com

Sadie Rix said...

Sadie Rix from Santa Rosa, Ca. The Bay Area is a great place for musicians! San Francisco is my favorite. I'd live there if I could.
I was invited to SXSW, but unfortunately couldn't make it. I hear it's Awesome!
Feel Free to check out my tunes on Jango, OR
Take Care.

Anonymous said...

JC Cassis, singer/songwriter/producer of dance-pop music from New York City here! New York is cool because it's sort of like five cities all squished together. You can tour through the boroughs and not wear out your audience. These days I'm trying to find as many gigs as possible with built-in audiences, like parties etc. Fortunately, Brooklyn loves to party with live music.

Is Jango ever going to let us limit our airplay to cities rather than states? That would help SO much since it's way easier to just hit big cities on tour rather than the podunk towns where you have one listener.


A.O.A. said...

Hello! our group called A.O.A. (Alfa-Omega-Añez) We are Latinos songwriter our style is different to all artists out there we called it Latin Hip-Hop Techno/Club Beat Experimental. We are base in Manteca California, Jango is a big contribution to reach our fans in many places we are heard now in more places than we could wished for, thanks to our growing number of fans. Listen and tune in to our music whenever you can. Make A.O.A. a part of your day...

Check out our new single "MY BABY" featuring M1 of "LEGACI" who become the back up singer of "JUSTIN BIEBER" from the VALEJO bayarea, they are on tour check them out also awsome group... Our first album "THE THIRD DIMENSION" by A.O.A. available to download on iTunes and AMAZON.COM...

Get updates on A.O.A. tours and album release
go to www.myspace.com/alfaanezomega

JANGO and FANS thank you, all the support is much appreciated!!!


Farley Gospel said...

My husband Caroll & I sing Country gospel for Jesus.
we are from Woodland Maine USA. We are avaliable to sing & testify in Maine & Florida in the winter. I am also promoting one of my songs, BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT, TO RADIO @ http://airplaydirect.com/music/bands/28899/index.php email farleygospel@hotmail.com
for information.
God bless you,
Brenda Farley BMI

Farley Gospel said...

Please check our ministry @

L.i.E. said...

We're L.i.E. from Augusta, Georgia... home of the godfather of soul, the late James Brown.

We're mainly a local band that is beginning to establish ourselves as a regional act within 200 miles of homebase.. and we're now beginning to have the opportunity to open for appropriate nationals.

The music scene of Augusta, GA has always been fairly rich and currently is home to more than 50 active bands of all stripes: metal, hardcore, progressive, country/americana, indie, punk, pop, hard rock, "classic" rock, hip-hop/soul, blues, and funk. Augusta is a decent mid-size town with a healthy suburban population.

Many in town often refer to the music community here as a mini version of Seattle.

Most recently from Augusta, the pop-punk band VEARA was signed to A Day To Remember's subsidiary of EPITAPH records.

Eatliz said...

We are Eatliz, Art/Oriental/Prog/Complicated rock band, hailing from Tel Aviv's alternative scene in Israel. We give our music for free download @ http://www.eatliz.com/downloads

Israel's music scene is very vigorous and vibrant. From worldwide known Trance like Infexted mushroom to Punk/Indie brutal band like Monotonix.

The music capitol of Israel is Tel Aviv, which is often compared to New York or Belin. We have lots of bands, venues, pubs and free shows every night, offering a verity of styles. You can catch lives shows from the smallest cafe to the biggest venues in a cheap price.

Erica Gutierrez said...

Hello! I'm from San Antonio TX, just an hour away from Austin TX.... San Antonio shouldn't be overlooked, we have a vibrant music scene with eclectic bands that mix punk with conjunto, indie-rock to americana, country and jazz.

In our community musicians organized Local782 (this comes from the San Antonio area code 782... etc) We came together to be a resource for other musicians. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to improving our music economy. We do this through workshops and holding quarterly Media Mixers that brings musicians, club owners, and media makers in the industry on a face-to-face level to build relationships with each other.

My band is called Ledaswan but we also reach out to the music community because we are stronger as a unit instead of just one band trying to figure it all out by themselves.

please visit Local782 here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jangocom/52636064893?v=wall#!/local782?ref=ts

and Ledaswan here: www.myspace.com/ledaswan

The 13th Floor said...

Hello all. We are 'The 13th Floor' from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Check us out at http://www.facebook.com/pages/The13thfloor/118546558176083

Anonymous said...

Nice music, thank you!

helen shapiro said...

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