Tuesday, March 9

Artist Interview - Dave Tutin

Dave Tutin, one of this weeks artists with the top 5 PopScores took some time out for a quick Q&A. Check out what he has to say. We also did another feature on Dave back in October when we started the blog. Check that out HERE

Jango: When did you start playing ?

Dave Tutin: I actually started by writing lyrics. I was calling it poetry, but a teacher of mine said "These read more like song lyrics" and that set me off. I hounded my parents to buy me a guitar, which they did when I was 12.

J: And where are you based ?

DT: In Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was born in England and have lived in a bunch of places - London, Hong Kong, San Francisco and seventeen years in New York City. I've been here in the inspiring Southwest for one year.

J: Who are your main influences ?

DT: Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Mark Knopfler. I don't claim to come close to any of them but I love Dylan's imagery, Cohen's attention to craft and Knopfler's musicality. I was deeply flattered when someone reviewing my album said that these people were "influences, not sources" - that made me hopeful that I had finally found a voice that is purely mine.

J: How would you best describe your sound ?

DT: Evolving. I gave up on music for over twenty years after some idiot in London told me I was too old at 29! I didn't come back to my first love until I was over 50. But those years of living have shaped both my lyrics and my music. I hope I have something to say beyond the usual boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl stuff. I'm sure my next album will sound different to my last, Raised In Vain.

J: Any new releases ?

DT: I am building a recording studio out back of my house right now. When that's finished I'll be able to put out songs much more frequently. Raised In Vain was released in 2006 but is still selling nicely. And I've been amazed at how many fans and really positive comments the songs have received on Jango! My next album, unless I change my mind, will be called Ceremonies In Thin Air. I have way too many songs, so the hardest part will be deciding what to leave off.

J: Do you perform ?

DT: I love performing live. I usually play solo. I actually get a kick out of tweaking my own songs to get them to work in the solo format without the talents of guys like Larry Campbell, Shawn Pelton and Craig Snyder backing me up as they did on the album. I plan to perform in Santa Fe very soon - to test out the new material before I record it. But no dates are set.

J: And lastly, what's your best tip for other Jango Airplay artists ?

DT: Don't target too much. It's very tempting to say you want only people in California or New York to hear your music but, believe me, some of the most inspiring, heart-felt comments come from the most unexpected places around the world. Yes, we all want to make money from our efforts but seeing your music travel the globe and make these kinds of connections is a remarkable thing. I believe that if I can touch people emotionally, the money will take care of itself.

Thanks Dave, 29's definitely not too old...


Average Joe said...

INSPIRING DAVE ... Especially since I can relate to several aspects of your story. I gave up playing the guitar in 1994, sold it for travel money to California and didn't "pick up" again until December 2006, when I found my Les Paul in a local weekly's classifieds for $400. Also like you I was over 50 age 52 to be exact!!

Don't know if I will ever achieve the commercial success you re experiencing, but once I "Picked Up" again I was hooked!!

Having a great time posting here on JANGO and pretending to be a real musician!! :)

Much Success to You!! Rick Rice the AVERAGE JOE

Dave Tutin said...

I know now, if music's a part of your life...it's there for good. No denying it. I am so glad your Les Paul found its way home.

Oystein Nyboe said...

Age means nothing - your music seems mature an comfortable to listen to :-)
Oystein Nyboe

Dave Tutin said...

It took me many years to become comfortable with myself. If it shows in the music, I am very happy.

Average Joe said...


AVERAGE JOE's New Song ROUND & ROUND is now Posted, Live and Ready for listening at: www.jango.com/music/average+joe

Hope you will give it a listen,let me know what you think of it and maybe even add it to one of your stations ...

BE FOREWARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The AVERAGE JOE sound is unsophisticated and arguably crude, when compared to most of todays professionally produced music productions.

That said, I really get a kick out of that raw, lets rock, "Guitar With Attitude" sound. I like the way it sounds and it sure is fun to play!!

Who knows, maybe you'll get a kick out of it too!!

Tryin to Keep It LOUD,PROUD and REAL....... AVERAGE JOE

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to read...Jango's pick. Enjoyed your comment on age ....connected with me. Haha Going forward, and being you is always the way---at any age. From the lowest to the highest of expereinces in "Life" I find I'm asking the same question--what am I to learn here???
I'll give u listen 2--Let me invite you to give me one as well...leave a comment.

Rob Byron said...

I am starting again at 50,and have a CD out.Smetimes these things happen at the right time,for some reason.Is Santa Fe a good place for a singer/songwriter to start out?I have been thinking of that region for a while.
Thanks for the encouragement

Dave Tutin said...

First, sorry for the long time gap in replying! Life has been crazy. Including the recent death of my mother.

Rob - Santa Fe is a very cool place in an inspiring part of the world. There are many, many fine musicians here and a few decent places to play. That said, it's not Greenwich Village - but then neither is Greenwich Village!

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