Tuesday, February 2

Success Stories ??

We follow our artists pretty closely, and there have been some great success stories in the last few months. Got one of your own? Tell us about it right here in the comments section!

From Phil Vassar to Mikey Wax, Airplay artists aren't just building buzz online, they're getting out there and translating success from one arena to another. By sharing your stories, hopefully we can all learn a little about how that's done.

So click through to the comments section and tell us about your biggest recent successes in the comments section. What were they? How did you do it? What do they mean for your band? Maybe what worked for you will work for other Airplay artists and vice versa.


T. J. Doyle said...

Fellow Jango Artists. I want to share something I learned having been on Jango since December. With having a Pop & Modern Classic Rock sound with overtones of Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, and Neil Finn, I initially started with older more established bands for targeting. This brought me more of an older audience and quite a good number of fans. After while, I started using the top 40 charts to select targeting for fan overlap, and my Jango audience is now firmly a primary 25-34 and secondary 18-54. Now I'm getting 30-40 new fans in these demos per day. Love hearing ideas on how to zero in so hope you like.

Noreen Crayton said...

Hi Everyone! I just received an Independent Music Award for best gospel song. It can be heard on Jango and downloaded elsewhere. In addition to that, I've been on Jango since December or November (I think) and have received more fans than I could ever generate in the 5 years since I've been working steadily to create a buzz for the music that I've been fortunate enough to create. If you like gospel..well even if you don't, I hope you will check out my site. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ross Phazor has received an overall positive response from Jango listeners of all ages although their target listener audience is 30+ as the band's roots are in Rock/Blues and Classic Rock as heard in their 2009 CD release "Mister Mango Man".

Ross Phazor is mixing their new CD now and due for release in March. Be the first to hear it on Jango! Google Ross Phazor for more info about the band.

Glenn Carter said...

just want to praise Jango for the services and attention given to upcoming artists.I have been preparing songs from my album Redwood Road for targeted listeners.The song `Moneytown` has been doing well in Rock categories with nationwide stations So hopefully Jango will add to the momentum.

Candi Lynn said...

I'm Candi Lynn a pop/hiphop artist with some of my songs crossing into the pop/rock catagory! I just started my campaign with Jango 6 days ago. The response has been amazing! I'm currently doing In stores at Mandee Clothing stores and Im selling records. Which is amazing without a major label. In just 6 days of airplay on Jango I have 77 new fans. I love how I can communicate with my fans and see were in the world they're from!
Jango is the best service ever created for us indie artists...Candi

Pete Wong (The Nexus) said...

As an Asian multimedia designer and composer, I have deep interests in Electronica/Dance and New age. I have always wondered how my music will be received in overseas.

Jango gave me the opportunity to explore and receive feedbacks from people all around the world, and made me realized what type of songs I should really focus in and what I should drop :)

Overall, I'm very happy - 460++ fans so far in just 4 weeks! That is totally amazing!

I also managed to get hold of few fans that actually communicates with me. It's a slow start but hope to reach out to more people in the future.

Again, thank you!!!


NYSE said...

Hi EVERYONE Jango has been an exciting experience for NYSE and Profit Hype Records. We are able to have our music played WORLDWIDE! We did not know we have fans all over the place. Because of Jango our first record sale came from Japan. From an independent standpoint this is like going Platinum.We are going to take full advantage of Jango knowledge and incredible artists.

Jody Byrd said...

Hi everyone,
I signed up 4 days ago, with 1200 plays, for $30.00, that is a great deal. Within 2 days I had 73 new fans, from all over the world, who before jango, had never heard of me before. I am amazed by how well jango works, and the opportunity to have my songs played along side my idols like Frank Sinatra, and Ella Fitzgerald, is indesribeable. I am signing up for monthly song plays, and I am sure my fan base will grow exponentially. Thank you Jango for everything, your service is amazing!!

World Beneath World said...

My band, World Beneath World, has garnered fans around the world, thanks to Jango's tireless support of independent music. The pay-to-play service is a must-have for any artist trying to grow their fan base, as we are ours. For a metal band, an unknown metal band, to be able to guarantee over 5,000 airplays around the globe was once unheard of. Now, Jango makes it happen, and they're making it happen for us. I will use Jango to break out our first EP in April, and they will be THE flagship service for our airplay. Thank you Jango!

skpjames said...

You hear about the event that creates the creative moment..like living the blues..any way,,I stopped playing music in the late 70's and never intended to play again..I created a new life and career..well two and on half years ago my wife was diagnosed with cancer and writing became my therapy..I needed a little more stimulation so, I started jamming with some new friends and discovered that my word therapy became my spark to play onstage again..so..Project41 was born..first song "Things are going Crazy"" than No Matter What Happens" and so on..Skip James Project41

Jamie Robinson said...

Jango has been a great place to market and promote my music! It's great to have all the information about who is liking your music, age, gender, location, and such. I have been able to use direct targeting of similar artists to show off my Instrumental Rock Guitar Music to fans of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and more. Thanks Jango!

kittyandthelostboys said...

After concentrating on gigging for 18 months we decided to go the "radio route" and have been played on many stations both here and abroad. Last week we were made Radio 1 Houseband of the Week and we've also been featured band on Radio Exeter and Pirate FM and last weekend the infamous Rodney Bingenheimer from KROG LA played our track. Mike Chapman of Blondie, Suzy Quatro fame showed some interest and has been fantastic, recently remixing our latest single It's Not OK

LIGHTBEARER777 said...

Jango has definitely has helped me create a buzz for my first project Ignorance is Bliss , and the feedback from the listeners helped me tremendously!!! Tarik The Lightbearer

Cool Country/Lawrence Ingle said...

Cool Country/Lawrence Ingle's songs are being featured on IMRADIO's Alternative Country Radio Station..02-03-2010

Natalie Rea Carter said...

I have had three songs on Jango since Mid October 2009, about 3.5 months and I have a combined "fan/like base" of about 8200. I love the exposure Jango provides, the comments people make are so meaningful! Jango allows me to email folks who have provided a comment or became a fan. It brings it down to a much more personal level of communicating. I love checking my stats and seeing all the States and Countries that my music is playing! Thank you Jango and Thank You Jango Fans! Love Ya!

Natalie Rea Carter

Marina V said...

hi everyone!!!
first of all - thank you to Jango!! I've made some great new friends on here!!!

SUCCESS STORY: I have recently raised almost $30,000 from my fans to record my new album. I put together a page on my website with a PayPal button, and wrote down how much money I was hoping to raise and let people know how they can be a part of my album!!! Then I sent an email to all of my fans telling them about my project and explaining how they could become my Patron of the Arts!!!! I was amazed and humbled by their response (a couple of Jango listeners donated too, by the way!!)
If you'd like to see my sponsor page for more details - please go to http://www.MarinaV.com
Thanks so much:)
Marina :)

The Dream Team said...

I cant believe within a day and a half we already have 30 Fans from all over the world. The Dream Team and its new genre of electronic/dance/Hiphop has a real chance to be heard everywhere. We are all excited and cant wait to get on the road. If you like to Dance and Party then check us out.

The Dream Team

John Campos said...

Just like to say that I've recently started my own label and publishing company. One Mind Music Inc. For one of my artists, Christen Marucci, Jango airplay has been a great addition to the normal avenues of promotion. Since going on Jango I have definitely seen an increase in traffic to her webpages and Itunes Singles. Having our music play back to back with established artists has been very beneficial to her career. Because it allows to hear how she stands up to successful artists in the biz. In about 3 weeks she has added about 220 fans and has made popscore bonuses every week. I think that the conventional ways of promotion still must be executed, but Jango is a platform for the new paradigm in music, and I been doing this quite a while. Thanks. Looking forward to continuing my promotion of Christen's career on Jango. A little about myself Producer, Audio Engineer, Multi - instrumentalist, Songwriter, Arranger, Re-Mixer Indie Label Pres, Member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. AES and SPARS. Grammy Nominating and Voting Producer/Engineer/Songwriter. Have over 100 song and album credits listed on major music retail outlets as an Engineer / Producer / Songwriter / Musician in the categories of Pop, Rock, Dance, Jazz and Latin or at least that's what they tell me. Who knows? Someday I'll do a discography. Recently had some songs on MTV's Jersey Shore. Peace

Curtis Wayne Stroud said...

I have been on Jango for a few months and have been able to get some really good fans. The fans on here are really helpful and I have even found one to help me with promotions. I really like using Jango and I see great things to come with it.

If you want to, check out my songs on here or no myspace. www.myspace.com/curtiswaynestroud. If you like what you hear, you can join my mailing list by shooting me a message on here and giving me your info. (ex. Name, City/State/Country, E-Mail, and your favorite song of mine) I will send you a free MP3 of your favorite song.


Curtis Wayne Stroud

Natalie Rea Carter said...

I just want to add to my comment of yesterday. I took a suggestion from T.J Doyle above and changed my target's to the top 40! Great idea, Thank you! I just want to say again I Love Jango and all the Jango Fans out there! Jango is taking young artist to a New Level!

Natalie Rea Carter


YOUNG FAME said...

hey wats gud jango family. I want to thank all my fans for supporting my music, i really appreciate it. My new commercial song "MY STAR" is produced by Gold Certified Producer Dj Pain and is up and running. The song is also Co Published by Warner/Chappel Music so if you like commercial hip hop with an R&B flavor..please come and check it out i know you will like it..the song again is "MY STAR"..be safe and blessed.

Little House Records said...

We posted Jeff Dayton's first single and two other songs 5 days ago. In that short time he's had nearly 2,000 plays and made scores of fans worldwide.
We love the tracking and targeting features and very much appreciate the email feature so we can respond to fans and listeners.
So far, highly pleased with Jango!
Little House Records

NOVA said...

Jango has not only helped me feel like I belong somewhere in this world of crappy hip-pop....but it made me believe that I AM HEARD!

...plus...I get way more girls now......alright...well....maybe you guys can work on that feature for 2010!

FINALLY a place where my REAL HIP HOP can thrive for the people that love it! THANKS J-SIZZLE! *that's cool-speak for jango*


Chris Fullam said...

How's this for a random success story...a few months back we got scammed out of some money to be on a compilation album for "RadioRNR" - the whole site is hoax.

I found out the chick behind the scam is contacting bands CONSTANTLY, so I decided to post a detailed blog about the whole situation on our website (http://blog.conflictinthesky.com/2010/01/radiornr-aka-rawk-media-network-is-scam.html). Our web traffic has been up a TON since we posted it because it seems a lot of people are still being contacted by this place and trying to find out if it's legit. We've actually made a few friends out of the whole thing too.

Shows the importance of blogging - people can discover your music in all sorts of ways. Also shows you can turn a negative into a positive.

Again, if you want to check out the blog, here is the link:


Philosophile Pot said...


My success is;

Despite the annoyance of my flatmates and neighbours playing my own trumpet at all times!

If you wanna be annoyed as well, check out my crazy music on


Block Scholars said...

Jango has been nothing short of being a total success for us!!! We now get 1000 plays accounted to our Airplay account each month (with some extra plays each payday), to promote our music. Not only we have gained ALOT of fans, but with these listeners, we can promote our compilation album that will be for sale at www.Magnatune.com in a week or two. 3 out of 100 demos sent to Magnatune get selected for sale there and we are only the second Hip Hop group ever at Magnatune to have our works for sale there!!! Slimdog Productions also took second place in the AllHipHop.com/Uplaya.com contest to find the hottest new Hip Hop with the song, "Preach Ankobia's Fantasy ft. Acapa Da Kid", which is on Jango: http://www.allhiphop.com/stories/breedingground/archive/2010/01/13/22093974.aspx

Little House Records said...

Okay, this is getting seriously crazy... in only the first 8 days on Jango, Jeff Dayton has had close to 7,000 plays, made hundreds of fans and it's growing faster every day.

All of us here at Little House Records in Nashville are STOKED! Thanks, Jango.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your support................... look for the New track comming soon call:

Take A Sip... Feat: "Finess" And Mr Right..
Also the Free Mix Tape give away !!!!!!!

"So" be one of the first 25 fans to email us back with the request as soon as "Take A Sip" is Release........Once again Thank you in advance for your support....And always listen to:
For More New Beats From:
djblack and Mas Entertainment And More Hot New Hit from "Finess" and Mr Right........Mad Love To All You "Fans"....
Only You Make This Possible.......

Gary said...

Thanx Jango for the chance to test market the songs on our new CD Too Many Directions. WE received a direct interview from an international Indie Journal with a great article about us! We already have one Record Company giving us a record deal that we are still considering and yesterday we received another one. You have to be heard for record companies to gain interest. Jango is the place with the great international market with millions of great listeners that will cue a band into what songs of theirs are working with the public and which are not! Thanx Jango-Gtaham Howard, Group TAGGER66 Best wishes to fans and groups here for a great 2010!

Wallace said...

We have released our record in germany, luxemburg, belgia, austria, swiss and netherlands.

Anonymous said...

Well a very angry punter I have put a very nice song on to celebrate the 2010 football worldcup final using 8 national anthems with a tecno beat but 48 hours + not available. Yes you say copyright but in uk copyright applies up to 70 years after the composers death well mmm I made very sure that was the case except one but it had been national anthem since 1818 please the guy must have died at 228 years ago

Sunchild said...

I was emailed by CD baby to join jango, at first I was skeptical, I have been hit with so many so called promo deals it was hard to believe. So I was given 100 free plays and bam! 4 fans out of a hundred. If you do the math and understand marketing this is the best service since man created the wheel. I plan on making jango 80% of my marketing budget. Watch out jango the majors are going to like you very much, this is iTunes on steroids thanks, Evil of Detroit.

Sunchild said...

Evol of Detroit - these damn key type helpers


Rene Labre said...

They are very upfront about the play for pay thing and deliver you the results.Yet remember this is just another tool in your toolbox.Not so long ago indies had nothing like this to work with.You could pay an unscrupulous record promoter a grand and never hear from them again.This is a valuable doorway to open up communication directly with the most important thing an artist has,their audience.You have the ability to find out who your best targets are,what region,they may love you out west and hate you back east.Major corporations spend thousands to find out info like this.But if you go in expecting to be a featured artist or get a high pop score you may be disappointed,probably will.The artists that score this are the ones that have got fans.And you are going to have to go for a minimum 1000 plays to start to get things to gel.