Friday, February 5

PopScore Fluctuation - Mon to Wed

Hello Airplayers,

Some of you have noticed and dropped us an e.mail wondering why your Jango PopScore fluctuates early in the week, usually Monday through Wednesday, and then levels out towards the end of the week. So here's a simple explanation and diagram for you so you can get a better understanding.

First and foremost, PopScore is relative. Relative to what you may ask ? The Jango PopScore is relative based on the cumulative amount of 'band activity' at any given moment during the week. 'Band activity' we define as the following; number of bands participating, total spins and fan ratings. Therefore, the more overall 'band activity' taking place the more stable your PopScore.

We hope this clears things up a bit...and keep those questions and comments coming

-Jango Jugglers


Angel Vivaldi said...

hmm, Obviously having plays in your account results in more fans, which in turns brings up your score. But having plays by itself shouldn't be a factor in PopScore, IMHO. What you're saying is that bands who can afford to buy more plays have a better chance of receiving a higher PopScore against an artist with more fan activity, (comments, ratings). PopScores should really be based on fan response to the artist.

The purpose of a PopScore is to give deserving artists who work hard on their art a chance for featured exposure, label exposure as well as however many free plays they win.

I'm a huge fan of Jango, please don't get me wrong. Just think the scoring aspect should have a different focus for rating.

Anonymous said...

I think that the popscore should include airplay that is "non-solicited." In other words, airplay that occurs when listeners purposefully seek out a group to listen to its music. And, I don't think that the current system gives much weight to total plays. Our group has had over 24,000 plays in 4 weeks; yet, our popscore is steady at between 56 and 60. We have a ton of fans and comments and the ratio of new fans to overall plays is acceptable. Continuous airplay embedded in the music of other establish stars is one of the critical factors of going viral on the web. el Marko

Anonymous said...

angel vivaldi... if im not mistaken, more spins simply increases the ACCURACY of the PopScore... not the NUMBER of the PopScore itself. therefore paying more money for more spins won't increase your PopScore.. it will only make the calculation more accurate because it has more data to pull from.

am i correct in thinking this Jango?

also, a question for Jango:

you define "band activity" by including 3 things... one of them being "band participation". what does THAT mean? like... how often i email fans? or how often i check my stats? what is "band participation", and why, may i ask, should that affect the PopScore... since it seems to be an effort based variable, rather than a talent based variable (i.e. fan ratings would be talent related, not effort or "band participation" related)

would love to have this cleared up.


also, i should say, for the record, that i am VERY PLEASED with my jango experience so far, and DO NOT want to come across as complaining or unhappy, i just have to clarify for my own knowledge and understanding of the system.

THANKS!!! :)

Anonymous said...

These are all extremely valid questions and concerns. Popscore, though, seems to cause lots of artists, including myself, some anxiety. Despite multiple questions about the mechanics of it, how it specifically is calculated, Jango, I feel, does a rather poor job at explaining it, which seems (call me paranoid) to be by design.

Its just not straightforward, like, plays x positive ratings x fans - negatives = popscore, or something like that. Why is it such a big secret? Does Jango think people can cheat the system? Frankly, what is the point of Popscore, what are the promotional perks - what are these mysterious synch licensing opportunities that make every independent artist drool at the mere mention of? Are they REAL... or just something to make you think "must buy more Jango plays, must buy more, increase popscore..increase popscore" Like buying a lottery ticket.

I normally wouldn't care, I mean, I have gotten an over-80 score several times, and the free plays are super nice, but I honestly find the way Jango passive-aggressively promotes Popscore to be rather a turnoff. Yeah, Jango's great and its counting teeth in the gift horse's mouth, but it keeps me from feeling fully totally groovin' awesome about it, noam zayn?

Anonymous said...

Another request to define band participation. Does emailing increasing our PopScore?

Anonymous said...

Actually I've discovered that the key is not so much MORE airplays, but making sure that the airplays you pay for target a more accurate fan overlap. Our score has averaged 84 each week since we started about 7 weeks ago. However, when I reduced the number of other bands to target our airplays to, our popscore JUMPED to 94!'s back to 84 this week.

Randy Mullet and the Red Hot Tyrannophonic Bunny Dogs said...

The biggest challenge facing all of us is the copying and sharing of our music without being paid for it. A lot of people consider themselves "entitled" to free music, and see nothing wrong with stealing it. I've even been told that paying for music only makes rich people richer.

Anybody out there reading this getting rich from their music today? I know I'm not.

Streaming music services like Napster and iTunes do pay "per play" royalties for each song streamed, and I've collected a few bucks that way.

In order to seek out our music and listen to it, people have to hear it and like it. I'm still listening to music I purchased on vinyl before most of you were born, but now it's on CDs and MP3 players. I've paid for the Beatles' "white" album three times already because I LIKE it and that's the point.

I have not received free plays from Jango yet, but that's okay. My music is not intended to be something that everybody will like. It is what it is, and some people do like it, and although there's no direct link for me to follow from Jango to Amazon sales and iTunes/Napster streaming audio yet, it can't hurt. Business has picked up since I started paying for plays on Jango, and "viral" popularity has to start somewhere. Somebody has to get exposed. Jango provides that opportunity like no other I've found so far.

Obviously, the Jango people are in business to make money. Obviously, everybody who uploads a song is not going to end up as famous as Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney. Obviously, the "pop score" dealie is a marketing technique to encourage us to pay for plays.

In the real world, 4000 plays on Jango are approximately equal in cost to a round of golf, lunch and cocktails at a non-exclusive course. It's less than one night in a low-end Hilton hotel. It's only twice as much as dinner for two at the Longhorn Steakhouse. It's a DEAL if you are trying to put music out and see what people like. The key is to allocate plays across genre where it applies, ration them out a day at a time (like, do you suppose people are listening to your music online at work? Then play it Monday through Wednesday when they are looking for something to fill the time until Friday), and put them where you generate the most interest. Be aware of the time of day and realize that if you want to reach people in New York or California, allocating plays around 9 AM in the appropriate time zones makes a lot of sense. If you want to maximize the return on your investment, a clear eye on the road ahead and a steady hand on the throttle are required.

Join ASCAP if you're eligible (song writers and publishers). Register your titles. Radio stations and streaming audio sites pay royalties which are distributed through ASCAP.

Just this week, I applied for membership in The Recording Academy (The Grammys) and was accepted based on sales of commercial sound recordings on Amazon, Napster and iTunes.

You've got to obtain exposure in order to gain fans and ultimately sell recordings. Susan Boyle is the latest and greatest example of how that happens.

Take the time to do things that will give you greater exposure. Pay for Jango plays if you're picking up fans in age groups that pay for music. Do some research. Work at it.

Some people will become famous overnight without much work. Uploading a song and expecting to sit back and be adored while becoming rich from record sales is not realistic for the other 99.9% of us. Jango may not turn out to be a good deal in the long run, but right now, it's putting my music where it needs to be; in the ears of people I'd never reach any other way.

So, although a few free plays would be great to have, I'm not worrying about it. I just hope that Jango keeps going, because if they shut down today, how would I replace the opportunity to be heard by 7,000,000 people?

Anonymous said...

I started out on Jango a week before the PopScore's debut and intended to share as much music as possible with as many listeners as possible. It was a lovefest: as ill-defined as a "fan" is on Jango, reaching a new one every five minutes is, if nothing else, good for the ego -- and well worth the price. Even though the PS has favored me from the get-go, it has pushed me away from Jango. Simply put, I don't enjoy jockeying for position and being ranked by that damn thermometer. It has changed the Jango experience from one where I felt qualified (by fan response to my music) to one where I am being quantified (by an opaque and bullying value system).


Anonymous said...

Don't shoot yourself in the foot, Jango. The PopScore is a ranking system, the score itself a judgment. Human beings are almost powerless NOT to seek the validation and approval of those who judge them. So you've made us want to please the PopScore, Jango, but you don't tell us how. Instead, you've shined a very bright light on your own shortcomings. The many little failures of the website/service, that we agreed to ignore before, are now compounded by the larger failure of Jango to manage expectations, address concerns, and answer questions. Jango's handling of the PopScore feature has been sloppy and haphazard (and casual and dismissive). In a word: unbusinesslike (and kinda bush-league).

Anonymous said...

Thanks Randy...I thought I was going to have to read another cry for help regarding Jangos' brilliant revenue generator "POP SCORE". My thing is can so many creative people be so concerned about a pop score. I can care less about a number that's being calculated based on ????????? The best thing Jango has going right now are the emails from fans and emails are much more valuable than a pop score will ever be.

I buy plays to get more fans and hopefully emails so I can embrace and communicate with a growing fan base. (Now if you're not getting fans you might need to re-visit the studio). However at the end of the day big advertisers, major labels, major publications etc. can care less about the artist, it's their fans there after. So please don't fall prey to internet stardom and chasing numbers and figures or you'll wonder why your bank statement is so long. When all is said and done it is the fans that will get you where you want to be not a pop score.


From the comments above, it appears that the PopScore feature is "a ranking system" that "seems to cause lots of artists...some anxiety." Yet I can affirm that Jango has failed to answer "multiple questions about the mechanics of it, how it specifically is calculated."

That's messed up, Jango. Why not reply to this page of comments by posting the formula used to calculate a PopScore? You don't have to explain the philosophy of the PopScore, or spin it in any way. Just be transparent...'cause acting shady isn't a good look for you.

The Dream Team said...

Someone had mentioned before that the popscore should not just be based on "plays", "likes", and "fans". But should also incorporated webpage activity, blog postings, fan correspondence, and new exposure. The whole point of the site it to be interactive. You will always get those power house bands who win every week, give thee independent guys a chance. The same bands should not continually remain at the top every week.

There is my 2cents.

The Dream Team

Jango Airplay said...

Hi Airplayers, Jango here to answer a few questions

@ Angel Vivaldi - as we've said before you can not buy a good PopScore, it is always based on positive vs negative actions divided by amount of plays...we have many bands that get a great PopScore after 50-100 plays. Basic formula below.

@ Anonymous Feb 5 4.20 pm - the reason we only count 'paid' plays towards PopScore is so people can't cheat and just go to their page and play their song 100s of times and give themselves lots of positive ratings. The ratings that count are only the ones where one of our listeners gets your song by surprise.

@ Anonymous Feb 5 6.12pm - I clarified the post...'bands participating' is the 'number of bands participating' as PopScore is relative across all the bands. And glad you like...I didn't think you were complaining at all, it was my mistake for not being clear.

@ Anonymous Feb 5 9.40pm - Definitely don't want to cause anxiety. We've tried to make it very clear...

the formula is pretty basic, positive actions (make 'em, become a fan, I like) minus negative actions (bream 'em, skip, don't play again) divided by the number of plays you receive. Then it is put into a 1%, top 10% etc.

I hope this clears some things up

-Jango Jugglers

Anonymous said...

That's pretty straight-forward. Can you provide your customers with the actual data? We can figure out positive actions from the reporting features, but nowhere are negative actions reported, although they are clearly being tallied. Overlay options presented to listeners are: make, break. Closing or dismissing the overlay is not presented as an option and it is far easier for listeners to click "break 'em" and move on. As a listener, I hate to use the "break 'em" button, because I just want to move on to other music.

Anonymous said...

this is what i cant figure can i get one or two song like but then get 9 fans..what is more important song likes or fans what i mean bye this is if i get 9 fans all nine fans should like my song unless i dont really have nine fans. something just doesnt seem right. one like and nine fans...confusion is setting in

Daniel D. said...

This process is in my opinion the only way to get a fair end result. Yes if an artist buys more time they'll benefit, it's called business. If you were that artist, buying major credits, credits that help Jango survive, you would want the popscore to benefit you as well. Jango is offering more than most and I felt I had to say something. Keep up the good work Jango, we're happy to have you on our team.

IMA Z said...

I agree with Anonymous above.I had 14 NEW fans in less than 48 hours yet the NEw Stats show only 3 Likes. Doesn't it make sense that if someone is listening to a song and they choose to become a fan that they probably LIKE the song? Seems pretty much comon sense to me. It would seem to me that the number of fans would be a big factor in getting a good POP Score. How do bands with less than a 100 fans consistently come out as BANDS of The WEEK?

And PLESE DON't Continue Saying YOU CAME CLOSE when that is not the case at all.

Rick Rice of IMA Z

Anonymous said...

I read and understood all of the above but the Pop Score is an interesting tool for our band as it helps us to identify which song or songs has a good first-time impress on potential new fans. We're simply grateful that there is a resource like Jango that will allow new/unknown artists like ourselves to be heard alongside the greats of the industry. That doesn't happen very often.

The Drowning Crib

Twon said...

How about this** just stop fussing and make music that makes hits or potential hits and you don't even got to worry about popscore or fans they will find you!!! and your talent will take you as far as it goes, some haves more than others,in which they outshine other ppl....A real artist does what he have to do regardless of any element,shit!!this is alot easily than 15 years ago,where you sell,tapes in the back of a van standing outside so ppl can hear what you got...stop complaining we are even lucky to have tools like know how hard it was to get your music played on radio was (RARE^^)so just do what you have to keep tha score up and stop trying to do science projects with the popscore....REALLA OUT!!^*

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Twon up there..and even better, we dont use the PopScore option at all! With all the questions and complaints about it, who needs the confusion? Starts making people think Jango isnt on the level or something. We STILL get many many fans, as Im typing my email has made the 'you got mail' sound 4 times already and its who? Jango fans. If the people are human beings that are saying they are fans, ya gotta capitalize outside of Jango as well as inside of Jango and thats MY popscore right there! When I see these very same people signing up as fans on our reverbnation page..POPSCORE!

Rome X of Kryptic

Anonymous said...

Jango is for artists promoting their music, Twon. The music biz is no longer in the hands of a few labels -- and artists are now able to find audiences & market themselves. Jango knows this and, seeing value in it, sells a product to those artists. Jango's customers have every reason to question unannounced and unexpected changes made to that product. By changing the definition of what a 'fan' is, Jango has essentially revalued what their customers get for their money. Maybe it's going to be great for everybody, but as it stands, changing the definition, yet not telling customers what that definition is, creates uncertainty, confusion and doubt (except on the one known point: that Jango has changed the terms of the deal). Being kept in the dark, treated like children, a lack of transparency… these were the hallmarks of how artists were used and abused under the old system. Can you blame anyone for being diligent…or paranoid…or just tired of it?

Step up, Jango.

Gig Pigs said...

I'd like to see a list of all the Pop Score winners. Like charts, so we could see who's #1 and so on. Is there a list? If so, please let me know where it is.

Angel Vivaldi said...

Chart listings would be pretty awesome, maybe give free plays to the top 10 in artist in regional/national areas. This could be relatively successful.

Mike said...

I am suspicious of the pop score rating system.
Twice now I had a very high rating going into the cut off day. I decided to play my last 100 turns both times and my score dropped like a rock. Example, last week I was sitting at 80 and suddenly ended up at 60. Man, I was pissed off! Another thing is the "unknown" locations of alledged fans, doesn't help my marketing one bit!It's cool having people around the world listen to my tunes and some validate they like my work, but I am wondering if I am being played as a fool somewhat. That's just how I feel. Throw the dog a bone once in a while Jango! Mike G. Murphy Phoenix Arizona USA

Anonymous said...

I thank Jango for doing a greate job on everything, they are always looking to improve their network.

Now many of you love to complain no matter what the changes would because you need to blame someone for your lack of success. Jango is just a instrument to use to promote your music. Here is your option if you don't like using the instrument then go somewhere else or stop complaining about the process in which you didn't create. Put your focus were on it can be most helpfull to yourself. Nagitive talk only waste time you could be using to create.

Anonymous said...

Negative talk also helps improve and solve problems.
If you're talking about ranting, then I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how The Popscore works. All I Know is it has been very very good to me.:) If those that don't like it maybe It could be your not getting at least one like per ten paid song plays. I have noticed one out of Ten gets me into the high 80s -low 90s you start getting into the big money when you are getting 2 likes per 10 paid song plays avg.. There is a lot of good music on Jango but face it not all of our songs are the best only real good. This may not be how the Popscore works but only my observation.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jango please don't be discouraged by a few peoples criticism on the site. I think you have come up with the most ingenious method of scoring our music of any of the other sites. It' base on simple math and percentages. I think if the folks understood or had even a rough ideal of what it takes as far as percentages to be in the running it would clear up a lot questions. Thanks again for starting the popscore. I'm grateful.

Anonymous said...

(Quote from previous post)

"I think if the folks understood or had even a rough ideal of what it takes as far as percentages to be in the running it would clear up a lot questions".

jango, please be a little more discriptive the next time you tell us what the pop score is all about.

I have sought a decent score for about a month. Here's what I have found.

1. The pop score is invisable. We have no way of knowing how we did along side other bands.

2. Right when you think you might break into the 90's, the next day my score crashes into the 60's (ha)

3. It cost you (me) about 3 times the credits that are awarded to get a good score.

Just my opinion based on my own experience.
Please make it better and understandable.


The Director said...

Wow after reading 75% of the comments I can only say "I'm glad that I learned much of what I know about the business before there was Star Search, American Idol,Americas Got Talent etc...Wake up Artist.

It's simply a business for these guys just as it is for us. You plan, executive summary, short-term long term goals, budget,advertising, distribution....

I don't have time to waist thinking about a popscore that didn't exist 6 months ago. However Jango did. Either I'll purchase plays based on MY budget or I won't based entirely on my choice as the Operations Manager of Danay Records. Because of Jango I have buyers and listeners all over the world including China.

Just as I've given Jango the opportunity to use me as a marketing tool, Jango in turn has given me the chance to use them as a marketing tool.

What would Jango, Itunes, CDbaby, Amazon, Napster, Soundscan, BDS, BMI, ASCAP, Rhapsody,Gracenote with out us.

"There is no major label without the independent artist". The music industry is not for the faint of heart.

Gotta go getting ready for tour where we'll sell more of our own product and retain all of the proceeds.

"Music and Fans ain't going nowhere" We'll be on stage and fans(Love Ya'll) see you when you get there.

Thanks Jango!

Anonymous said...

OK, but I don't understand how any of what you said applies to the topic. Except the part about budjet, which, of course, goes without saying. I guess.
Some of us would like the pop score to be more informative and transparent. Is that what you were trying to clear up?

Anonymous said...

The way that I read it is that the less money Jango is making from paid spins, the lower your pop score will be so that they don't give you free plays and then you'll have to buy some more plays! Seems pretty clear to me. I try not to think about it and just buy plays otherwise I really tend to get pissed off! I started online with the original and have watch the independents get screwed sense. It's the norm! It's the "music business" online!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I get it. Sorry director, didn't understand.
One might think that jango is making lots of cash on the KY Jel ads and others they place on the listeners pages.
I don't mind bujeting some dollars for plays and if I end up in the pop score it really doesn't hold a lot of wieght to me. I mean, where does it really get us? There is no list or charts that the listeners can see. I think that is what's important.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's out of line to ask Jango how one of their promotional tools work. Whether it is free plays or not. Because we pay for the service that Jango provides it seems only prudent that we fully understand what we are paying for and since the Popscore is part of the value we pay for I see no problem asking for clarification. Some watch carefully how they spend their money promoting their music. No one is slamming Jango. I love this place and receive good popscors every week, but to those that have legitimate questions I see no problem with asking. I see it as being wise stewards of there resources. Bill Wren

Anonymous said...

Whats going on I'm Young Slim, and Im trying to find new listeners of people that possibly would like my music. So if its not to much to ask would you go to the link below and take a listen and if you like something you hear tell ya friends about Young-Slim

Thanx I Really Would Appreciate It

Anonymous said...

Jango did step up - several times. There is no mystery about popscore. On the one side you have positive ratings, on the other negative. The two are balanced out and then divided by number of paid plays which makes it fairer to the little guys. That sounds good to me!

The problem is that people don't understand averages, not that Jango is mysterious! It isn't about how many plays you buy - 50 is enough - it is about how many of those plays go down well with a random audience which is based on your own targetting choices. Choose badly, and you do badly.

If you have more fans than likes, it is because people are clicking on the fan button, but not the like button. It works the other way round too - people can click like button, but not become a fan.

I just think it is great that people get to hear our music!


Anonymous said...

Jango does want to make a profit thats why u have to pay to participate.

HarveyDentist said...

No wrong if Jango gets extreme participation your pop score won't go down if your Band's% "outperforms" compared to the total increase.

M-T said...

We love Jango Popscore! It gives artists who may not be able to throw down cash for plays over and over again, a chance to recieve awarded plays to gain extra exposure. We get quite a bit of activity and we work very hard at getting exposure. JANGOROCKS!!! Keep the plays bit of advice to every artist - Pace your paid plays. Dont spend them all at once. Remember you only need to have 50 paid plays to get a popscore. Make them count!

Check out our profile


jendelui said...

Anyone who thinks that "The biggest challenge facing all of us is the copying and sharing of our music without being paid for it" doesn't understand the nature of music. By its very nature it is copied and shared, from when the first person to hear it heard it the music was shared to them, their brain copied it. It is the very essence of music to be this way.

Similarly, with the internet, by its very nature it copies and shares. That is how it works. If you put something on the internet, please realise it will be copied and shared regardless. And it is not and has never been stealing, by the way.

If you put your music on a free radio station (even paying money to do so) and expect to somehow magically make money, your planning to fail through a failure to plan. Rather than getting all bitter at the nature of the beast (like trying blow against the wind), and casting aspersions at everyone who has ever heard music calling them thieves when it is in the very nature of our minds to be able to receive music and thus it is copied and shared, why not try coming up with a business plan instead?

(Or to put it more succinctly: If people hearing your music is the biggest threat to your music career, it is time to choose another career, methinks!)

That said it should be obvious that PopScore is another of the services that Jango provides and that you can choose to use (or not) as you see fit, as part of your plan.

Kalavera Inc said...

Hi everyone!
I'm new at this, only two days...
For now it is a learning experience for me, I worked in advertising for a few years now, and this seems to be a great place to start your marketing plan based on the stats Jango provides. I think is amazing what it can do, if you are serious about your music.
We have a great pop score and we didn't invest a lot of money, but for sure, if you want exposure, is better to pay upfront, then watch what happens. ;-)
Cheers everyone!
Kalavera Inc.

Anonymous said...

Pop score is a waste of time for me and I may start to take myself off of it. Then again, I may want to see how well my score will do. I do not understand why the score will drop. Why does a score drop in the first place? Maybe the score drops when some of the music lovers dislike your music and do not want to hear from you again. I think that can take the score away because it has to do with negativety. Jango is one of the places on the net that gives you the chance to see how well your music is liked or not liked.

Anonymous said...

Ciao mi chiamo Gianni Giordano "in arte: Deep Times.

Ho cominciato ad esplorare tempo condensato Mondo da pochissimi giorni (2).
Un Mondo Che capisce l'arte.
Scrivo per chiedere dettagli su di Seguito Quanto riportato:
Il JangoPOPscore della mia Home page Il Primo Giorno di Gioco (Sabato 27/Marzo/2010) mi Dava delle Nazioni Unite punteggio di (87) con 311 (ascoltatori);
Oggi (Domenica 28/Marzo/2010) da MI (83) con 721 (ascoltatori);

Perchè Il popscore diminuisce se aumentano Gli ascoltatori?

g / g

Anonymous said...

My play credit has been stagnant. I don't know why you have not been playing my songs.


I don't know how it works but it's working out for me I haven't purchased any plays in about a month and I haven't looked at jango for about 2 weeks and I have 1100 unallocated credits that appeared on my account within the last two weeks.

Anonymous said...

BONG HITS FOR JESUS agrees with Angel Vivaldi 100%

Anonymous said...


The PopScore is a rating system, like you find all over the web (e.g., Such rating systems (stars, letter grades, etc) don't just give a rating, they also tell you the number of "votes" each rating is based on. Furthermore, they weight the votes, because comparing averages without weighting or "correcting" data will yield results that undermine the very point of having a rating system.

Which hotel will you stay at: one with thousands of 5-star ratings and one 4-star rating (99.98%) or one with three 5-star ratings (100%)?

Which movie will you go see: the one with a 90% rating based on 2 reviews, or the one with a rating of 89% based on 700 reviews?

Which artist would you pick to reward "based on the popularity of their songs among Jango's 7 Million listeners," the artist averaging 8% of 300 votes or one averaging 7.9% of 5000 votes?


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Look thats get realistic I am no way gone to score a high mark 86 is my highest on these grounds I dont have a fancy studio. I dont look sexy mmm but heres the good bit as of 19 April 2010 only one of the top 5 have more fans than me and my music I am told is diffent check it out,

M Projekt

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree the music is the thing that matters not what you look like or how flash your video is, but unfortunately thats not how it works.

My song was played, recorded, and mixed on $149 piece of kit so makes you feel good that you are getting fans who actually like the music. On my page no glossy photos of me (thank god)

M Projekt

Lil Nunni said...

Hey, This is Lil Nunni. I don't know what all the fuss is about but I won't wast this blog on it. I'm here for new fans so when ever I get a chance i post something about me. Im the youngest rapper on Jango, 5 yrs old. Come check me out at the link below. Download my Cd on itunes or visit Thank ya'll!

Anonymous said...

Ok Im Back

Lets get real you need to stop people getting a fan base of under 100 winning.

Also you have to solve an error in your system you need to have an email buttton to reply to your comments great if you have only 100 fans.

M Projekt

Anonymous said...

Hail Jah Rastafari,this is Ranksbanks from Ranks and Banks.Hey to me Pop score is like Politics...What I want to know is that... is my Music playing to the right people. reason is that I dont see me getting four Fans for a 250 play.

Anonymous said...

Ranskbanks I agree man, but come on 43 fans and you get a 100 pop score mmmm

Anonymous said...

Discussing whether the PopScore "winners" are deserving or not is jumping the gun. The problem is the contest: PopScore is a comedy of errors (errors of judgment and errors of math). Jango tells us that their demographic reporting doesn't begin to have meaning until 1000 plays, but Jango's PopScore only needs 50 (!!!). The PopScore is mathematically embarrassing and Jango could care less. None of us deserve such shoddy treatment. Make yourself heard: until they fix their blunder, we're all losers.

Anonymous said...

No wrong 43 fans mmmm its wrong wrong wrong I have worked out a great scam to get you a top 5 band but you have to be a new band sorry boys

Anonymous said...

Am I communicating with Al Bell.
I sure as Haedys smell some Al Bell Prsents
Got to Love it Man

Anonymous said...

Ok guys and girls look im here to get my music out to people i dont have a recording contract or access to a flash state of the art studio or even a management team, but i have over 1700 fans who i always spent time to thank and ask there opinions. I know I will never get above a 90 score but have had high 80's for at least 5 weeks.

But ok thats life but I am a true independant band everthing is recorded played mixed at my home no fancy studio so how can you fight against these so called independant bands.

Any gripe over at least my music equipment only cost me $149 mmmm

Anonymous said...

Ciao with Impossible love! Tinamaria :-)

Anonymous said...

HeHeHeHe actually got a score in the 90's

Anonymous said...

Just a couple notes....
First of all, I like the concept of Jango...however...
Jango needs to make it illegal for people to download your music for free. After all-that IS what the federal Anti-Piracy Law is all about. All of my music is copywritten for that purpose.
Secondly, what is the point of a Pop Score? The purpose and calculations are absolutely ridiculous.
If you are going to agree with the concept of a "Pop Score," in principle, then bnads and solo artists should receive free credits or something for consistently achieving a benchmark. Whatever that may be...75, 80, 85, 90 etc...
As it stands now you can have a pop score of 99, and have 49 fans for the week, and all you get is a good warm feeling in your heart.

kuntry munkey said...

i think its alright in its ways. everything is going to have its pros and cons. im new to the site. its my first week on and hit an 80 on the pop score. and to be honest I dont know what the hexx it means. I just would love the free plays. so I say yay!!!

and good luck to everybody it'd be great to speak to one of u guys before u blow up so I can say that we chatted a bit.

drop me a friend request please im accepting all!!


kuntry munkey

Intellect said...

@Kuntry Munkey...I agree I am relatively new to Jango as well, but my first week my score was I hang around 90 after being on for about a month...I have 24k plus plays and love the feedback from all my fans. Things like this do not work perfectly, and besides you never know who's listening. Your label exposure could come from a listener who works for a major label. Good luck to you and I wish you and all artist the best in all their endeavours. Also if anybody wants to friend me find me below

God bless you all!!!


Anonymous said...

I am new to jango but it appears to be a good place for a artist to get opinion from a fan base on their material. We all know how hard it is to get record labels to review your material let alone have it played on the radio. We all should just continue to create our best songs and forget about Pop Scores. I have my website and it is a good way for me to introduce my material to the public.


How come there are no paid plays for me today and it's only showing four yesterday? I have plenty of credits, so how am i supposed to reach people if you are not playing my song?

Anonymous said...

Ok this is to everyone..both sides of this argument! Popscore or no Popscore....there are over 7 million listeners and potential fans on here....also on last fm. Reverbnation is good too but all systems have their cheats and quirks! I use reverbnation and I know that there are artists on there they cheat their stats...c'mon think about an autoplay on a site email or blog then just play it all day on that page and refresh it to start over again. There are people on here that will go to their page on and just play their own music anonymous w/o signing up or make fake accts to boost plays. The paid "PopScore" is to stop this from happening and to level the field. There are great artists out there getting legit plays and fans, but there are many more scammers and fakers...this way in order to "cheat" a popscore, you have to listen to that radio station all day to see if and when your song plays. way too much time.....just think about it. I wouldn't complain because if you are complaining then you probably used some of the previously described actions to boost your plays as such.

Anonymous said...

"I wouldn't complain because if you are complaining then you probably used some of the previously described actions to boost your plays as such."

Why would you say this? There is no logic supporting your statement; it is just mean. Wouldn't complaining about perceived unfairness be the hallmark of a scrupulous person, not of a cheater? Think about what you are saying, ESPECIALLY before speaking for other people.

The PopScore is a mathematic marvel: it's an entirely abstract ranking system that produces results that are meaningless (except to 5 weekly contest winners and 99%-ers who get free plays). It is transparently "unfair" and Jango all but provides instructions on how to game it. The results are unreasonable and people respond by, among other things, complaining (another common reaction is yours: a misguided, knee-jerk defense of the PopScore). But Jango seems to like the results and that's really all that matters, since they're calling the shots and seem to make most customers happy (even the complaining ones).


Anonymous said...

Lisa --

You're the one who doesn't understand averages. Comparing and ranking based on averages is dishonest math (or sneaky, or just bad. You CAN do it, but why would you? The results of a 50-play sample are more likely to be inaccurate and unreliable than not. Statisticians correct for this, or more commonly just discard such bad data. PopScore doesn't. I think it's supposed to be "broken" -- that Jango digs it the way it is. Cheers!

daJezuz said...

in jango's favor, I think the popscore seems pretty easy to understand to me. Sounds like it is just the ratio of plays to activity (fans, emails, etc) and has really nothing to do with the # of plays or the number of fans. At the end of the day really the popscore for me at least really means nothing other than how well we target our listener. If the music is good then the fans will come period. Popscore is a jango marketing ploy and one that seems to have everyone worked up over nada.

Anonymous said...

but popscore doesn't say if we're targeting well. it doesn't say anything. in 2 weeks i got popscore of 93 then 85, but my play stats ratio was much higher for the week with 85 (lower score). i just realized there's no place where popscores are recorded, so i can't check them against historical play stats. how many bands each week are in the popscore?

daJezuz said...

guaranteed jango has them, they just dont want to give up ALL of the goods...

Anonymous said...

I think that Jango is one of a good way to have new fans. So...thank you so much to everybody of Jango!!!
with..."Impossible love"

Anonymous said...

Hey all I'm up to around 43,000 total plays now. 10,000 are organic plays. I'm receiving a lot more organic plays now than those I pay for. I'm playing 50 paid plays most weeks and score in the the 80s most every week. What I'm saying virtually all my music is free except for the min.monthly paid plays, and still gaining fans. Like someone above said the best thing about the PopScore is getting quick fan reaction to new songs. Gaining fans is the most important thing after all.

Ahren Drew said...

Wow, I wasn't even going to concern myself with the "popscore". I'm kindof taken aback that every single comment was about that issue. I simply found this website, and wanted to get my music out there to be heard. As a newbie, all I have is a question to ask of a novice. I just signed on for the 250 plays @ $10 per month. Does that mean my song gets played 250 times within that 4 week period? How does one know your song(s) are being played? I personally saved my money, and sunk $3,000 into a professional recording project, and released my debut CD "Been A Long Road Home" in January. I've had 10,000 hits to my website(s)combined, and doing pretty well with sales. The best part of it all is creating the music, seeing the smiles on peoples faces, and getting feedback (negative or positive). So, if anyone could answer the questions I posted here, that would be great. Again, I'm not concerned at all with this "pop score" thing. If anyone is interested in hearing my music, or being a fan, visit me at, or at reverbnation;
Ahren Drew

Anonymous said...


Your play stats will tell you that your spins were used, but aside from user feedback (comments, fans, "likes", emails), you pretty much have to take Jango's word that your song(s) were played. When you allocate play credits, select "Normal Pace" to have Jango "try to pace your plays to match your Plays Package." You should look at the 5/21/2010 blog entitled "Update On Pacing" for more about pacing.

You've posted your question in the comments section of a blog that is specifically about the PopScore. I don't see why you should be 'taken aback' that the other comments are about the PopScore. I'd also point out that while you only asked one-and-a-half questions, you yourself made several comments about the PopScore.

I don't know where the Mundane Details About Ahren Drew blog is, but this isn't the place for sharing your life story, web stats, or the three parts of it all you consider the best part of it all. And it certainly isn't the place for soliciting sales.

This is where people come to comment about the PopScore ;)

Happy Jango-ing!

but it
For comments about how much Ahren Drew sunk into his CD, how it's selling, how many hits Ahren's websites receive, along with a link

Voodoo Trash said...

Female fronted dubstep group

free album on our name/link

randyg said...

look at me on

farrari said...

I love jango and I love how artist have the chance to get their music out to the masses and avoid the crazy radio stations that act as tyrants over the radio waves

check out my music

Homeless Balloon said...

There has been a big change in how the popscore works now compared to how it worked in the first couple of months after it was released. I was able to score enough to get some money back, and I used this money to invest in new plays. Good for me, good for Jango. The last couple of months, however, I have had absolutely no chance of scoring enough to earn anything back. Even if the number of plays, likes, fans and comments have not dropped, I am a victim of the changed rules. It seems that Jango want to help the most popular artists (just like we are used to in the real world, where labels put all their money into the biggest selling artists only). I was hoping that Jango with their Airplay service would be a golden feature for independent artists, but I guess they realized that they will earn more from pushing the established artists to invest in plays, since they have huge promotional budgets. - Still, I love Jango and Airplay, and I have gotten quite many new fans who I will do my best to keep :)

Anonymous said...

I hear you homeless balloon ....It's like any other site doesn't work and the best rarely get heard ...FACT !....Fans here also just aren't that active .. you can offer them free music but they rather rip it off the site than give up their email address ...

Anonymous said...

just as a matter of interest has anyone ever received a reply back from jango when they've emailed for any kind of query - I only ask because I've tried a few times and I never get a response.

Anonymous said...

I sent an e-mail over a week ago and still have not received a response.

Anonymous said...

I have sent several emails without reply - :(

Anonymous said...

was jango started by the labels?

Anonymous said...

i don't care about popscores.I care about the fans and how best to reach them.Even if it means I have to pay out of pocket to do so.A lot of bands I don't care much for get pretty high scores.All I know is I do what I do for the people willing to give me a chance. And I would like to thank Jango for giving artis like myself an outlet to be heard, or they might other wise go unnoticed. thanks

Anonymous said...

I just joined Jango 4 days ago. Already, I got 15 likes for one song, 4 likes for another, 1 like yet for another, and 8 total fans. It is really sad to noticed how many hardworking artists are wasting their time trying to outdo or find approval from popscore. Let's go back to the basics, music 101. We make music for people (fans) to listen to, not for popscore. If I can get one listener to take time to listen to my song, I'm happy. If I can get one listner to like my song, I'm even happier. We've already forgotten how hard or almost impossible it was for us to have even one person to listen to our music. Most of us have a myspace page. Though it is a free service, but how many real people listen to your music everyday? Let's be real. Let's stop becoming ungrateful. Jango is the best thing that ever happened to us indie artists to promote our music. It gets your songs listened to by as many people as your pocket can afford, regardless how good, bad, or ugly your music is. It's then UP TO THE LISTENERS to like it or reject it. This should be our barameter. If you've gotten a lot of likes for your songs in overall within, say, 3 months, it means work a little harder on your next song or album. But, if you've gotten less or no likes at all, don't get discouraged, it only means work a lot harder on you next song or album. It is to your advantage to know how people feel about your music. Remember, it is and will always be fans who really judge our music, not Popscore. Before popscore , there were fans, and after popsacore, there will always be fans. Technology comes and goes, but fans will always be humans. Thank God for that. Fans buy music,not popscore. If you have good music,fans will gather around you. But it is up to your own marketing strategies on how to get them buy your CD or music. Getting fans or likes is one step, but getting them to buy your music that's a totally different ball game. That's where you should be focusing your efforts on. You need to figure out how to capitalize on this opportunity that Jango has given us. Be wise (a businessman) not a complainer.
Much love

Southern Gothic said...

As I said earlier,"I don't care about popscores, I care about the fans and how to reach them."I uploaded a song I really didn't do a great job on and a fan emailed me and said,"I love the music and the lyrics but the vocals need work,I hope you'll redo this song an fix the vocals,cause think it's a really kick ass tune."Now this is the kind of feedback no pop score can give you.It it dosen't give you honest useful info you can get from a fan. The fans want you to do well,the popscore wants you to spend more money.I'm on a buget,most indie artis are,so I will alway favior fan feedback over popscores every time.Let's stop Remming Jango over the popscore and take our music to the ones that really matter, the fans. Southern Gothic

Anonymous said...

My score dropped 9 points, as I doubled my fan base. Does that mean hella people dis-like my music. I wish you'd report the dis-likes as well, I love criticism. Thanks TRIANGLE CIRCUIT STAR.

Anonymous said...

our fan base grows daily ,we have the required number of weekly plays and then some.yet we have no pop score. we have had two scores high enuff for free play credits when we first opened the account. anybody got an explanation ?

Anonymous said...

I've had enough of coughing up cash to get heard. I prefer Jango as a listener not as a participant in the erratic and confusing airplay methodology. Don't get me wrong, I'm assuming that there are some artists that have benefited from Jango so I wouldn't advocate a radical change in direction, but quite simply, I can't afford it anymore. And I get frustrated at not truly understanding the 'rules' fully. So I cancelled the subscription and I'm thinking, so what? Ferget it!!!

Anonymous said...

I Love Jango,.. The only thing I dis-like is how the pop score it rated... I don't think you should have to pay to promote. But Money makes the records spin.. & Spinning records let me be heard, attn all my DJ's Spin it one time for me!!

Glenn Patrik said...

That explanation of the popscores is almost funny. What does it possibly mean? Who could tell, but it is a funny, the diagram almost nonsense . Thanks for the morning chuckle.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for telling us all what we should do, and for your pity. It means the world and really helps clarify things for people who reject the PopScore on poorly-defined moral grounds. If only there was some kinda barometer to measure listener response, then frame it in some kinda comparative, comprehensive way! Then we could totally (kinda) gauge how our music's being received by its audience! You should be in charge: I mean, you've obviously got it all figured out.

Suck it.


John D Griffin (who was just getting ready to write a news release praising Jango... changed my mind) said...

I agree with what Angel Vivaldi said... which in a nutshell explains the truth behind pop score... to ensure Jango income/revenue before rewarding those who pay the most with higher stats. But that is how you chose to ensure your business model is as profitable as possible.

Angel said... hmm, Obviously having plays in your account results in more fans, which in turns brings up your score. But having plays by itself shouldn't be a factor in PopScore, IMHO. What you're saying is that bands who can afford to buy more plays have a better chance of receiving a higher PopScore against an artist with more fan activity, (comments, ratings). PopScores should really be based on fan response to the artist.

The purpose of a PopScore is to give deserving artists who work hard on their art a chance for featured exposure, label exposure as well as however many free plays they win.

I'm a huge fan of Jango, please don't get me wrong. Just think the scoring aspect should have a different focus for rating.

Anonymous said...

Cut the crap!!! PopScore fluctuation??? Do you take us for idiots Jango??? And show us the negative responses or PopScore is useless and unfair. Not only in our private stats but publicly!!! That way we can tell if you're only catering to the people who buy more plays or if PopScore is actually based on fan response.

Myself and many other have stopped buying credits because A: Play creitds are WAY overpriced & B: The more play credits you use the higher your pop score seems to go, which is unethical.

Who's with me? Tell Jango to show the dislikes or choke on a nut!

Anonymous said...

"The more play credits you use the higher your pop score seems to go, which is unethical."

How or why is it unethical? Do you mean discriminatory? Specifically, do you mean the worst kind of discriminatory: against you?

More paid plays means a more accurate sample, not a higher popscore. In fact, contrary to what you believe, the top popscores are largely based on small number of plays. Popscore favors small samples and rewards good targeting. Exploit these givens for a higher (albeit inaccurate) popscore, but know that with small samples, single "votes" will cause big gains and precipitous drops in your popscore. Your popscore is essentially a statistical outlier jockeying for position with, as the week goes on, a growing number of other statistical outliers. It's not the best math, but it is math: sorry if you don't like the outcome.

What you think is collusion between Jango and other artists is just an imperfect yardstick that Jango uses to measure, encourage, and reward artists for successfully matching their music with its audience. Matching music and audience is, I believe, what Jango …does.

K Parker

Anonymous said...

John D Griffin.

With respect, what Angel Vivaldi says is compelling, but wrong. Heart in the right place, he has mistaken what he thinks the popscore should be for what it actually is.

Popscore's purpose is not "to give deserving artists who work hard on their art a chance for featured exposure, label exposure as well as however many free plays they win."

Popscore's purpose is simple: it's a ranking system. It's a broken ranking system with many glaring flaws to take issue with, but its purpose is to rank airplay artists according to their ability to match music with fans. It may not be an "accurate" system, or a "fair" one, but that's irrelevant, as are factors like "deserving" and "hard work."

It would be nice if Jango would craft a system that DID reward good, solid, hard work and customer loyalty. Most complaints seem to be righteous cries from those who work hard, pay up, and amass fans/likes/comments and all they get by way of recognition is the shaft from Jango week after week. The popscore is kinda a lesson in cruelty.

Anonymous said...

Last week (our first week on Jango) we had a PopScore of 94 based on 100 paid plays resulting in 13 Song Likes and I believe 8 Fans. To me 94 seems like a pretty high score (since the aboslute maximum is 100) but we did not receive any free plays. If there really are 1000 bands with a PopScore>94 the PopScore number itself seems pretty meaningless.

What I would like to know is our actual _ranking_.

Saints of Valory said...

Hi guys we are new to the site & I wanted to share our stats after 2 days & see how good/bad they are. Please let me know what you think. We have 2 songs up & are playing at the "faster pace", not the fastest tho.

Your all time activity: 1370 plays (1349 paid), 85 total likes, 65 fans, 11 views, 11 comments. Oh and our pop score as of this morning is 86.

Thanks so much let me know!

Saints of Valory said...

Updated stats:

Your all time activity: 3294 plays (3257 paid), 226 total likes, 183 fans, 19 views

Rich Lang said...

Hey, pop charts, reviews,fans, all that is popularity. I want sales. It dosen't seem like Jango generates any sales. The only people listening are other artists.

Anonymous said...

the pop score is bull shi* because the bands that win are mostly totally fu** wack..their music is below sub par..jango is bull shi* this whole site is payola and the only people geting rich is the ripp off scums that own this sit..for all the money being spent on here you dont even get royalities on ascap bmi etc. THIS SITE IS BULL SH** and no i am not a disgruntle artits because my song has been picked up for Music Licensing and major distribution..Fuc* Jango..

Anonymous said...

Hi Jango
Pretty good system...and defo agree with not counting organic plays...although from your calculation, a band just playing their song a lot would reduce the popscore (if organic plays were used), as just playing the song doesnt involve any 'positive' actions.

Question though...what happens to your popscore if there are no positive/negative actions i.e. 0-0/number of paid plays?? Or if you have no paid plays in a certain week?

Also, if you 'win' free plays, do these count towards your score?

For those people wondering how some people hardly have any plays but a high popscore, or 1000s and plays but a low popscore...its pretty obvious!!
If I have just 100 paid plays in a week, and get 100 positive actions - everyone who hears becomes fan/likes etc, my popscore would be ~100!
If I have 1000 paid plays but only 100 positive actions, then my popscore would be ~10.
Thats my understanding of it. I coulnt think of a better way of doing..although I would minus negative actions...just simply (positive actions/no. plays)*100. No action/negative actions would reduce the score anyway as the number of plays would be greater than the positive actions...

Anonymous said...

@ Saints of Valory...the stats are pretty bad...going by Jangos popscore system, you would have ~410 'posistive actions' - ? negavtive actions/1349 paid plays = popscore of 30 for all time...of course this changes daily and weekly. 1 day you might get 10 paid plays and 10 positive actions = popscore 100. another you might get 10 paid plays and 10 negative actions - popscore 0.

Anonymous said...

Saints of Valory: I don't know who posted the above, but in addition to getting your numbers wrong they got everything else wrong too.

"Likes" already includes fans. Don't add them again. Use "fans" since it is less likely include organic stats than "likes." Divide by paid plays. Congrats, you now have a rough index of your music's popularity among the (very few) Jango listeners who had the opportunity to vote on it. Don't go using it in irresponsible ways -- that's Jango's job!

Your PopScore cannot be squeezed from these numbers, no matter how hard you try. PopScore is the percentile ranking of your index out of all Airplay bands...and since that number is unknown, the PopScore is, to put it gently, meaningless. Your 5.6 will net you a PopScore anywhere between 75-95 from week to week to week.

3294 plays (3257 paid), 226 total likes, 183 fans, 19 views

Anonymous said...


I've never seen something so poorly understood explained so totally incorrectly and with such smug confidence, no less.

As the above poster notes, 5.6 fans/paid plays is correct. This is pretty good B+ performance. Points out what no one seems to care about: 94.4% of our paid plays fall on deaf ears-or indifferent ears. Shouldn't we get more for our money?

Anonymous said...

Get smart - focus on buying plays to get your music heard. Get new fans for your music, track the songs that get the best responses and push them. Don't push marginal songs. I don't linger on about my pop score - I care about every new fan who digs my tunes.

The Drowning Crib

Anonymous said...

BY THE WAY - Its quite obvious how POP SCORE works. Plays are important to your score because without plays you cannot measure response to any particular song. If you target the right type of fan by using the tools provided, and you assess your total number of plays for each song in relation to each other and weed out your marginal tunes - and you keep advertising your songs - your pop score will stabilize and possibly get larger.


There. That's the whole secret.

Get back to your rockstar selves and get more fans.

The Drowning Crib

Anonymous said...

To anonymous, first time I've checked back on this site, since I left a post back in July of 2010. First off, I was certainly unaware that this was a "pop score" forum only at that time. Secondly, you scolded me for posting info and links to my music (not to sell either, just for ppl to listen),a whole host of other artists have posted links to their music, so you should not have singled me out, having been new to this Jango site and this forum, I was merely following what I saw others do. In closing, I did and do find the Jango/Pop Score model to be against the artist, therefore, I don't use this avenue for marketing or fan building. Two years makes a big difference and all is going well. Toodles, Ahren Drew