Tuesday, February 16

Featured Artists

Once again, for the two weeks past, we bring you the top 10 bands on Jango.com. Check 'em out here and show them your support in the comments. There's no better way to get ahead than by supporting others and this is the perfect forum.

Congrats gang !!!

Artist: Angie Mattson
After stints in North Carolina, Tokyo, and Florida, Angie sold nearly everything and moved onto a small sailboat. She spent a year in the West Indies learning guitar and writing songs, which people liked enough to convince her to move to Los Angeles and pursue music.

Click to hear Angie Mattson:
Thank You
Artist: Khalil
Khalil Coerleone got his start battling neighborhood emcees on street corners and in school hallways. After school he joined the military, where he continued recording mixtapes. In 2005 he was released and back on the grind, residing in the Bedstuy section of Brooklyn.

Click to hear Khalil:
The Love Remains
Artist: Kalei Hogan
Kalei helped open for Kellie Pickler at the Star Of The West concert in Utah. She sang with the band Little Texas at their Preston Idaho concert, and has just finished cutting songs in Nashville.

Click to hear Kalei Hogan:
Color Blue
Artist: Left Hand Daisy
Left Hand Daisy is a quartet hailing from Grand Rapids, MI, with a keen ability to cut through the clutter with a fresh, modern sound. The band is currently in the studio working on an LP, scheduled for release in spring of 2010.

Click to hear Left Hand Daisy:
Save Her
Artist: Evans Blue
2009 marked the debut of new Evans Blue frontman Dan Chandler, the St. Louis singer who was selected after an extensive nationwide search, as well as the independent release of the band?s third album evans|blue. Their albums and singles have collectively sold over 700,000 units worldwide.

Click to hear Evans Blue:
Cold (But I'm Still Here)

Artist: Odd Year
Odd Year is David Gonzalez, an electronic music artist, programmer, remixer and producer. Other projects include, The Long Division and Highrize.

Click to hear Odd Year:
Days Like This (Ft. Loren Radis)
Artist: Dead Stars
Dead Stars are an alternative rock band from Brooklyn, NY. Their debut, Break The Tide, showcases loud textured guitars and full blown out rock songs.

Click to hear Dead Stars:
Break The Tide
Artist: Olivia Bonilla
Currently a highschool senior, Olivia is trying to balance the demands of that life with her dream of being a performer. She recently released her EP, Arrival, to a warm reception online and at Radio Disney.

Click to hear Olivia Bonilla:
Artist: Little Freddie King
Little Freddie King - Mississippi Bluesmaster, a hard-living character who plays the rural juke joint electric blues. Dirty, messy blues, stripped down, primal as hell.

Click to hear Little Freddie King:
Messin' Around Tha House
Artist: Anna Thomas
Anna Thomas is a singer-songwriter currently working in the Dallas, TX area. While just 13, she grew up in a musical family, and now tops the Broadjam charts with songs like "Trace of Light."

Click to hear Anna Thomas:
Little Red


Derek Jordan said...

Congrats to all the artists on here! Really great music!

Robert said...

I'm new on this site as an artist, I really like the diversity of music, good work to all on this list

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder if these artists know they are just being featured on the Airplay blog, only accessible by OTHER AIRPLAY ARTISTS, NOT GENERAL LISTENERS.

Now I'm starting to think Jango's Popscore "promotional" opportunities are as JIVE as their criteria for Popscore itself, not to mention fan designation, the main reason artists pay Jango.

Get it together Jango, you've made a good start but we artists will not let you scam musicians out of their money. Deliver on your promises or you'll lose whatever credibility you've got left.

Skelley's Dream said...

It is not really clear how you get in the Featured Artist list. Does that have to do with the popscore? And how high does the score have to be?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain the popscore? I really don't understand the popscore tally. Yes, I am a new artist to Jango. I received an email from Jango stating that they made a popscore error. I attained 250 fans in less than three days and was up to a popscore of 80 within the first two days and for some reason the score stopped at 82 even though I received 150 more fans two day later. I have comment regarding my music as well. So I've yet to reach a popscore of 100. To date I have 460 fans. How do you ever reach a popscore of 100?

Horizon-IA said...

Success is the reward of hard work congrats to everyone !!

Anonymous said...

How dare you artist get on here and whine and complain. Stop and ask yourself, who else is playing your music to new fans everyday all over the world. I have tried myspace music, beta records, music gorilla to name a few. I have found jango to have the best concept for getting your music heard. I'm going to give this thing a year before releasing a new song. I truly believe by then when my name is heard somewhere somebody is going to say "Yeah I heard her before. I will have all these fans to thank.

Anonymous said...

this pop socore is bull sh** how i have mad fans over 400 fans over 150 comments and people with a handful of fans have better pop scores than me and my music just got selected to Pandora and its On Music Choice and geting over 900 spins a week on monitored internet radio and is about to be on XM radio Hip Hop Nation and is playing over seas this Dont make sense this pop score is a freakin SCAM..ITS BS