Friday, February 12

Artist Interview - The Sweaters

Here we are with The Sweaters who had one of the top 5 PopScores last week

So when did you start in music ?

The Sweaters: We collectively started playing music together around 2001 but began developing and experimenting with our own sound shortly before we came to Nashville, TN in 2008.

Jango: And where are you based ?

The Sweaters: We are originally from East Peoria, IL but we came to Nashville, TN for the music scene here which is not all country but a variety of Indie, Rock, Pop, and other genres. There are a lot of interesting bands coming out of Nashville right now and it's definitely a good place to be playing with many great venues.

Jango: Tell us your three most important influences ?

The Sweaters: Some major influences of The Sweaters are Pinback, Nirvana, and The Postal Service. Each of these bands have qualities that inspired us such as Pinbacks melodies and arrangements, Nirvanas lyrics and originality, and The Postal Service's use of time-based effects and drum loops.

Jango: How would you describe your sound ?

The Sweaters: We would describe our sound as melodic and original. We like to combine catchy guitar, bass, and synth lines with both live drums and loops, while keeping a certain pop sensibility. We strive to not fit into any one category but to blur the lines between them.

Jango: Any new releases in the works ?

The Sweaters: We have just released a new single "All for Sun" which can be found here on, feel free to check it out. We are currently writing now and will have an ep out later this year.

Jango: Do you perform live ?

The Sweaters: We have been playing locally at various venues here in East Nashville and West End. You can check out our myspace page for upcoming shows, however we primarily play out with our other band "The Garden Leo", which has a show coming up Feb 20th at the 5 spot. Definitely check this band out. We are currently recording an ep with "The Garden Leo" at lake fever productions.

Jango: And lastly, any tips for Airplay artists ?

The Sweaters: Our best tip would be to keep in touch with your fans on jango and let them know what is going on with your band and your music.

Thanks guys,

The Juggler


IMA Z - Rick said...

STILL CURIOUS - How do you become a Top 5 Band and only have 183 fans? Nothing against The Sweaters, I know the answer probably makes complete sense but my small brain does not compute. Jango team can you REVEAL THE SECRET FORMULA?

Thanks ... IMA Z Rick

Anonymous said...

Of course not ... then it wouldn't be a secret!

lol ...

Anonymous said...


IMA Z said...

IMA Z ... Rick Rice said...
Any Updates To NEW FAN Designation Issue?

I was wondering if any progress had been made on resolving the assignment of FAN Designation to listeners. The critical points from my perspective as a an Artist would be:

1) Clarification on specifically what actions taken by a listener would lead to them being designated a NEW FAN. From the blog comment I think it was pretty consistent that Artists would like only those who Select I'M A FAN, LIKE or LOVE Smiley Face, A THUMBS UP or ADD to PROACTIVELY ADD to Their Listening Preferences. Obviously the more stringent the qualification the better the quality of the fan.

2) I, like many JANGO Artists like to communicate with "FANS" by email or Bulletins. Is Jango going to be able to go back and CLEAN UP the FAN List? i.e. delete Detractors who were inadvertently added as FANS as demonstrated by several Artists on the blog?

I am sure any Artist aware of the situation with the FAN Designation revision is anxious to get a resolution to the situation and ease concerns about the quality of fans.

Hopefully it will be resolved before others who may be unaware receive negative feedback causing them to question the FAN designation process.

Thanks for your ongoing communication regarding the issue. I can't wait to get back to BUSINESS AS USUAL, that being adding PAid Plays to tracks and Contacting those listed as FANS with confidence as I have in the past!!

Best...Rick Rice of IMA Z aka Eric Maynard

IMA Z said...

I know this is off topic BUT is an IMPORTANT UPDATE!!

4 LIKES / 4 FANS!! - I Decided to allocate some plays today and see what would happen.


The 1:1 ratio of Likes to Fans is promising. Total Fan numbers have dropped from the "BIG RUSH" But that is probably a GOOD THING!! Indicates the MEANIES who hit BREAK "EM or SAD FACE are probably not being listed as FAns!!

The 4 fans to 60 plays is close to the 4-5% ratio of Fans to Plays I was experiencing before, a little better. (I know it still sucks, but that's on me,lol) But at least it's real numbers!!

The LOW POP SCORE would seem to indicate there are still a lot of IMA Z HATERS out there!! lol THAT'S OK as long as they are not ending up on my FAN LIST, and it looks like they are not.

Looks to me like JANGO Customer Service has come through again!! I am ready to Rock & Roll with Airplay once more!!

Thanks Team JAngo for jumping on this and making it right!!

IMA Z Rick

Anonymous said...

Does anybody else notice that most fans don't even open email sent in the jango system? Or is just my email. I only send to fans who actually comment. would love to be able to comment directly to a fans page without having to friend them from some other account other than my artists account?

Anonymous said...

Question for the SWEATERS re their advice:
The Sweaters: Our best tip would be to keep in touch with your fans on jango and let them know what is going on with your band and your music

How do you know who your REAL FANS are?


IMA Z Rick said...


I just clicked FROWN FACE again on a band that shall remain anonymous and again discovered I AM NOW A FAN!!

This has got to stop. What is being done if anything or have the JANGO "EXECUTIVES" just decided to leave as is and continue with the SHAM on those (the majority of ARTISTS) who are unaware of where their fans are coming from as long as the $$$ continue to flow and give the middle finger to the vocal few who do know the truth and make their concemns and voices heard?

I appreciate your previous communicatins, but on this issue it has been ALL TALK AND APPARENTLY NO ACTION. I know you, Erin and Carina are truly CUSTOMER SUPPORT Persons of the highest order. But what about the guys running the show?

The HOT HEAD has taken over once again!!
Thanks ... IMA Z Rick