Thursday, February 25

Artist Interview - Dead Stars

Here's a quick interview with Brooklyn's Dead Stars who recently had one of the top 5 PopScores for the week. Great Sound, Great Band !

Jango: So when did you start playing music?

Dead Stars: We’ve been together for about two years now. We were all in different bands and one day we decided to do something different so we formed Dead Stars.

J: And where are you based?

DS: We live in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. There’s a really good scene going on right now, though sometimes it can be a bit over saturated.

J: Tell us about the 3 major influences on your music?

DS: If you mean other bands then it would probably be My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement. If you mean in general then I’d say staring out the window, sandwiches and sleeping.

J: How would you describe your sound?

DS: Psychedelic Indie Grunge

J: Do you have any big releases coming up?

DS: We plan to head back into the studio next month to record some new songs. Our plan is to release them on vinyl and cassette. You can also pick up our debut album ‘Break The Tide’ through our website.

J: Do you perform live and if so where can people see your live show?

DS: Yes we perform live all the time. You can check our site for tour dates etc. We plan on doing another east coast tour during the spring. Right now we have a few shows coming up in NYC, Brooklyn and Philly.

J: What is your best tip for other Airplay Bands when using Jango?

DS: When you use the targeting feature make sure to pick the correct influences. This seems to bring the right people to your music.

Thanks Guys, See you in Brooklyn

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Real good tunes. I'm a Fan.