Wednesday, January 13

Linking My Plays To iTunes and...

The Three Fold Path To A Long Term Musical Relationship

Since Airplay began almost a year ago I’ve had the pleasure to speak with hundreds of artists, bands and label managers in an attempt to figure out what they want to get out of their Airplay campaigns and how we here at Jango can best serve those needs. Nine out of ten times artists and managers ask only one question. ‘How can we get the people who hear our music on Jango to go buy it at iTunes ???’ After a while I came to a simple answer for this constant question and the answer is…you don’t, or at least not yet.

I realized that in everyone’s hurry to sell, sell, sell, they are missing out on a great opportunity or trying to skip right over it. That’s the opportunity to engage these listeners and new fans. Skipping over this important step will in the end mean less sales, less engaged fans or even worse, closed doors that should have remained open.

These days with so much opportunity to explore an artist online people are a lot slower in making a first purchase of a new artists. If their overall music and presentation is great some people will go buy their music. But if the first message you get from an artist is ‘BUY SOMETHING FROM ME NOW PLEASE’ you could end up shutting a lot of doors. People know your music is for sale somewhere, and if they like it, they know where to get it.

So after all these discussions and a little research I came up with what I am calling…

‘The Three Fold Path To A Long Term Musical Relationship'

…so here goes.

  1. Exposure
  2. Engagement
  3. Relationship

Exposure: This is one of the hardest things to achieve as a new act and interestingly enough it’s the thing that we here at Jango pride ourselves in being able to deliver, on a massive scale, for a very affordable price. We play your music to the people most likely to like your music based on their musical tastes. It’s that simple.

Engagement: This is the step that everyone seems to want to skip and it’s the most important, albeit hardest step along the way. If a new fan likes your music that’s great, now’s the time for you to let them get to know you better. Think about it like a first date, you might not even get a kiss let alone a roll in the hay, but they may be keen to get to know you better.

The question I ask is ‘who is going to buy your music after only hearing you one time?’. The answer is, ‘not many people’. They will visit your Jango profile, MySpace, YouTube and anywhere your music lives to get familiar with you before heading over to iTunes. So we have great tools to help engage your new found audience right here on Jango first. Here’s a couple examples.

‘Premium Targeting’ is the best way to get listeners to hear your song more than one time on Jango. By drilling down into specific geographic regions and age/gender demo you will surely expose your music to the same listeners again and again. This you can manage right from your 'Targeting' tab in your dashboard.

‘Custom Overlays’ are a really effective way to convey a personalized message to listeners and get them to bounce from Jango to your own landing page where you can give away mp3s, collect email addresses and sell music.

For more info contact for a short presentation on ‘Airplay PRO’.

We actually did an A/B test with our ‘Custom Overlay’ promo unit running two of the same ads, one with a ‘BUY HERE on iTUNES’ button and one with a ‘GET MORE INFO’ button. ‘Get More Info’ got six times as many clicks and took the listener to the bands own website where they could explore more about the band, join a mailing list and hopefully down the line make a purchase. And this leads us to ‘Fold Three’.

Relationship: This is the part that includes having a fan buy your music at iTunes or Amazon. It’s also about them coming to see your shows and buying merch. Having a relationship with your fans is based on a mutual trust and doesn’t start at the cash register. It’s up to you to deliver great music, exciting performances performances, lyrics that mean something and an identity to relate to. If all these things come together some cash will ultimately come your way helping you continue to make great music and put on incredible shows. It’s a two way street.

I can’t tell you how many times artists, bands and even seasoned label managers always seem to overlook ‘Fold Two’, ‘Engagement’.

As a quick side note here is a great blog post from marketing guru Seth Godin talking about this same theory but using lemonade stands as an example. It gives a nice perspective…check that HERE

Please feel free to leave comments on how you best engage our listeners and your fans. We'd love to hear success stories as well as failed yet noble attempts...let's get the discussion going !!!


Anonymous said...

Foshoboiz wuz here!!

David Bowling said...

Great information! This is the same thing I've been telling to friends who are in other bands which is, "Stop being so pushy with getting people to buy your tunes or come to your shows." The 3-Fold system is the correct approach and hopefully more people will start utilizing it. Thank you!

Beth said...

Every time someone becomes a fan of mine on Jango, I send them an email thanking them for taking the time to become a fan and inviting them to learn more about me on my website. If they join the email list they get a free MP3. So far, I've gotten some nice responses and am slowly cross-polinating my fanbases.

Y-Dresta said...

i feel that... Nicely said...

Allan Giuseppe Badalassi said...

I like when is it going to start?

Young Vous said...

I am an independent label based in Los Angeles, and I created a profile on Jango for my artist Young Vous the week before thanksgiving, he's now at 800 fans, and I'm connecting with all of them. I send them the info for our official website, and we go back and forth e-mailing about his music. They love the engagement, because they feel apart of something. I've since collected a lot of e-mail addresses and haven't offered to sell them any music. It's really important not to be pushy, fall back, and it will fall into place. Jango is about to be the biggest thing the music biz have ever seen, just remember I said it first. Thanxxxxx for everything Jango!!!!!!!!!

Shawn T. said...

I like the way they put it. Jango is on 2 something this music thing takes time. If u a new artist like myself. Thanks 2 Jango i'm gettin played around the world. I just wanna share my music with the world. I would like 2 make some $'s. But only so much i can do since i don't have a band. So THANKS 2 Jango given me airplay.Keep up the GOOD work Jango. Thanks 2 all the ppl who dig my music.....Shawn T....Peace & Bless

3rdeyepimp said...

This is very true, I like the first date example.

Chris Fullam said...

1st date example is pretty solid.

My band (Conflict In The Sky - can attest to this blog. We've had the occasional random sale, but most of our sales are people we've had some sort of relationship with...maybe that be a person we met at a show, or someone we exchanged a few comments with on myspace. The people you "engage" are extremely more likely to support you in one way or another. We've had people invest in us on Sellaband, buy a shirt/cd, come to a show, or sometimes help promote for us.

It seems like a lot of time to "engage" (and sometimes it is), but in the long run, it pays off.

Get to know the girl...she'll give it up after a few dates :)

Bangura said...

Thanks Jango for THE great opportunity you gave me and this tip is very helpfull!! I love Jango it à great jou to hear my music being played and having lot of fans!!

Dubcupboard said...

couldnt agree more with the 'getting to know them first approach' myself..I sussed this out ages ago !

the less you push for a sale the better.

I normally showcase my community first and offer something for free, then once the ice is broke I gradually reel em in ;-) with the following methods:

1. get their attention
2. create an awareness
3. seal the deal

it's a slow and gradual process and at times you need the patience of a saint..but hang on in there, I've had my material with my distributor for 6 weeks now and just made my first album sale, ok it might not be anything special, but it's something to build on !

If theres one thing I've learnt over the past year regarding self-promotion it is this..

Don't over-promote, i.e. some peoples communities/social networks are too large..compress yourself into bite-size chunks and never distract them away from your soul aim (to make that download sale !)

when I started my google profile it had around 10 links to various parts of my network, even this was too much. Put yourself in their they really wanna click so many links..? no, so keep it simple but always with a natural flow using the above 3 step method and it will leave them with the 'opportunity' to buy without being reminded.

It worked for me..I'm sure it 'will' work for you too ;-0)

Anonymous said...

I just wan't to say jango is the best thing thats happened to my music.since i've been trying.i give my music to so many djs try so many things with out luck.until i come across jango airplay.i alway believe in my music.but is the best i aver feel about it.thank you jango and keep up the good work!

God Bless.


rekteeen - monday is MLK day said...

Yes, right on! Thank you!

Cloridanie Cleare St Merand said...

Jango air service is very very good,there professional workers are 100% ,and I would refer any artist in the world to Jango air play.Keep up the great work and I hope other sites learn from you.

Best Regards,
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Sean said...

This is a great article

Bishop Larry Montgomery said...

Thanks for the great information, I really felt the same thing in my heart, just a note to let you know I'm in total agreement with you. God bless you. Agape.

Regality Records said...

This is great informtaion. I know it will help provide many Indies with a blueprint for success. I firmly believe we are often the victims of what we don't know.
Best regards,

Venus Bogardus said...

I didn't want to 'bug' our Jango fans, but after reading some comments on here, I just took the time to send them personalized e-mails. I mean, no reason those fans shouldn't also be on our mailing list, if they dig it! Good points in the article and comments.
Hannah VB

Ken said...

I agree with the article ... but c'mon, a little hypocritical IMO. If you believe in that ... then we should get free airplay while you "engage us" and then later once you have a relationship with us, we'll pay! LOL.

Jeffrey Gold said...

Tried to entice my nearly 500 fans, of whom I'm appreciative, to post a comment on iTunes about a particular song they liked (and induced them not to be hyperbolic with the praise, but keep it real, grounded). Each fan who emails me or calls me, letting me know they left a comment, receives a free MP3 of their choice. Reasonable, I thought. Not even asking them to buy anything. Not a single fan (of the 500) has posted a comment on iTunes. I'm not sure the message board is getting to them or if it is getting their attention. Emailing each one individually would take two days. We need better tools. The three-fold way works for bands, but not necessarily composers (I understand the argument, but don't buy it completely). Perhaps we're dealing with the new generation that went from MP3 to MPFree. Why buy the music when you can listen to it for free on Jango (with the artist paying for the plays). It was a great idea, and for me an interesting experiment, but, quite simply, it's not working. When Bruce Hornsby is on Bloomberg TV talking about how he can't make any more money from his music, I think we're all in trouble. He said it leveled the playing field, which, on the surface sounds great. But what he meant was it "leveled" the playing field---as in: destroyed it. Then, iTunes, which changed its format to display the top 50 songs for any search, can't present searches correctly, places independent artists in the wrong genres (due to an unreasonably short list of genres), creates samples based on the 2nd 30 seconds of a song (won't that induce artists to do something different within those 30 seconds, just to make sure something interesting happens within that sample---rather than letting the artist choose the 30 seconds; the form or structure of music will shift toward accommodating iTunes' sample methodology). Also, where can you find non-mainstream music on iTunes? You have to know the name of the band (you have not yet discovered) in order to find them.

Jeffrey Gold said...

Here's the BloombergTV "Tough to Sell a Record" interview with Bruce Hornsby.

Doorchaser said...

Allright yeah I can get something out of this. It makes me realise I'm going the right way here. So thanx for the info. It's things like that bands like us need!!

Anonymous said...

OK, so the logic is valid that it is important to engage the listener.

The logic is also valid that if we're spending money to get exposure, it would be nice to get a CHANCE to make some money off of it! By your logic it's tactless to sell merch at shows!

If a musician is serious enough to spend some money, they're probably trying to make some.

I personally am not fooled by the rhetoric posted here. I want to make some money off my fans so that I can continue to AFFORD TO MAKE MUSIC!!!

What part of that does the Jango staff not understand?

If your could provide a way to get people go to iTunes more predictably that other outlets then you'd be performing a service NO ONE is helping musicians with...real promotions.

Not Myspace friend adders, not the sea of people out there that's impossible to sift through who all claim to haver connections they don't have, not expensive traditional local advertising...real promotions that get real people to spend REAL MONEY!!!

Suggestions in this realm would be...ties to "Radio" radio stations and other "Internet" radio stations. Promotions to work with big name producers and artists (and the people who represent them). Win a slot in rotation on Mtv2!

The internet is a gigantic SEA of people and opportunities. Your site is a very sturdy boat...but it could be A LOT bigger.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! For some time I have been wondering how to bridge this great divide of having my fans on Jango and elsewhere, buy my music, and I knew I had to be missing something. I have copied this info you've posted to a word document, and will work to engage my fans and see a relationship develop with them as I share myself and not just my music, and let the sales happen on its own, rather than try to push them through the doors of my multiple e-music stores.

Thanks so much! I believe this is the help I needed and need.

Q Q Fortune said...

I was curious about what steps we as an indie label could take to convert our fans into fans who support us with their purchases. We are very aware that a purchase from a fan is a gift, one we appreciate very much. But most of the comments I see here are short sighted (with some exceptions). Jango is a marketing tool, let me say that again!! Jango is a marketing tool and I will agree with the person that the email options need to be more robust. The attention to detail that the Jango staff is giving us in other metric measuring options (like the complete history feature) is great fo getting sponsors who can pay for your spins. Use the tools you have in front of you but better yet use the tools you have in front of you to get people to pay for the tools you are using. Because of Jango's demographic data we have been able to get other companies to partner up and help promote our artist like a major label! Jango keep up the good work and we will see you on billboard's top 40!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your effort to educate those of us new to this concept. I'm glad I read this early. Just a simple Hi, Thank you for your interest in our music. For more info.________

It is a much better approach than what I was doing at first, but from here on out this makes so much more sence to me.

It is a brave new world in the music biz. It has come back to the importance of sharing your music and connecting with like minded people.

Thank you again for all your hard work and giving artists like us a chance to get out there and be heard. Sincerely, Perry Z.

Dj.Thirrzty said...

Thanks for the good read. I am aiming to give the blogosphere some good content with my future blog/ning site's and some of this article gave me a couple really good idea's. In the meantime and in between time come network with me @ and thanks jango for a great website. Getting my music played all over the world is great.

Anonymous said...

Everybody here is missing the point of this article - it's AN ADVERTISEMENT TO GET YOU TO SPEND MORE MONEY ON JANGO! "Premium Targeting is a great way to engage" - it's actually a great way to spend TWICE AS MUCH on your plays. "Custom overlays" blah blah blah = more money for Jango. If Jango were as concerned about helping us promote ourselves as it claims to be, THESE OPTIONS WOULD BE INCLUDED IN THE ALREADY EXPENSIVE PRICE. There is no good reason that premium targeting should cost extra. At $200.00 FOR 10,000 PLAYS, 5 uploaded songs exhaust the plays in 10-14 days - if premium targeting is turned on (each play counts as TWO!), 5-7 days and they're done. That's $800.00 a month to keep your 5 songs playing with premium targeting! It's expensive to use Jango. We should get more for our money than advertisements masquerading as "Blogs".

Jango Airplay said...

Hello Anonymous @ 12.08pm Jan. 20

Jango Airplay here.

You are right, we are letting our users know about products that we have available to create more fan engagement here on Jango. But as we've always maintained our # 1 goal is to create the best possible online tool for bands to get exposure and connect with new listeners. Both Premium Targeting and Custom Overlays do exactly that and it's up to any band or artist to take advantage of those tools or not.

We've used the Custom Overlays with independent artists as well as major label artists and the impact as a promotional unit far surpasses any online marketing tools out there today.

And with Airplay in general, it's a better bargain than you'll find anywhere else for what we offer...we know, we've done the research.

But again, not twisting anyone's arm here, just trying to come up with, deliver and inform our bands about what we have on board here at Airplay.

Let me know if I can help your band, hit me up on

The Jango Juggler

Anonymous said...

People who use jango,for the most part,want to listen to music for free.
And because if they had to pay for it,they wouldnt listen,so Jango makes money from us rather then have to advetise.
Not complaing,Jango does what it says it will do,but having someone says they your fan doesnt mean sales.
With all the stats that are being thrown at you,age,gender,where your song has been played,the one that matters the most to me is views.
Those are the people that might buy a song,its important to have songs NOT on jango that are on itunes,or wherever you are selling.
So if you have 1000 fans and no views,its nice to know that people like what your doing,but dont expect sales.

Vivien Dair said...

My husband Chris Dair and I are both individual artists on Jango - Chris composes in many different genres, and therefore a very wide range of people like our music, it would be impossible for instance to use Premium Targeting.
I make sure I write to everyone that becomes a fan of our music - and include appreciation for comments. I really welcome the opportunity to interact with fans, I think the vast separation that has become dominant for years between artists and fans is a great pity.
Jango are enchancing there service with publishing e-mail address with the fans consent. And that is the most important thing - I am always concerned to make sure that the fans I bulletin or contact are happy to receive the communication.
It's vital to remember that someone will only buy from us on iTunes because they really love our music.

Dan Foster said...

While i agree with your 3 fold path to promotion, I understand some of the bloggers frustrations, I'm sure you do too.
It would be nice to have a link on the listeners page to order the music straight from I-tunes, no time is better than that moment that they find their favorite new song, before they make another move & get distracted. I'm sure there is some type of legal restriction that this can't be done, is that right?

Thanks for all the great info,
Dan Foster - Concrete Sky / JazzX

Anonymous said...

load of crap.

so you're saying we pay you, then give away mp3s on our websites.

Anonymous said...

The post above is ridiculous. Did you give Jango your CC# the second you heard of them? No you researched them, found out if it would benefit you, and finally took the plunge.

Sell a MP3 right away. Sell it for $30, if you want. No one's stopping you. The blog is about building a relationship with the consumer, the cornerstone of sales in any field. And for the earlier post, where the person said "well, I wanna make money with my music!!" Good luck with that. Just tell a bunch of strangers your needs are more important than theirs. I'm sure they'll cme around.

Anonymous said...

As an artist you send a message to a fan and 1... they do not get it in their email and 2... they do not get it on their Jango page either. What the hell is going on? No one seems to realize these 2 MAJOR flaws in the system

Anonymous said...

Yep, they never see their emails in the system, only if they share their email address and you send to that through an email client. Also, is anyone getting any sales? I have 2,000 fans and not one of them has bought anything. Ever.