Monday, January 4

Featured Artists - PopScore Top 5

Here's the newest hottest artists on Jango Airplay...

The featured artists are chosen by top PopScore each week so check them out here and see who's resonating the most with Jango's listeners. Each of these artists also receives 5000 Play Credits to continue to promote their music on

Arist: StereoGoesStellar
Formed in 2005, StereoGoesStellar is an
indie piano pop band from Windsor,
Ontario. They are currently playing as
many shows as possible, while writing
new material.

Click to hear StereoGoesStellar:
Eighty Eight Keys
Arist: Keston Cobblers Club
The sound that makes Keston Cobblers'
Club so distinctive comes from a desire to
create contemporary, catchy music, fused
with the wholesome grittiness of
traditional folk.

Click to hear Keston Cobblers Club:
You Go
Arist: Reddfayce
Reddfayce picked up rapping and
production as a hobby just prior to joining
the U.S. Army in 2003. As an artist, he
prides himself on unabashed politics and a
love for guitars of all shapes and sizes.

Click to hear Reddfayce:
Be Ready
Arist: Seve Vs. Evan
Uber Nerds Evan & Seve transform
their mad gaming skills into an Indie
Synth Pop EXPLOSION! This Duo has
been tearing up the west coast for the
past few years, and will be releasing a
new album in 2010.

Click to hear Seve vs. Evan:
Carnival Funhouse
Arist: Allan Moon
Allan Moon, singer-songwriter & music
producer, has just released the new single,
"The Art of Rolling." His work has received
rave reviews and has been compared to
the likes of Nick Drake and John Martyn.

Click to hear Allan Moon:
The Art of Rolling


Adessa, Bjorn Vang said...

Great stuff! Congrats to all!!
My project "Adessa" is receiving loads of airplay with "Better Off" and great popscores without any xtra promo at all. Looking forward to see what more releases and coordinated marketing efforts might bring ; )
Go Jango!


Neil said...

PopScore is seriously awesome! I just got my first 100 bonus plays, and really wanted to say thank you all so much, for putting this great idea into action.

Anonymous said...

I have recently received two 50 extra plays. Thanks for adding the pop score I am waiting to score a 100. 83 has been the highest but i know it is coming. Keep adding great features Jango.

Woody Russell said...

Great to be among the PopScore winners! Thanks so much to my fans for their "vocal" support of the blues! My hat's off to Jango for the most impressive service for indie-musicians available online today!

Raising Flares said...

Got 50 last week .. none this week ... I really like this feature :-)

Well done Jango :-)

Random Task Collective - Calgary Canada said...

Hey -

We're new to Jango! We're up to 150 with a popscore of 88! Not bad for a bunch of 16 year olds from Can-ada! Thanks to Jango and all our new listeners for making us feel so durn fine!

Shawn, Ryan, Connor and Jake.

Krushial K and The Slogan said...

Bonus plays are a great incentive. Thanks

Yung Khan said...

Congrats to the winners! Thanks Jango for another great feature. You are really changing the music biz by allowing all of us to get our music out there. Best service out there. I've received such great fan support and made many contacts. I am glad to be a part of it.

Toni Vere said...

I just found Jango and I totally think it rocks ... i'm gaining fans all over the world, thanks Jango!

Anonymous said...

respect the boi REDDFAYCE...talented dude, with versitile skills in both production and on the mic...Hard to come by cats like this one now a on the lookout. He bum rushing the music industry...AND YOU CAN TELL EM SKREWS SAID THAT.

Severin Bozung said...

Thanks so much Jango, you guys ARE a fantastic service. We just started on here about a month ago. I think you have the right idea allowing independant artists pay for radio play. The music industry is the way it is because corporations made it that way. Why do you think it is so hard to get on the radio, or get published, or get signed, or get a booking agent. The only thing that makes accomplished artists more legit is some suit wanted to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into this person. I feel like Jango is one of the best deals in the world right now for Individual Artists trying to support their craft, at about .03 cents a play i feel like i'm getting a great deal here :] . I just want to Thank You for giving indie artists a chance at exposure. We really appreciate it!

Wex said...

Some great music for sure, but I'm puzzled how an artist with only 26 fans is getting such high popscores? Our page gets more than 26 fans in 2 or 3 days, yet we're not getting Popscores over 60? Anyway, I don't really care, it's the music that matters

Severin Bozung said...

Most likely the more precise the targeting, the higher the pop score. We only targeted 5 bands that sound really close to us, and our pop score went by like 20. This week we are targeting 30 bands again and our popscore has dropped back down to where it was before..

Kaamora said...

Popscore is an innovative idea and the nice people at Jango should be congratulated in coming up with this idea. What appeals to us is that it appears that it is merit based and not just based on how much money you spend or getting some little piece of software to boost played numbers. Kaamora would also like to express thanks to people who have expressed a 'like' or have become a fan of our music. In doing so you have enable us to get some of the allocated magic from Jango.

Thanks heaps from a little metal band from rural Australia

Keston Cobblers Club said...

Thanks from Keston Cobblers Club, Jango is really putting us on the map! We are amazed at the response we have been having to our new single 'You Go'.