Tuesday, January 5

Artist Interview - Seve Vs. Evan

Here's a quick interview with Seve Vs. Evan who was one of the top 5 PopScore bands this week. We'll be doing these interviews from time to time so you can hear the story their own words...so here goes

Jango: So when did you start playing music?

Seve Vs. Evan: In December 2003 we decided Seve Vs. Evan would be our new band. Evan & I had been in a few punk bands together in high school. Evan's family is all very musical, his older brother & dad are both musicians. Seve has been messing with keyboards since his first Casio at the age of 5.

J: And where are you based?

SVE: Utah, the blocky shaped heart of the west.

J: Tell us about the 3 major influences on your music?

SVE: 1. When we were young our hearts took a few too many daggers. 2. We are fluent in the forms of Square, Sine, & Triangle waves. They make us move in ways we never knew & 3. Music is a language that all humans can understand. We've heard songs since we were all very young. Songs that make us smile, songs that are perfect for when it's raining, songs that make us cry when we were down and out. We think music is the biggest influence on our music.

J: How would you describe your sound?

SVE: The year is 2136 AD, a robot named Synthicus travels back in time to the year 1988 to give his great grandpa Nintendo a lazer shooting keytar. He then vanishes with the parting words "Stay cool gramps, Beep, bop. Beep beep, bop, boop." There is some debate on how the last part of the message should be translated, but most scholars agree it means, synth is the way of the future. Or let us put it this way. There are millions of nerds across the nation, who are secretly dancing their hearts out in their bedrooms RIGHT now. We make it ok to dance & feel like that in public.

J: Do you have any big releases coming up?

SVE: Yes, in 2010 we have 2 releases scheduled to come out. The first is a re-recording of our first two releases from 2004 & 2005 (which have been out of print for about 2 years). The second album which will be towards the end of the 2010 is going to be a brand new album which we don't have a title for yet. It's going to blow people's minds. People are going to be getting mind-freaked just from looking at it. Both of these releases are going to feature our newest member Chad Davis on the bass. Previously all our songs had only been a keyboard / drums two piece. From here on out I think we are going to be a 3 piece outfit.

J: And lastly, do you perform live and if so where can people see your live show?

SVE: Anywhere on the west coast. We try to play in all the west coast states at least once a year if not more. Washington, Oregon, Colorado, California, Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, Nevada. We do play out a lot more though in our home state Utah.

Thanks guys, see you on the road !!!


Chris Fullam said...

The description of their sound is brilliant.

Chad Moore said...

i am very much anticipating thier new album