Monday, January 4

Airplay Artist Phil Vassar in NY Times

Checking out the New York Times over the weekend we were pleased to see one of our Airplay artists, Phil Vassar, getting some nice coverage in the 'Critic's Choice' section.

Reviewing his new album 'Traveling Circus' the New York Times says...'Over and over again on “Traveling Circus” Phil Vassar gets right to the point. A country singer by trade and an affable, comforting conversation partner by disposition, he has opening lines that set the mood, and the mood is often cloudy or outright grim.' - Read More HERE

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how this happened?$? PBS commentators said it right on Friday nite. "I wish something could be done in this country, honestly, by our congressmen and senate, even the administration without personal gain, no matter how right it is! You too can be in the NYTimes, just DO ($$$) IT!