Tuesday, December 29

Next Year On jango Airplay

We take our holidays seriously here at Jango, and New Years is no exception. Last week we looked back, so this week we're looking forward...

To another year of bringing you valuable promotion in as many ways as we can dream up! With all the recent developments around things like Targeting and PopScore, Jango Airplay is becoming a better tool every day, and that's the momentum we'd like to maintain into 2010.

We can't let on how quite yet, but we're doing our best to expand the promotional opportunities available into as many arenas as possible (things like the advertising and PopScore sync programs are just the beginning).


Heru Journey said...

Jango is the only outlet that I know of that has the artists interests also in their business model. Keep on doing what you are doing. Best wishes in 2010 and beyond!

Natasha Waterman said...

AMAZING SITE!!! I love the feed back I get from this site. It's a perfect marketing tool to target the right audience.

Natasha Waterman

tony teflon said...

thanks jango you really give me hope

Branded said...

I'm so glad I found Jango. All I've really wanted was an avenue to let my music be heard by people around the world. Thank's Jango!

Krys Justice Team said...

Jango remains instrumental in launching Krys's debut album to the world.

Jango's helped achieve credibilty resulting in terrestrial radio play; was a key component in his achieving #53 last week for All Night Long on the Crossover Chart of the nation's #1 DJ Pool (beating a new Rihanna track and the major labels); contributed to DJ's now voting for Cut To The Chase 2:1 over All Night Long; part of how Krys beat thousands of others for an HMMA Nomination at the Kodak complex in Hollywood last month; and contributed to Krys being chosen for editorial/pictorial feature in a major national magazine coming to newsstands in March '10.

In short, Jango has been an essential component to bringing Krys's music to the world for which Krys, his team and his growing fan base are grateful.

Looking forward to having Krys perform live at the first ever Jango Concert Series! (like the idea? ;)

KJE Management

The King said...

Jango truly is the independent artists equalizer. Thank you Jango for this wonderful platform.

Boomzzilla said...

This is one of the best platforms out there...but I'd really like to know more about how it works. How EXACTLY is Popscore tallied?

How do you get free plays once you're in rotation? How does the system choose? Does it choose or are the free plays just people who've become our fans listening again?

It could be a MORE powerful tool if this information were available.

Silver A. Lee said...

Hey whats up? I agree with the commet about this Popscore. It is good for serious Artist and, who is wanting a major record deal contract. Please tell me more I sign up already.