Thursday, December 17

Make It As Effective As Possible

We came into the office today and found a great article had been published on titled 'How To Put Your Music On Jango And Make It As Effective As Possible.' We love it when people write these articles as they often explain things about Jango Airplay better than we can, and this is certainly the case here. Thanks Jesse Cannon for the insights...Read the whole article HERE


musformation said...

Thanks for the link guys, love what you do and how easy you make it for me to promote the bands I work with!

Chris Fullam said...

Definitely a good article. It's kind of a composite of the various jango blogs...all in one spot!

Also - Musinformation is a fantastic site.

Jango Airplay said...

@ musformation

no problem at all, loved the article

Anonymous said...

Listen to OH, CLEMENCY!!! NOW!!!

Karen Scott said...

Awesome! I love Jango Radio! Many of the songs from my debut Contemporary Christian CD are now playing on Jango!!....:) Karen Scott

Anton said...

As a band promoting on Jango I was wondering if there was any detailed info on how the popscore works... Is it purely based on positive ratings or does someone becoming a fan help your PS? How does negative feedback affect your PS? eg can your PS go down? What's the difference between "make or break", "positive ratings" and "becoming a fan" in regards to your PS do they carry different wait? eg becoming a fan is better than liking one song. Cheers for any insight, Anton.

Jango Airplay said...

Hi Gang,

here's a brief for the blog on PopScore and how it works.

1. you only need 50 plays on a song to get a PopScore.

2. The PopScore is a detailed algorithm that is based on variables like 'Become a Fan' 'I Like' 'Skip Song' 'I Don't Like' 'Make Em' 'Break Em' etc.

3. It's based on your minimum of 50 'paid' plays so it can't be gamed. Bands can't just go to their page and click 'I Like' 1000 times and get a higher score.

We have tested out different variations of the algorithm over the last couple months to make sure that it is accurate...

What we want to do is find the best bands on Jango Airplay and reward them with free spins because our listeners like them.

More to come...Stay Tuned

- Jango