Wednesday, December 30

Hip Hop Pioneer Almighty Kay Gee on Airplay

Almighty Kay Gee learned to rap in 1974 after he heard GrandMaster Flash and the Furious 3’s. During this time Kay Gee became a member of the all Jamaican “Cheeba Crew” where he learned to emcee and DJ simultaneously. He met DJ Charlie Chase in 1978 at an emcee convention and in 1979, after practice, became a part of the legendary Cold Crush Brothers.

Almighty Kay Gee influenced Chuck D, who he considers a “powerful emcee” as well as Kool Keith, who Kay Gee met in the third grade. He has collaborated with such artists as C&C Music Factory, KRS-1, Funk Master Flex, Doug E Fresh and more.

Almighty Kay Gee now brings you Allmighty Entertainment his new label which is set to bring forth a wide range of music with a collection of Hip Hop, Rock, Metal, Dance Hall, Country, R&B and Praise artists.

Dainjamental (Dance Hall); Lost Legacy (Metal); Mansin (Hip Hop) & Raphael Lundy AKA Guy Lundy(R&B) are some of the artists scheduled for release fall 2009 and are all available to listen to on Jango.

Almighty Kay Gee has been in the business a long time and has seen the good, the bad and the ugly of it all. Here's what he has to say about using Jango Airplay to promote the artists on his label...

'Jango is the best thing for music in a long time I will be putting up my music and you should too, thanks Jango' - Almighty Kay Gee

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Slimdog (Block Scholars) said...

Dope stuff Jango!!! Good to see a Hip Hop pioneer such as`Almighty Kay Gee on here!!!