Tuesday, October 20

Making It All Worthwhile - Obama, Iran & Dave

So this morning after we all got settled in here at Jango our regular 'Google Alert' came in for all things 'Airplay' and there was a curious post on a blog that involved President Obama, Iran and Airplay artist Dave Tutin. It was titled 'Obama may be willing to talk to Tehran - I already Am'. - Read Full Post HERE

In Dave's post he mentions getting an e.mail about his music from a resident of Tehran, the capital of Iran. His post reads...

"You know, that country that is supposed to be full of evil-doers according to our former president. I send a thank-you email to every person who signs up as a fan. I got this one back from Hamid...'You're Really Wellcome. Your music was excellent that gave me a nice mood. I will be wait for your new musics. You are in the right way. Thank You.'...Now call me an old sentimental child of the 60s but that kin of makes it all wothwhile. I am deeply and sincerely happy to be 'in the right way.'"

Nice one Dave, a big round of applause from the gang here at Jango.

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