Friday, October 9

Friday Afternoon Club - Staff Favorites

This week we have picks from Erin & Carina who do our artist relations and marketing respectively...check 'em out !

Erin says - 'Hotel of the Laughing Tree is the rock/punk band of the future. Their diversity and ability to rock out one second then throw down a mellow harmony, all while keeping that punk edge is incredible. It’s a taste that all can enjoy. Hotel of the Laughing Tree brings something new and exciting to the table with every live show, their unique instrumentation and their high level of energy!'

Check their Jango profile HERE


Carina says - 'Brett Perkins is fresh, energetic and witty with his use of rhymes and language. He also wrote me a personalized message on Jango after I became a fan which I think is a great way to engage listeners. My favorite song is 'When You Gonna Figure It Out' '

Check his Jango profile HERE

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